SpaceX live stream: Bizarre ‘anomaly’ spotted during Falcon 9 first-stage entry revealed

Tonight, Elon Musk’s SpaceX will launch two NASA astronauts into orbit on their way to the International Space Station from US soil for the first time in almost a decade. Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken – two of NASA’s most experienced astronauts – will liftoff from Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre inside the Crew Dragon spacecraft powered by the Falcon 9 rocket. It will be the first crewed mission of SpaceX and marks the return of human spaceflight from US soil since NASA retired its space shuttle fleet in 2011.

But, video footage has emerged this week showing what is being described as an “anomaly” appearing during one of Falcon 9’s last missions to launch a series of Starlink satellites in orbit.

During the live stream posted on SpaceX’s YouTube channel, the footage says: “For those of you just joining us, good morning and welcome, we just had a successful liftoff of the Falcon 9 about four minutes ago.

“There’s a lot going on right now, on the right-hand side of your screen our second stage, its Merlin vacuum engine is currently burning and will continue to do so for a few minutes.

“It’s carrying 60 Starlink satellites for eventual payload deploy, but we’re going to focus the next few minutes on the left-hand side of the screen with our first stage.

“Currently right now after stage separation, that first stage is boosting, still gliding up without any engine power, and for the next few seconds, it’s going to start to free-fall to the Earth surface for an attempted first-stage recovery on our drone ship in the Atlantic.”

The video then showed the rocket as it was about to split following the first-stage completion.

It continued: “As our first stage reorientates itself, we’re going to prepare for the first of two engine burns on that first stage to aid our recovery – the first of which is coming up in about 90 seconds – known as entry burn.

“We fire three of the nine Merlin engines in the opposite direction to where we are heading to slow down the vehicle about 25 percent before we hit the dense part of the atmosphere.

“Not performing this burn would put unnecessary strain on our first stage.

“We’re about 15 seconds away from that entry burn, we’re going to wait for that visual confirmation that the burn has started and call-out says that engine burn was successful.”

It was at this point that a small, metallic-looking anomaly made its way past the camera, but the commentator on the video did not seem to notice it.

Viewers quickly flooded into the comments to let him know, though.

One wrote: “Looks like a piece of space debris.”

Another questioned: “What is the thing that passed the first stage in the right-hand side of the left screen on re-entry?”

A third simply declared: “UFO spotted.”

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And a fourth even speculated: “Two UFOs flew away, there were two unidentified objects.”

But others suggested something had fallen off the rocket during the engine blasts.

The countdown to today’s launch is under way, although some bad weather could push the mission back to Saturday.

The Air Force’s 45th Space Wing, which oversees space launch operations from the East Coast, currently forecasts a 50 percent chance that clouds or stormy weather will violate established launch safety guidelines.

But NASA hopes to go ahead with the mission and restore some positivity back into the world.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said on Tuesday in a news briefing: “Our country has been through a lot.

“But this is a unique moment when all of America can take a moment and look at our country do something stunning again, and that is to launch American astronauts on an American rocket from American soil to the space station.”

After lifting off, Mr Behnken and Mr Hurley will spend around 19 hours orbiting the Earth before their capsule makes its rendezvous with the space station, where they will stay between six and 16 weeks.

The test flight is the last major milestone for SpaceX under NASA’s Commercial Crew Programme, which was designed to foster partnerships between the agency and private companies to develop new spacecraft for routine trips to the space station.

For the last nine years, NASA has been hitching rides to the ISS aboard Russian capsules and rockets.

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Coronavirus symptoms: Leicester City’s Brendan Rodgers opens up on struggling to walk

Coronavirus has had an effect on former footballer and Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers. The 47-year-old admitted “you lose your strength” during the illness.

Having tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19) in April, Brendan recalled his three-week ordeal with the disease.

“Initially, at the beginning, it was strange,” he said. “I wasn’t well and it was later detected I had the virus.”

As reported by Leicestershire Live, he continued: “A week after that, my wife [Charlotte Searle] had it.


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“We spent about three weeks feeling the effects of it… we lost our smell and taste for three weeks, we lost our strength. It was tough.”

The Carnlough, Northern Ireland, native explained how bizarre losing his sense of taste and smell was.

“You’re eating your dinner every day and you could not smell or taste anything.”

The loss of sense of smell or taste has been verified by the NHS as one of the main symptoms of Covid to be aware of.

The others are a new, continuous cough and a high temperature, in which you must self-isolate for seven days if you have any of those symptoms.

Brendan added: “Then you lose your strength. You walk 10 feet in front of you and you were really blowing.

“I felt similar to the time when I was climbing Kilimanjaro and you get to a certain altitude, you walk and you really suffer in your breathing.

“And that’s what it felt like. You’re walking 10 to 20 yards and you’re thinking, ‘Goodness me.’”


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The Leicester City boss revealed that the first time he tried to exercise, he could “hardly run for 10 yards”. He felt the virus “really did knock you out”.

“At that time, I hadn’t been tested,” he confessed. “But you know it’s different.

“The headache is different. The headache I had – and of all the symptoms that come with it – it felt really isolated on one side of your head.

“And your strength gets taken out of you, and then your appetite goes.”

Reliving his experience, Brendan said: “You can’t smell, you can’t taste, you feel weak. It’s more, ‘Christ, if I don’t have it, I wonder what this is.’

“That’s why we got a test, just to be reassured. I wasn’t ever scared, but I’m pretty healthy. It just really knocked me.

“Once I’d got over the three weeks, I started to feel better into the fourth week, and started to exercise again.

“For a good period of time now, I’ve been exercising six days a week, so I’m well back to normal.”

After him and his wife, Charlotte, came through at the other end, Brendan said they felt “grateful”.

“It makes you appreciate your health,” he reflected. Now back at the training grounds, Brendan and his team are continuously tested for the virus.

He said: “I’m still getting tests twice a week. Here at the training ground it is very safe.

“We’re getting tested on a Monday and a Thursday. It’s not the case that I had it so I wouldn’t test, because you just never know.”

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Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen Nazir found ‘guilty’ in major Gary Windass twist

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Coronation Street’s Geoff Metcalfe (played by Ian Bartholomew) has inflicted months of abuse on his wife Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King), but just a couple of weeks ago she snapped and stabbed him in the neck. However, as Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo) prepares for Yasmeen’s trial, he is also going to start poking about asking Kelly Neeson (Millie Gibson) where her missing father is, ringing alarm bells with Gary Windass (Mikey North). Will Gary’s wicked past finally be revealed or will he make sure Imran never gets to the point of telling anyone?

Geoff returned to Weatherfield last night to find Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) had changed the locks, refusing to let him in after months of him terrorising her grandmother. 

The abuser continued with his victim act, but Alya has never been fooled and refused to let him in, angering Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) who has stuck by his father throughout the ordeal. 

But, as Geoff returns home, Yasmeen is still in prison after the attack on her husband, awaiting trial with Imran defending her. 

After months of mental and physical abuse, taking her cards and sexually assaulting her, Yasmeen snapped last month and stabbed Geoff in the neck with a broken bottle. 


  • Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe won’t be exposed?

It was touch and go as to whether or not Geoff would be ok, but as he returned to Weatherfield last night, it became clear that not everyone thinks he is an innocent victim. 

Alya screamed at Geoff when in hospital and Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) started to see through Geoff’s act. 

Not only this but, Coronation Street’s busy-body Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) has also spoken out about his dastardly behaviour, so what does the future hold for Yasmeen? 

Imran has been a rock for Yasmeen throughout this ordeal but something could happen to him in upcoming scenes, leaving the accused completely vulnerable. 

Gary Windass might seem a strange person to be about to get involved in Yasmeen’s case, but Imran is going to start looking for answers about Rick Neeson (Greg Wood) on the soap. 

Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) and Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) have always been suspicious of Gary, but when Adam mentions his suspicions to Imran, Coronation Street fans could be looking at yet another deadly feud. 

As viewers know, Gary caused Rana Habeeb’s (Bhavna Limbachia) death when the factory roof collapsed last year, and framed loan shark Rick Neeson as the saboteur.

However, just a few weeks later Gary murdered Rick burying him in the woods, but he has managed to hide his sinister secrets ever since, paying close attention to Kelly out of guilt for his actions. 

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This week, Imran is going to start looking for clearer answers about his sister Rana’s death and go looking for answers as to where Rick really is. 

Imran will approach Kelly, asking how he might get in contact with her dad, and Gary will spot the exchange. 

Gary has done a brilliant job of shifting any suspicion away from him, but if Imran starts digging will the loan shark have to get rid of him too? 

The murderer goes off instinct a lot of the time, and in upcoming scenes Imran could suddenly go missing. 


  • Coronation Street spoilers: Michael Bailey in cobbles exit twist?

But, as the residents search for him what will this mean for Yasmeen’s case? 

If Yasmeen is left without any defence she could be looking at time in prison for something that she did to protect herself. 

When will Geoff’s abusive behaviour finally be brought into the light? 

And when will Gary finally be thrown in jail for the murders of Rick and Rana? 

Coronation Street airs on ITV Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm.

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Lesley-Anne Down: Upstairs Downstairs actress says stranger tried to kidnap her near home

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Lesley-Anne Down has recalled the terrifying moment she was almost kidnapped as a child, shortly after Moors Murderers Myra Hindley and Ian Brady killed a young girl with an almost identical name – Lesley Ann Downey. The actress was 11-years-old and living with her parents in their south-west London home when she says the incident occurred.

Lesley-Anne revealed a man attempted to get her into a car near the family home.

The actress recalled the terrifying moment and admitted her mother was “distraught”.

Speaking to the Mirror, Lesley-Anne recalled: “I was almost kidnapped when Lesley Ann Downey had just been found. I’d run ahead of my mother.

“When she caught up, the man had stopped me, told me he needed a babysitter and we would call my parents when we got to his house.”


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She continued: “I remember having one foot in the car. Seeing my mother broke his spell. I screamed.

“My mother ran to me and told me to run to my father. He called the police. Of course my mother couldn’t hold him… he was gone.”

The actress admits her mother was in a heightened state of panic following the incident.

She said: “If a child the same age as yours, whose name was Lesley Ann Downey, was found buried on the moors and then your child was almost taken… wouldn’t you be? I was 11 as she would have been had she lived.”

Hindley and Brady were arrested in October 1965 and subsequently charged with the murders of Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Keith Bennett, Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans, all aged between 10 and 17.

Actress Lesley-Anne went onto achieve enormous success in Britain and the United States after being named Britain’s most beautiful teen at the age of 15, with her film debut coming in 1969 drama The Smashing Bird I Used to Know.

She achieved fame as Georgina Worsley in the ITV drama series Upstairs, Downstairs in the 1970s.

The actress received further recognition for her performances in the films The Pink Panther Strikes Again, in which she starred alongside comic genius Peter Sellers.

Lesley-Anne also worked alongside Harrison Ford and Christopher Plummer in romantic war-time drama Hannover Street.

She is known as Madeline Fabray in the mini-series North and South, which debuted in the 1980s and saw her nominated for a Golden Globe Award in 1986.

Her other roles include playing Olivia Richards in the NBC series Sunset Beach.

In the early 2000s, Lesley-Anne had a recurring role as Jackie Marone in the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, until her exit in 2012.

Lesley-Anne has had an intriguing love life and revealed she moved in with writer Bruce Robinson at 15 but subsequently left him in 1980 to wed trainee director Enrique Gabriel.

However, the former couple subsequently divorced 18 months later.

Lesley-Anne later tied the knot with The Exorcist director William Friedkin but they divorced in 1985 after three years together.

She met her current husband, director Don FauntLeRoy, on mini-series North and South in 1985.

Speaking about if she is friends with her ex-husbands, she said: “With Bruce, totally. I don’t know my first husband at all. Friendly with Bill? Not in the slightest, ever.”

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Coronation Street spoilers: Cobbles rocked by horrifying ‘murder’ as killer seeks revenge

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Shona Ramsey (played by Julia Goulding) makes her return to Coronation Street in this evening’s episode as she has spent the last few months in a rehabilitation centre after losing her memory. After being shot on Christmas Day, complications in surgery meant the beloved character forgot all about her life with husband David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) and has refused to see him as a result. The only person the mother-of-one can remember is her killer son Clayton Hibbs (Callum Harrison), who is currently serving time behind bars for murdering Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) and kidnapping his mother. However, as the two come face-to-face, could a sinister revenge plot see the former cafe worker written out the ITV soap for good?

The mother-of-one had a very turbulent 12 months last year, starting off with her son escaping from prison on the day of his father’s funeral and then going on the run.

This led Clayton to terrorise Shona, taking her hostage and holding her at knifepoint but when he was finally apprehended by the police, his mother cut him out of her life for good.

David breathed a sigh of relief as the killer was the one who murdered his late wife Kylie, but he then ended up serving time behind bars himself after getting caught up in brother Nick Tilsley’s (Ben Price) money-making scam.

Left to look after his two young children, the former cafe worker was at her wit’s end but when her partner was released from jail, they finally tied the knot and things started to look up for the couple.

However, the events of Christmas Day now means the couple couldn’t be further apart if they tried and with the surrogate Platt member turning to her killer son for support, is she set to make a deal with the devil and end up dead?


  • Coronation Street’s Gail Platt star Helen Worth speaks out on leaving

With tonight’s episode marking Shona’s return to the cobbles, actress Julia, 35, spoke on This Morning about her character’s relationship with Clayton.

The soap star said: “It’s a funny one with Clayton because she actually remembers him to be around 14-years-old which we’ve learnt in the past was when he started turning quite nasty because of his father’s influence.

“When she goes to see him in the prison, it’s not long until his mask begins to slip again and those evil little ways start showing through.

“So, I think, she’ll probably get wise to him quite quickly,” she continued, but could her alter-ego begin to rethink things too late?

It’s not long until his mask begins to slip

Julia Goulding

As Clayton begins showing his menacing streak and knowing his mother will head back to the cobbles, the killer could start to plot revenge.

The youngster would know Shona being in close vicinity of her husband means David will have a greater chance to turn her against him.

Being behind bars, there is nothing the prisoner can do physically to stop the former cafe worker from integrating herself back into the Weatherfield community.

It’s likely he has contacts on the outside, however, so as he starts to lose control over his mother, could he instruct them to keep an eye on her?

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Executive producer Iain MacLeod has explained Shona’s story will ultimately see her having to fall in love with her husband all over again.

Having been pushed away from his wife, David will have to go through the same process as she will be someone very different to who he remembers romancing.

This will lead to a reunion, but with Clayton known for being so spiteful, could he plot to kill his step-father?

However, there could be an error made by the thugs he instructs to carry out the murder as they end up taking his mother’s life instead.


  • Coronation Street spoilers: Michael Bailey in danger in Don revenge?

For David, this would be history repeating itself as he was forced to see Kylie slip away in his arms when Clayton stabbed her in broad daylight.

It took the father-of-two years to get over her death and finally move on with the mother of his late wife’s killer.

There have been many obstacles trying to derail the pair’s relationship but they have always managed to fight through it.

Could Shona’s murder finally tear the couple apart for good as the beloved character falls victim to her killer son’s plans?

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7:30pm on ITV.

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Alan Titchmarsh gives shock Strictly Come Dancing confession

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Alan Titchmarsh, 71, has confessed the BBC have asked him to turn in his garden tools for dancing shoes up to six times in the past few years and appear on Strictly Come Dancing. The gardening hero has reportedly been a target for BBC chiefs for a few years, and the bookies reckon this will be the year they finally get their man, with 2/1 on offer for Titchmarsh to take to the dance floor. Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “Alan Titchmarsh may final appear on Strictly after years of putting it off if the latest odds are anything to go by.”

But Mr Titchmarsh has told that his wife, Alison, who was a dance teacher, advised him against it.

Mr Titchmarsh said: “I’ve been asked about five or six times, I’ve declined everytime.

“My wife was a dance teacher and she said my knees wouldn’t take the lifts.

“So, I’ve been advised by my other half that it would not be a good idea.

“I don’t think my children are very keen either.”

Mr Titchmarsh, who is working on his new show in lockdown with Alison, has argued the length of an individual’s lockdown should depend on their health and not age.

The former Garden Force presenter noted younger people with underlying health conditions are much more at risk than over-70s.

His comments come as Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new lockdown measures but insisted vulnerable Britons should stay at home.

Speaking to, Mr Titchmarsh said: “The length of lockdown for you should depend entirely on your own personal health.

“People in their 20s, 30s and 40s with underlying health issues are far more at risk than fighting-fit 70-year-olds.

“I think it’s got to be based on your general health and it’s easy enough to evaluate with your local GP.


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“They will know whether you should be in lockdown or not. Not just because you’ve hit a magic number.

“Just because someone was 71 two weeks ago, it doesn’t mean to say that they’re not fit.”

The current lockdown rules for the over-70s are for them to take particular care to minimise contact with anyone outside their household.

The Government noted vulnerable people include those aged 70 or over ‘regardless of medical conditions’.

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Antiques Roadshow expert uncovers hidden valuation twist of WW1 beaker found in trenches

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BBC show Antiques Roadshow airs every Sunday, giving those across the nation a chance to find out of their treasured items might be worth something substantial. Earlier this month, one guest brought along an object from World War One her great-grandfather had repurposed during the war but expert Duncan left her wowed after he gave her some insight into the history of the object that had been passed through her family. 

Earlier this month, Fiona and her host of experts came from the National Botanic Garden of Wales in Carmarthenshire. 

As always, there were some treats in store for the show’s valuation team, with Duncan being given an artefact from WW1 to examine. 

However, the guest was left gobsmacked after discovering the history of her item, which was much different from what she previously believed. 

“A little beaker like that can only be made in France – now you’ve brought it here to South Wales, what does it mean to you? Why have you brought it here?” Duncan asked.

She replied: “So, my great-grandfather brought it back after the First World War and he was based in Ypres, down in the trenches.”


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The guest told Duncan the photo she had brought along with her was of her great-grandfather, Henry Morris. 

She continued: “He found it in the trench, in the mud, so it was all black and horrible. 

“He used it while he was in the war as a shaving mug,” however, she made a shock revelation about how the beaker ended up being thrown away.

The guest added: “When he came home, my grandmother said ‘What’s this?’ and he said ‘Oh I don’t know, you can throw it away, I’ve been using it as a shaving mug.’

“And then, she said ‘I think it’s silver,’ so she cleaned it up and then when my mother was born in 1942, it was given to her as a christening present!”

Duncan reiterated: “So he dug it out of the mud in Ypres. Presumably, it belonged to a Frenchman in a French trench was it?”

The guess confirmed: “I’m guessing, I don’t really know the details but I’m guessing so.”

The expert continued to delve into the detail of the item, saying: “So it’s been recycled, used as a shaving mug and then recycled again.”

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However, he left the guest stunned with his revelation, telling her: “It’s been used as a christening mug, back to what it originally was!”

The guest explained how her family believed it to be a stirrup cup but Duncan told her how this kind of cup was often given as a christening gift in France.

He continued: “On the front, it’s engraved with the chap’s name, which may well have been the soldier of the Great War who lost it. 

“So it’s come full circle in a way,” with the guest confessing: “That’s fantastic, that’s made me go a bit goosey, actually!


  • Antiques Roadshow guest ‘humiliated’ by valuation of 16 carat sapphire

“My mum will be really chuffed with that,” with Duncan complimenting the item and the wonderful story behind it before he got to making his valuation. 

However, he told her: “I’ll tell you the truth, it’s not a valuable thing. It’s not silver, in fact, it’s electroplated – it’s silver plate. “

He had a further twist in store, noting: “But, this is a fantastic example of an antique, or an old object that doesn’t have to be worth much to be enormously valuable.

“It’s the best history of an object I’ve heard in a long time, it’s really quite moving,” he concluded.

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One. 

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Naga Munchetty makes Brandon Lewis squirm as she grills him on covid guidance: ‘Tell me’

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Naga Munchetty interviewed Brandon Lewis soon after the news from SAGE emerged they believed it was too early to send children back to schools on June 1. As she probed Brandon on the issue of schools reopening as well as other aspects of the coronavirus crisis, he told the host on more than one occasion these issues would be addressed in a press conference later today, meaning he was unable to answer them properly. As she became frustrated with the minister, she asked him to confirm whether the topics he was dodging would indeed be answered later today, with viewers on social media left unhappy with Brandon’s performance. 

As the government’s process for easing the lockdown continues, one event dawning closer is the reopening of primary schools. 

The second phase of easing coronavirus lockdown measures is due to see schools open their doors to Reception, year one and year six pupils on June 1.

However, this morning, BBC Breakfast revealed research the programme had done into whether local councils across England were prepared for the planned date in just 10 days time. 

Following the news show’s research, the hosts revealed 68 councils can’t guarantee all schools can be opened if safety measures are not in place. 


  • Dan Walker: BBC host hits out at ‘aggressive’ interview claims

A further 13 councils across the country are advising schools not to open at all, with SAGE advice emerging this morning suggesting it was too soon for schools to open their doors.

Shortly after this, Minister for Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis, was on the show and Naga wasted no time grilling him on the issues at hand. 

However, it emerged Brandon was cautious over giving away too much information, insisting on more than one occasion the questions would be answered in today’s daily press briefing. 

She began the interview by asking: “This scientific advice coming out later this afternoon – shall I assume you’re not going to give me a hint as to what’s going to be in that?”

Brandon laughed off the comment, telling Naga: “We will be publishing this later today, obviously SAGE has published a number of papers related to children’s schools – we will be publishing some more details later on today.”

As the host reiterated the findings from local councils, Brandon replied: “We’ve said all along we want to see children going to school, I said just on this programme a week ago today – it’s important children get that education. 

“But we’ve also been very clear to make sure the guidelines are able to be followed and they return to school when it’s safe, no earlier than June 1.

“Councils and local authorities of schools have got to assess that safety issue from the health point of view for the best interests of the pupils but we do believe schools can do this, we want schools to give children the education they need at such an important point in their life – at that young age, a few weeks can make a big difference.”

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As the interview progressed, Naga became increasingly frustrated with Brandon as he continued to be unable to answer her questions. 

After thousands of Brits were pictures flocking to beaches in recent days, the minister discussed the responsibility of the public to protect themselves with measures such as handwashing.

Naga hit back, saying: “It’s all very well telling the UK population to behave but the fact is that people will get infected.”

Soon after, she asked the minister: “Tell me if these details are going to be answered this afternoon if you can’t answer them,” with Brandon insisting they would be, but viewers on Twitter were left unimpressed by the minister’s appearance this morning as he struggled to answer Naga’s questions. 


  • BBC Breakfast: Naga Munchetty scolds Matt Tebbutt for his comments

One viewer wrote: “#BBCBreakfast Brandon Lewis drowning in his own waffle. Every word total BS.”

“Naga giving it some attitude. Don’t blame her, this interview is a waste of time, not a single question answered! #BBCBreakfast,” agreed another.

A third commented: “@BBCNaga versus MPs who don’t have any answers or know the numbers. It exposes the lack of clarity in Government. Yikes. Can we borrow @NicolaSturgeon #BBCBreakfast.”

“#BBCBreakfast Brandon Lewis obviously doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about if he thinks a few weeks before the summer break will have an impact… and someone tell him nursery education is not statutory…” added another.

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One. 

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Coronavirus and antimalarial drugs: Could they prevent COVID-19? Expert weighs in

Coronavirus currently has no specific treatment – the NHS recommends getting lots of rest, drinking plenty of fluids and taking paracetamol or ibuprofen. While ways to treat and prevent COVID-19 are still undergoing research, Donald Trump revealed this week he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine to ward off the virus after he’d “gotten a lot of calls” from medical professionals praising it.


  • Coronavirus symptoms: Two unusual signs to watch out for in children

The UK government has told reporters Trumps’s decision is “not something which our own medical experts are recommending”.

But The Guardian reports the government inviting offers from pharmaceutical companies to provide 16 million tables of hydroxychloroquine.

So is it worth taking the antimalarial drug? Parvinder Sagoo, Pharmacist and Clinical Advisor at SimplyMeds, has advised against it.

He said: “In the UK at least hydroxychloroquine is not considered an antimalarial. It is a drug used to treat rheumatic disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus.

“It is often confused with the antimalarial chloroquine and although it is based on chloroquine it is not the same.

“Evidence shows that use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 does not show any benefit over standard care. It is also not a preventative.”

In a British Medical Journal study, hydroxychloroquine showed a higher incidence of side effects with the most common side effect being diarrhoea. 

Two out of the 150 patients on the study experienced more serious side effects to the treatment.

Sagoo warned: “People should stay away as there is no tangible evidence to support its use. It is more likely to cause adverse effects than treat the infection.

“Patients on the study had better results from the standard care protocol without hydroxychloroquine than those with hydroxycholorquine.”

The best way to prevent the virus right now, said Sagoo, is to keep up your hygiene.

He advised: “Wash your hands regularly. Use alcohol gel when you’re out.


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“Make sure you use the appropriate PPE when you’re in enclosed spaces e.g. face masks or shields.

“Still exercise social distancing.”

Common side effects of hydroxychloroquine are gastrointestinal issues, with diarrhoea being the most common.

Overuse of the medicine can cause neurological and psychiatric disorders including seizures, tremor, permanent muscle rigidity, nervousness, psychosis and suicidal behaviour.

Sagoo added: “The drug dose  needs to be adjusted in patients with reduced kidney function.

“Elderly patients naturally over time tend to develop reduced kidney function and are more likely to develop the above side effects with the use of hydroxychloroquine.

“There is a danger that he could develop permanent side effects from prolonged use of the medicine especially if he is not undergoing the appropriate medical monitoring required when initially starting a course of hydroxychloroquine.

“It is not considered and acute medicine.”

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Lenny Henry: Heartbreaking way comedian got to know father revealed on BBC show

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Sir Lenny Henry first appeared on British TV screens when he won the talent show ‘New Faces’ with an impression of Stevie Wonder around 35 years ago. Since then the Birmingham-born star went onto fame as a sitcom actor, presenter and equal rights activist. The TV talent recently fronted BBC’s ‘The Big Night In’ during the coronavirus lockdown to fundraise for Comic Relief, which he co-founded, and Children in Need. During a candid interview with documentarian Louis Theroux, the comedian revealed some of the heartache that contributed to his fame today. This included the bombshell revelation that the man who raised him was not his biological father and the crushing way he found out. 

Sir Lenny regaled audiences of ‘Grounded with Louis Theroux’ with the tragic tale from his formative years during the podcast, which aired earlier this week.

The 61-year-old star detailed the agonising decision of whether to reveal the truth about his father in his 2019 autobiography ‘Who Am I, Again?’.

He concluded: “If you’re still worried about what people think about you, you’ve got to get over that.”

The comedian explained that discovering his real father’s identity was a “massive thing” for him and he had “not spoken” to anyone about it before.

Sir Lenny was born Lenworth George Henry in Dudley, Birmingham, to Jamaican parents Winston Jervis and Winifred Louise, who came to the UK during the Windrush era.

From the age of 10, he was instructed to do chores for his ‘Uncle Bertie’, real name Albert, every Friday, but never questioned why. 

He used to live in a bedsit where “everything was in one room” and it was the future star’s job to “sweep, remake the bed and do the washing up”.

He explained that he had “no idea why” he had to do this, but was fed by Bertie, given pocket money and after that “sent” on his way. 

Sir Lenny didn’t question the instruction to help out because he was a “very obedient child” at the time and was fearful of his tough matriarchal mother.

He added: “My mother would have knocked me through three brick walls, she had arms like Popeye, so there was no chance of me going: ‘I’m not doing that, that sounds stupid.’

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“You know the cartoons where you get punched and your eyeballs stay in the same place but your head spins around? It would have been like that.”

Sir Lenny remembered Bertie as a “real blokey bloke” who never really asked about school but merely “just tolerated me being around”.

But when the star turned 11 years old, he would be dealt a life-altering bombshell about the true identity of the man he was assisting.

One day while “cleaning” in his pinnie, Bertie’s son Lloyd who regularly watched him while he studied with Linguaphone lessons posed something to him.

Sir Lenny recalled him saying: “‘You don’t know why you’re here do you?’… and he said ‘That’s your dad… if you don’t believe me go and ask him.’

“So I went in the kitchen and Bertie was in there, cooking chicken and banging the pot on the wall to make sure the rice was done.

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“I said, ‘Lloyd says that you’re my dad, is that true?’ and he said ‘Yeah’.”

The revelation and betrayal of not knowing the real identity of Bertie was devastating and, in tears, Sir Lenny raced home to ask his mother if it was true.

He said: “I was really upset, yeah, because if they had told me when I was little it would have been cool.

“I mean you often get this with kids that have been adopted, you know, who don’t find out until they are 14 or whatever. 

“To find out when I was 11 that was not a good thing but you know in Jamaican culture we had this thing called ‘big people’.

“‘This is big people t’ings, it’s none of your business, come on you’s a child, we are big people’ and ‘big people t’ings meant you had nothing to do with adult affairs.

“This was something to do with them and you were not told, anything could have been happening, somebody could have been shot.”

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