10 huge EastEnders spoilers from Ben's groundbreaking episode

The next episode of EastEnders is a particularly special one, and it’s one that will be told from Ben Mitchell’s (Max Bowden) perspective, as the young man attempts to carrying out a dangerous and life-threatening job.

Viewers will experience limited audio levels and on-screen subtitles showing words and fractured sentences to reflect Ben’s hearing difficulties.

On the special episode, Jon Sen (Executive Producer) said: ‘The story of Ben’s struggle with his deafness has given us a gripping insight into his character. This special point of view episode is a ground-breaking episode unlike any other attempted in the history of EastEnders.’

With emotions running high, danger afoot — and a no doubt compelling performance from Max Bowden — it promises to be an instalment EastEnders fans will never forget, and here’s just a little taster of what’s in store.

1. The day of the job arrives, but Ben soon finds his attention elsewhere, as he sets his sights on Peter and Lola together — and due to him being distracted by such a sight, he nearly gets hit by a car.

2. Determined to get to the bottom of what’s going on, an angry Ben questions Lola, but Jay soon intervenes.

3. Phil runs through what the job will entail, but Ben struggles to understand what he’s saying — which results in the Mitchell hard-man becoming frustrated once more.

4. Ben reveals a gun that he’s bought, which proves to be the final straw for Phil, who then puts his foot down — revealing that Ben can no longer take part in the job.

5. Jay confronts Ben for upsetting Lola — revealing that she had an abortion and claimed he was the reason.


6. Ben drags Lola out of the salon and forces her to admit that she slept with Peter.

7. He has some horrid words for the mother of his daughter, before heading off to the Prince Albert to get drunk.

8. While looking for Peter, Ben spots a van following Danny and Phil as they depart for the job, which leaves him suspicious.

9. He becomes worried about what the presence of said van might mean, and thus takes Gray’s car from the Arches, and — after changing the number plate — he rushes to the warehouse where the job is due to take place.

10. When he arrives, the job is already underway, and the situation soon spirals out of control — and Ben ends up having a gun pointed at him as he makes an alarming discovery.

One to watch: June 1 at 8pm on BBC One.

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Where are the other EastEnders Ben Mitchells now? – The Sun

BEN Mitchell has had more faces than Mount Rushmore in EastEnders after a succession of recasts.

The son of Phil Mitchell is currently played by actor Max Bowden who quickly became a fan favourite after taking over the role last year.

But who played him before and where are they all now?

The original Ben Mitchell – Matthew Silver

Matthew played baby Ben from 1996–1998. Since leaving Walford, little is known about the Original Ben Mitchell.

But it doesn't look like he pursued a career in acting in his later years.

Matthew's IMDB profile only lists his role in EastEnders, where he starred in 14 episodes.

The second Ben Mitchell – Morgan Whittle

Morgan Whittle played Ben as a toddler from 1999–2001.

In total, he starred in 11 episodes of the hit BBC One soap.

And, just like Matthew, it seems he stopped acting when he left – his IMDB page only lists EastEnders among his credits, and little is known about him these days.

The third Ben Mitchell – Charlie Jones

Ben Mitchell was absent from Walford for five years – until Charlie Jones took over in 2006 and remained until 2010.

Charlie took on the role of the ten-year-old in 2006, when the character returned to Albert Square following the “death” of mum Kathy Beale – who later turned out to be alive and kicking.

His most memorable storyline was the physical and mental abuse he suffered at the hands of his dad Phil’s girlfriend Stella Crawford.

After he spilled the beans on the couple’s wedding day Stella (played by Sophie Thompson) took her own life by throwing herself off a roof.

Charlie made an appearance in Noughts and Crosses earlier this year stunning fans.

The fourth Ben Mitchell – Joshua Pascoe

Joshua Pascoe took over from Charlie in 2010, and he remained in the role until 2012.

He was dumped from the soap after being arrested for an alleged sex assault. It is thought no charges were brought.

Months earlier he had been kicked out of stage school over claims of bullying.

He was also caught on video ranting "some f*****g P***’ probably took it" after losing his wallet on a night out.

Since EastEnders, has starred in two films – Just Charlie (2017) and A Suburban Fairytale (2017).

The fourth Ben Mitchell – Harry Reid

Harry Reid assumed the role in 2014, and remained in Walford up until 2018.

Harry quit the soap as Ben headed off to France with a chunk of the heist money.

Ben left Albert Square on a ferry from Dover bound for Calais, having stolen the money from the heist from under dad Phil's nose – which turned out to be fake leaving him with just one wad of cash.

When he left the soap, he left telly behind for a stint treading the boards in Witness For The Prosecution at London's County Hall.

He played Leonard – a character accused of murdering a widow to inherit her wealth.

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EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell forces Lola to admit she slept with Peter Beale

BEN Mitchell forces Lola to admit she cheated on Jay with Peter Beale next week in EastEnders. 

Lola spent a night with Peter after rejecting a marriage proposal from Jay. 

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EastEnders fans will remember that Lola recently dropped the bombshell that she was pregnant to Jay. 

Jay was delighted at the prospect of being a dad and devastated when Lola told him they weren’t ready to have a baby and that she was going to have an abortion. 

Jay refused to take no for an answer and tried to take control of the situation by proposing to Lola. 

But his plan backfired when Lola rejected him and told him she wasn’t going to change her mind about the baby. 

Lola then headed off to the pub to let off some steam and ended up sleeping with her old flame Peter – who she dated briefly in 2013.

Viewers will know that Lola confided in Callum and admitted she cheated on Jay with Peter. 

But Callum urged her to keep it a secret, knowing that it would be the final nail in the coffin for herrelationship with Jay.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Ben struggle to cope with the pressure as the day of his big operation with Phil arrives. 

He’s distracted when he spies Lola and Peter together and grows suspicious. 

Ben wastes little time in angrily questioning the pair but Jay steps in and tells Ben to stop. 

Later, Phil devastates Ben when he tells him he’s not up to the job after all. 

Furious, Ben storms off and tries to get to the bottom of what’s happening with Lola and Peter. 

But Jay spots him and confronts Ben for upsetting Lola earlier, telling him that she had an abortion. 

Ben is lost for words when Jay adds that Ben was the reason she chose to have an abortion. 

Distraught, Ben drags Lola out of the salon and forces her to admit she slept with Peter. 

Ben then storms off to the pub and drowns his sorrows.

Will Ben tell Jay about Lola’s affair?

And if Ben discovers that Callum knew about Lola’s secret, could it spell trouble for their relationship too?

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EastEnders quiz questions for your virtual pub quiz

If you and your mates know the residents of Walford better than your own neighbours and have been watching the action unfold across Albert Square for more years than you can remember, then these EastEnders virtual pub quiz questions are for you.

With a mixture of trivia, memorable moments and questions on some of the soap’s larger-than-life characters, there’s a little something for everyone in our EastEnders pub quiz – but participants will need to know their Mitchells from their Moons…

Q: What dramatic event aired this year to mark the show’s 35th anniversary on TV?
A: A fateful boat crash on the Thames

Q: Which character first said the iconic catchphrase, ‘Get outta my pub!’?
A: The legendary Peggy Mitchell

Q: What year did EastEnders start airing on BBC One?
A: 1985

Q: Who shot Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) in the famous EastEnders Whodunnit storyline?
A: Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin)

Q: How was ‘Dirty Den’ killed?
A: He was hit over the head with an iron doorstop in the Vic by Zoe first, then Chrissie


Q: Which two Walford icons were part of a band formed in 1986 on the soap called Dog Market?
A: Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) and Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt)

Q: What was the first ever line spoken in EastEnders?
A: ‘Cor, stinks in here, dunnit?’ – Den Watts (Leslie Grantham)

Q: Who did Sharon have an affair with when she cheated on her husband Grant (Ross Kemp)?
A: Phil MItchell

Q: In what year did Zoe (Michelle Ryan) and Kat (Jessie Wallace) have their legendary exchange in which Kat revealed she was Zoe’s mother?
A: 2001


Q: Which actress portrayed Little Mo?
A: Kacey Ainsworth

Q: When did Mick and Linda Carter (Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright) take ownership of the Queen Vic?
A: Boxing Day 2013

Q: Which Albert Square legends got drunk in an ice cream van?
A: Pat and Peggy

Q: Which character fell from the roof of The Queen Vic during the soap’s first ever live episode?
A: Bradley Branning

Q: In what year did Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) make her final appearance on EastEnders?
A: 2016

Q: Who killed Lucy Beale?
A: Her brother, Bobby


Q: Which beloved couple shared their first kiss in Walford park last year (2019)?
A: Callum and Ben

Q: Which character took the Queen Vic hostage in 2019?
A: Hunter Owen (Charlie Winter)

Q: Who composed the original EastEnders theme tune?
A: Simon May assisted by Leslie Osborne

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Soaps like EastEnders and Coronation Street to resume filming but cast must stay two metres apart

Soap fans will be delighted to hear that the government has given the green light for film and TV crews to begin filming once more.

The film production industry has ground to a halt owing to the lockdown which was imposed to tackle the coronavirus pandemic on 23 March.

However, studios are in talks of reopening and working out ways that they can stick to the social distancing regulations so that cast members stay the mandatory two meters apart, say the government.

This means TV favourites such as Coronation Street and EastEnders will be filming again before too long.

What has been seeing these shows through the lockdown is the fact that they have even airing less episodes each week.

BBC halted the production of EastEnders but rationed what they had previously filmed by showing just two episodes a week instead of four, and Emmerdale and Coronation Street also reduced the amount of episodes.

ITV have shared that Coronation Street have just enough episodes to last until ‘early summer’ whereas it has not yet been revealed how many more shows EastEnders has left.

Aside from social distancing it is believed that the older cast members may be banned from set.

This would mean that Coronation Street stars including Bill Roache, 88 and Barbara, 86 may not return due to the risk.

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A spokesman for the Department for Culture said: “The Government is working closely with the screen sector to understand how different types of productions can comply with social distancing guidelines, and give confidence to people in the TV and film industries that there are safe ways in which they can return to work.”

A Coronation Street representative told MailOnline: "ITV is in the final stages of working with others across the industry on a return-to-production protocol and we are in active discussions with Government on this."

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Soap stars in the news

  • Michelle Keegan wows in makeup free …
  • Ryan Thomas' daughter Scarlett showc…
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  • Lacey Turner’s husband Matt Kay buil…

But EastEnders bosses said it was still too soon to reopen their set. An insider revealed to The Sun: “Filming will have to resume at some point and bosses say June is the benchmark. With strict social distancing and extra precautions on set they think EastEnders could make the transition.

“But they appreciate the health and safety of the cast and crew is paramount and should the lockdown restrictions be tightened, filming will, of course, not take place.”

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EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale in horror collapse as Dotty continues her revenge plan against Ian – The Sun

EASTENDERS' Bobby Beale is to suffer a horrifying collapse in E20 next week.

The killer teenager – who is played by actor Clay Milner Russell in the BBC One soap – will be found unconscious by his brother Peter and crush Dotty Cotton.

The three look to be in E20 with Lola Pearce who is desperately trying to bring Bobby around.

It isn't yet known what will cause Bobby to collapse but he suffered a brain injury in February after being attacked by thugs in the Square.

And most recently he has become attracted to scheming Dotty Cotton who has her own designs on his brother Peter.

Viewers know that Dotty has been blackmailing the brothers' dad Ian Beale after discovering he locked Dennis Mitchell in a cabin on the boat before he drowned.

She had an incriminating voicemail that Dennis had left begging for help to be let out before his death.

But after Ian found a way to delete it, Dotty told him she was going to invade his entire life and make him pay for what he had done.

Dotty is planning on exposing Ian to Sharon when she is strong enough to cope with the news her oldest friend played a major part in her son's death.

However, could Dotty be using Peter and Bobby to get back at Ian first by reminding him what it's like to lose a child?

The reasons for Bobby's collapse aren't clear but Dotty isn't above spiking someone's drink.

* EastEnders airs Monday and Tuesday evenings on BBC One

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EastEnders' Dotty star Milly Zero calls for Charlie Cotton to return

EastEnders star Milly Zero has revealed that she wants Charlie Cotton (Declan Bennett) to return.

The actress — who portrays Dotty in The BBC One soap — told Digital Spy: ‘That would be really interesting as Dotty is a bit of a lone wolf right now.’

‘Even though she lives with Sonia and Whitney, she isn’t really related to them and they don’t really have her back in the way that family does.’

‘I think having her family in the Square would be really interesting. I’d be really keen to explore that.’

Viewers will know that Charlie is Dotty’s half-brother, and he initially showed up in 2014, and — in spite of his shady intentions — he ended up developing quite the loving relationship with his grandma Dot (June Brown).

He remained in Walford for the better part of two years, and — during that time — he had an on-off relationship with Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack).


After departing in 2015, Charlie returned in 2017 for two episodes following Ronnie’s untimely demise.

EastEnders continues Monday 20 April at 8pm on BBC One.

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EastEnders’ Max Bowden reflects on ‘snogging Tony Clay’s face off’ on one-year anniversary of their first kiss – The Sun

EASTENDERS' Max Bowden has reflected on "snogging Tony Clay's face off" on the one-year anniversary of their first kiss.

The 25-year-old actor joined the BBC One soap as Ben Mitchell last year – and quickly made an impression as the bad boy seduced Tony's character Callum Highway.

Callum was engaged to Whitney at the time and in denial about his sexuality, but the two men's building romance came to a head when Callum tracked Ben down in the park late at night.

After an emotional confrontation, the pair shared a passionate smooch before enjoying a raunchy fumble together.

An EastEnders fan account tweeted the moment, writing: "This scene was filmed a year ago!"

Max added some more detail as he retweeted, sharing: "Wow, is that right? A year ago we filmed that!?

"Hours out in the cold snogging each other’s faces off @tony_clay76

"What a year this little journey's been so far, son! The best onscreen partner anyone could ask for! Love ya kid!"

Fans went wild for the unprecedented 'Ballum' moment, with one follower replying: "it’s fine. i’m fine. everything is fine. i am not going to cry."

Another gushed: "What a year you have given us. We’re so lucky to have you both. Long may it continue!"

Ben and Callum have had a dramatic ride since that initial smooch, with Callum having to deal with the consequences of leaving Whitney and coming out as gay.

He was then left devastated when Ben fought for his life after being shot in Hunter Owen's Queen Vic siege.

Ben also brutally dumped Callum just before Christmas after fearing his boyfriend would get caught in the middle of his dangerous lifestyle – and his fears were proven right when Keanu kidnapped Callum and held him hostage earlier this year.

The pair are currently together, but things are far from perfect as Callum desperately tries to support Ben through his loss of hearing from the River Thames' boat crash in February.


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EastEnders star's husband builds her a fake Queen Vic for her birthday

EastEnders star Lacey Turner’s husband Matt Kay built her a makeshift Queen Vic to celebrate her birthday.

The actress — who is known for her sublime portrayal of Stacey Fowler in the long-running BBC serial drama — turned 32 over the weekend.

She celebrated with husband Matt — who brought a bit of Walford magic to their home by re-creating the iconic Queen Vic.

Lacey took to Instagram — sharing pics from the special day — including one of both she and Matt, as they raise a glass in front of the makeshift Vic.

She captioned the pic with: ‘Thank you for making my birthday so special! Love you forever & ever.’

Lacey is currently on maternity leave, and thus Stacey was written out of EastEnders late last year, as the character found herself embroiled in a terrifying situation when she clobbered Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) over the head and left him for dead.


She was forced to go on the run with Martin Fowler (James Bye) — who later returned and found himself caught up in a dangerous alliance with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) — something which led Martin to lying to Stacey about having slept with Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) in order to keep her away from the Square.

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EastEnders' Max Branning has released a rap track and it's everything we wanted

EastEnders character Max Branning has released a rap track. Well, sort of. The popular soap character has inspired a new song called ‘The Real Max Branning’, which celebrates the Walford legend’s womanising reputation.

A lookalike fan got in touch with actor Jake Wood – who portrays Max on the BBC serial drama – to ask his permission to write a song called ‘The Real Max Branning’.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Jake said: ‘There’s a guy who has written a song called ‘The Real Max Branning’.

‘He tweeted me a while ago to ask, ‘Are you all right if I do a song about you?’ His name is Sir Dossa and he DM’d me on Twitter ages ago. He said, ‘Hi Jake, random one but I’m working on a new tune called ‘The Real Max Branning’ because people say I look like you.’

‘It’s based on my likeness to your character. I’m using a couple of samples, just wanted to check you don’t mind?’

The rap track has now been made available on Spotify and it includes samples of Max’s lines — such as ‘was she fit?’ and ‘such a geezer, aint ya’.

Some of the lyrics in the track are: ‘shout out to the geezer Max to the B, Max Branning / Mind your wives and daughters, always on the jars never on the waters’.


Jake was delighted with the finished product. He said: ‘A few days ago he sent me another DM saying the tune is done, it’s all uploaded to Spotify.”I think my favourite line in it is ‘putting gingers on the map’. It’s a bit of light relief.’

EastEnders continues Monday 30 March at 8pm on BBC One.

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