Corrie fans heartbroken as Oliver Battersby suffers brain damage

Coronation Street fans have been left heartbroken, after it was confirmed that young Oliver Battersby has suffered brain damage.

Leanne Tilsley (Jane Danson) and Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) were brought into Dr Ward’s (Zitta Sitar) office after worrying that their son was struggling to focus on anything.

After conducting some tests, Dr Ward invited Leanne and Steve into the office, where she informed them that Oliver’s trouble focusing is a result of damage caused to the brain following his prolonged seizure.

Given that they don’t yet have a definitive diagnosis yet — although Dr Ward does think he might have mitochondrial disease — it’s hard to make predictions, but she reiterated that Oliver might not get back to where was developmentally.

While Leanne is determined to stay positive, Dr Ward confirmed there’s a high chance the damage will be permanent.

‘Poor, poor Oliver,’ another wrote, while one more said: ‘Omg this is breaking my heart. I can’t believe that Oliver might have permanent brain damage.’

What is mitochondrial disease?

Mitochondrial diseases result from failures of the mitochondria, specialized compartments present in every cell of the body (except red blood cells).

Mitochondria are responsible for creating more than 90% of the energy needed by the body to sustain life and support organ function. When they fail, less and less energy is generated within the cell. Cell injury and even cell death follow. If this process is repeated throughout the body, whole organ systems begin to fail.

The parts of the body, such as the heart, brain, muscles and lungs, requiring the greatest amounts of energy are the most affected.

Symptoms vary depending on the organ(s) affected but may include seizures, atypical cerebral palsy, autistic features, developmental problems, fainting and temperature instability.

According to The Lily Foundation, the prognosis depends upon the severity of the disease and other criteria. As more research funds are raised to find more effective treatments and ultimately a cure, some of the affected children and adults are living fairly normal lives with mitochondrial disease.

In other cases, children may not be able to see, hear, talk or walk. Affected children may not survive beyond their teenage years. Adult onset can result in drastic changes from an active lifestyle to a debilitating ilness is a short amount of time.

Treatment plans vary from patient to patient but involve therapies, diet changes and other means to try and slow the progress of the disease.

You can find out more information from the NHS here.

‘Oliver’s storyline is already so heartbreaking,’ another pointed out.

Corrie boss Iain MacLeod previously opened up about Oliver being diangosed with mitochondrial disease, telling the storyline will be ‘multifaceted’ and aims to ‘draw attention to families’ struggles’ with the relatively common disease.

He said: ‘The fundamental component is Leanne’s love for her son and willingness to move mountains to save him.

‘It’s really passionate and heartfelt, the cast are right behind it. Jane has been talking to charity partners about how Leanne is feeling she wants to get it right. We all do.’

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Livingston ask fans to vote if goalkeeper Gary Maley should get new contract as team-mates jokingly aim digs at him – The Sun

LIVINGSTON have asked their fans vote on Twitter to 'decide' whether Gary Maley should get a new deal.

The goalkeeper, 37, looks set to leave the Scottish Premiership side when his contract runs out next month.

But the club have jokingly asked their fans to vote on whether he should be allowed to stay.

And even Maley's team-mates couldn't resist aiming a few light-hearted digs at him in response.

Earlier this evening, Livingston tweeted: "Quite possibly a football first but we're giving you the chance to decide on the future of goalkeeper @Maley1Gary.

"With his contract expiring next month, we're leaving it in the hands of the fans as to whether or not we offer 'Stretch' an extension."

At the time of writing, there has been more than 50,000 votes cast in the funny poll.

And Maley will be relieved to know that almost two thirds of those who took part want to see him stay at Livingston.

But that didn't stop some of his current and former team-mates having fun at his expense.

Marvin Bartley tweeted: "100 per cent he goes, can't push forward as a club with 'players' like him!

"Bye big man, look after yourself."

The midfielder later added: "He said he wants to leave and dislikes every team and their fans in Scotland!

"Feel free to vote whatever you want though."

But ex-Livingston and Rangers keeper Liam Kelly countered: "If he wins the vote, make it a two-year deal.

"He needs the security at 41-years-old, top quality keeper who you are lucky to have."

Even Livingston's No2 Davie Martindale got involved in the act as he said: "It's time to hang your gloves up big fella, you had a good run at it.

"Scott McDonald penalty save at Tannadice a glorious high in your career, the only high to be fair.

"Take care but we have to move on."

Maley even replied to various fans – including supporters of other clubs – to keep the joke going throughout the evening.

It now just remains to be seen whether Livingston will now honour the 'vote' and hand the keeper a new deal.Gary Neville’s Valencia suffer 7-0 drubbing at the Camp Nou as Barcelona advance to Copa del Rey 2016 final

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Ozark fans convinced assassination of Wendy’s brother was staged after spotting season 4 funeral clue – The Sun

OZARK fans are convinces the Byrde family are involved in a death hoax of game-changing proportions.

Season 3 of the popular Netflix thriller dropped earlier this year and the fanbase wasted no time dissecting each and every interaction from the new episodes.

Predicting what will unfold in an unconfirmed season 4, one area of fierce debate involved Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) taking out a hit on her own brother Ben (Tom Pelphrey).

Her motives revolved around the family’s partnership with drug lord Navarro, which she felt Ben jeopardised, but her ruthlessness left many viewers aghast.

Now a popular new theory has emerged – than Ben is in fact alive and the entire murder was staged.

Reddit user mr-peaches1 outlined his thoughts with a detailed post.

“Wendy didn’t call Hellen and give up Ben. Wendy called Navarro. Wendy explained the situation to Navarro, he decided to help,” he began.

“He knew the only person that really wanted Ben dead was Hellen. At this point maybe Navarro already had made his decision on Hellen, or maybe a private phone call with Wendy helped him reach that decision.

“Nelson answers to Navarro, we know this from the time Hellen asked him if he would “let her know” if the phone call ever came for her own life. Which we find out he did not let Hellen know.

Navarro gave the order to Nelson to take Ben. Take Ben where, that’s where things get a little foggy. I am not exactly sure, but I have a theory.”

He continued: “When Wendy leaves Ben at the restaurant table. She gets in her van to leave the restaurant. Minute mark 56:26 in episode 9. The license plate is a Tennessee license plate. Can we say, at the bare minimum, they made it out of Missouri?

“Maybe Ben and Wendy made it to Knoxville, maybe Nelson got Ben either settled in with the people he knew in Knoxville or possibly got him to Mexico. A place where he would be safe.”

He admitted: “Why Navarro would do this for Wendy. I am not sure. Maybe it could be because he had already made his decision on Hellen, and sparing his soon to be new partners close brother can be seen as a kind gesture. A kind gesture that could asked to be remembered in the future.

“I realize it can be argued that this can all be disproven by the conversation that Wendy has with Navarro in the middle of episode 10. I like to think it could be a ploy cooked up between Wendy and Navarro to make everyone think Ben is dead, more importantly make Hellen think Ben is dead.

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“Wendy had been getting more confident when speaking with Navarro, almost like they truly are partners instead of her working for him. Or as he put it, him owning her.

“To me there weren’t enough concrete actions or words given to say that Ben is for sure with out a doubt dead. They built too much up between Ruth and himself to have him just be done. I have a feeling we will meet Ben again.

“Some one had to have noticed that we never saw Ben’s physical dead body, we only saw a zipped up body bag.”

He summed up: “Wendy and Navarro are working together behind the scene. Ben is still alive and will be apart of the future plot.”

The post was soon flooded with upvotes and messages of agreement.

Here’s hoping the matter is cleared up if a new series is commissioned.

The speculation comes after Jason Bateman stressed that there was “no official pickup” for the show in the wake of season 3.

However, he claimed the cast were hopeful that Netflix would order a fourth season once they were done assessing the show’s popularity.

Seasons 1-3 of Ozark are available to stream on Netflix now.

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Gemma Collins fans shocked by her unrecognisable new look as she talks about ‘love and self-worth’ – The Sun

GEMMA Collins continues to dazzle in a lockdown glow, with her latest Instagram upload oozing meditative, self-care vibes.

The former TOWIE star has been impressing fans with her whopping weight loss yet today, she commanded attention for her intellect too.

The GC uploaded a youthful-looking shot showing her posing by a hedge, holding a pretty bouquet of flowers.

She flashed a beaming smile to the camera wearing an off-the-shoulder beige jumper, which showed off her glowing tan.

Gemma left her blonde hair in a naturally wavy style, falling over one shoulder, and accompanied it with a spot of weekend wisdom in the caption.


"Wishing you all the most beautiful Sunday filled with LOVE PEACE and SELF WORTH," followed by a love heart Emoji icon.

Gemma, 39, chose to disable the comments on the snap.

Yet her loyal followers have previously gushed over her new figure and lifestyle as she updates them on her page.

Alongside a summery snap showing her sporting a cute orange dress, one wrote: "Your an absolute beaut."

Another posted: "This looks fab on you!"

A third simply rounded off with the words: "Love you queen."

Gemma has recently lost three stone – yet has her sights set on more.

She told us recently:  "I'd be really happy if I lost six stone as that would bring me down to 12 stone and a size 16."

The 38-year-old went on to say she needs to lose the weight in order to get a boob job.

She revealed: "My boobs are so big and I want to get them reduced in January, but I have to lose three stone before they can operate.

"My boobs are 38GG now and I think I will go down to a C or a D-cup. The operation is all booked in. I think when you have big boobs, they can make you look bigger and I would just love to never ever wear a bra again."

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Peter Andre drives fans wild as he teases ‘very exciting’ mystery announcement – The Sun

PETER Andre sent his fans wild today by teasing a "very exciting" mystery announcement on Instagram.

The singer and presenter, 47, whet appetites for the surprise on Wednesday night by writing: "Lots of you have been asking for this for a long time….. see you Wednesday :)))."

It appeared alongside a pic telling fans to "make sure you're home."

Straight away fans commented with their excitement.

One wrote: "Can't wait 😍."

Another posted: "What can this be?! Xx"

A third said: "Oh gosh what is it?"

Other speculated as to what it would be.

One predicted an Andre family quiz, while another thought Pete's daughter Princess would be recording a Bruno Mars cover.

Meanwhile Peter recently worked up a sweat with his wife Emily in their home gym.

He shared a post-workout selfie with his doctor partner, 30, on his Instagram Stories and admitted their fitness session was "well-needed".

Peter wore a black T-shirt, while mum-of-two Emily rocked a sports bra and skintight leggings.

Wearing her long hair in a middle-parting, the NHS doctor seemed to be makeup free.

Peter captioned the selfie: "A well needed workout with mrs beauty."

Later in the day, the Mysterious Girl singer joined forces with his kids Junior, 14, and Princess, 12, for the Clap for Carers.

Sharing a video of them applauding in the garden of their massive house, he wrote: "Thank you NHS and all key workers. Love love :)) #nhs #clapforourcarers."

It came after Emily said she was "frustrated" by Boris Johnson's "unclear" rules for lockdown.

The Prime Minister, 55, recently lifted some of the restrictions on going out as part of a five-stage plan to gradually bring Britain out of lockdown.

He asked those who can't work from home to go back to their jobs, allowed unlimited outdoor exercise and said schools could reopen as early as June.

However, rules about visiting family were less clear-cut, with ministers saying people could see their parents – but only one at a time.

Writing in her OK! magazine column, junior doctor Emily said: "Some people were left confused by Boris Johnson's speech about easing the lockdown and I can understand where they're coming from, but I also feel some people's expectations are unrealistic."

She added: "The government has to give very generalised advice that applies to as many people as possible, but there will always be individuals who the advice can't apply to.

"It is frustrating that guidance around meeting up with family members isn't clearer, but hopefully this will be addressed soon."

Emily told readers that her parents live "hours away" adding that she is still unable to see them.

The doctor has been working at a hospital in Surrey while Peter homeschools their children Amelia, six, and Theo, three.

Writing in his own column, in New magazine, the Mysterious Girl and Insania singer went a step further, calling lockdown advice "a shambles"

He said: "What everyone wanted to hear was about seeing their families, but that was completely left out of Boris' speech.

"They've since explained you can go and sit in the park and be two metres away from strangers, but you can't meet your mother and father together. Huh?"

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Mike Tyson claims fans won’t believe his opponent and insists it’s a bigger name than Evander Holyfield – The Sun

MIKE TYSON says the contract for his comeback will be done next week and the mystery opponent is a bigger name than Evander Holyfield.

The 53-year-old has been ramping up excitement for his return to the ring for weeks by sharing numerous clips from training.

Former boxing world champion Iron Mike is due to climb between the ropes for at least one exhibition bout for charity with his former foe Holyfield expressing his desire for a trilogy fight.

That is certainly one clash fans would be intrigued to see, with their last showdown ending in a DQ win for Holyfield after Tyson shockingly bit off a chunk of his rival’s ear.

Fellow ex-heavyweight champ Shannon Briggs also recently claimed he has agreed a deal to fight the Baddest Man on the Planet.

However, when asked by Lil Wayne on his Young Money Radio show whether Holyfield would be his first fight back, the American said everyone will be shocked when his opponent is eventually revealed.

Tyson said: “Na, na we got many guys. Listen we’ve got so many guys that want to do this man.

“We’re in calls, we’re doing business with guys right now. You’re not going to believe the names when the names come out. Some time this week we’ll have the contract done.

“And whatever money we get, it’s going to somebody else. I’m not going to make any money – probably the company, my wife because she’s partners with me, she’ll make some probably. But my money is going [to charity].”

Tyson, who retired from boxing in 2005 following a disappointing end to his previously epic career, also insists he feels in fantastic shape after showing off his explosive speed and power in various social media clips.

He added: “I’m feeling better than I’ve ever felt in my life. God has been merciful to me man. I’m gonna get on with it, I’m looking good. Yo Wayne, I’m 230 [pounds] right now!

“Man I’m just getting ready you know, I’m just getting ready to help some people out who are less fortunate than me. I’m gonna do this charity event.

“I’m going to take this money and help these homeless and we’re going to help these addicted brothers.

“Because I’ve been homeless and I’ve been addicted so I know the struggle. Not many people have survived like I did.”

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Coronation Street fans convinced Geoff has deleted the evidence he abused Yasmeen – while she rots in prison – The Sun

CORONATION Street fans are convinced Geoff Metcalfe has deleted the secret camera footage that proves Yasmeen's innocence.

The sick abuser – who is played by actor Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap – installed a secret camera in the house to further his control of Yasmeen, but it caught him threatening to kill her in the seconds before she stabbed him in self-defence.

Viewers have been waiting for the cameras to be discovered and for Geoff to be exposed but it still hasn't happened.

And now they fear he has already deleted the footage after being shown able to watch them on his phone.

Writing on Reddit, one said: "I want to have faith in the police investigation but if the cameras are simply streaming or if there are only certain clips/triggers that are recording and Geoff had been deleting all of it, then there is potentially no evidence except the final confrontation, since he presumably could not have deleted that from his hospital bed.

"Unless it was never recorded at all (streaming), or there is an automated file delete after a certain amount of time. The clip that was on the phone may (or may not?) still exist.

"So, I have been on tenterhooks thinking that Geoff has plenty of time to delete everything if Alya or the police don't find the camera and the police don't pay much attention to his cloud accounts."

Fans have been desperate for the storyline to end and for Yasmeen to be freed from prison where she's being held under charge of attempted murder.

But Corrie boss Iain MacLeod recently told The Sun Online that the storyline is set to run until Christmas at least.

He said: "The timelines have been shunted due to the lockdown but I think it's fair to imagine that it will be this year.

"What form that comeuppance is is in discussion. We wanted a redemptive ending for Yasmeen obviously and the toughest it's going to get for her is over the next months.

"It's towards the end of the year but the key thing is to impart the right message. For the sake of the people it has impacted we have to tell the right ending with some positivity."

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Amanda Holden fans think they’ve spotted a FACE in her knee – but do you see Simon Cowell or Pat Butcher? – The Sun

AMANDA Holden appeared delighted as she joined her daughters for the emotional Clap for Carers on Thursday evening.

But her continued appreciation for NHS staff and key workers across the country wasn't the only thing that stole the show, as some fans claimed they spotted a face in her knee.

The Britain's Got Talent host, 49, wore a pair of grey shorts as she clapped on the doorstep of her Surrey mansion with daughters Hollie, eight, Alexa, 14, yesterday.

Alongside the clip, Amanda wrote: "#clapforourcarers ♥️ #keyworkers #frontlineworkers ♥️🇬🇧💪🏼🌈🌈🌈 #nhs."

However, fans couldn't help but notice the face on her knee – with some even comparing it to various celebrities.

One commented: "You seem to have Lewis Capaldi on your left knee 😁."

Another said: "Why have one Donald Trump when you can have two 🙈#kneeface."

A third added: "Your left knee looks like Prince George."
While presenter Gethin Jones added: "I feel like your left knee cap is a face that’s smiling too.. 😂👀."

Amanda has been keeping fans up-to-date with her life during lockdown.

Earlier this week, Amanda took to Instagram to update her followers on home life as she drank a refreshing Aperol Spritz.

She captioned the post: “The future is bright the future’s… #aperolspritz” referencing the popular slogan for the former phone network, Orange.

The former Wild At Heart actress flaunted some cleavage in the sunny snap, and wore a pair of sunglasses as she grinned for the selfie – which has since been deleted.


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Where to buy cheapest fans online for delivery including Argos and B&Q

WITH temperatures soaring across the country this week, many of us are turning to electric fans to help cool down.

But where can you buy the cheapest one online for delivery? We've scanned the market for you.

Yesterday, Brits enjoyed the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures reaching 28 degrees.

And with summer fast approaching, it could be worth buying a cooling fan for you and the family.

We had a look at the major retailers for the cheapest prices available – below's what we found.

If you're keen to splash out, it's always worth comparing prices beforehand to make sure you're getting the best deal.

Google's price comparison tool, Google Shopping, is free and easy to use.

Just make sure you double-check delivery charges before you order or your cheap fan might suddenly cost a lot more.

Cheapest mini fans

If you're simply after a small fan to take with you on the move, you can find cheap options for just a few quid.

For example, Superdrug is selling a hand-held battery-operated mini fan for just £1.99.

Wilko usually also sells a similar fan for £3, but it's currently sold out online so it could be worth keeping an eye on the website.

Alternatively, the retailer's also selling a slightly bigger mini fan in white or copper for £6.

For another 99p, you can nab a USB-powered mini fan at Robert Dyas.

Cheapest normal-sized desk fans

If you're looking for ways to help you stay cool from your home office, you should expect to spend around a tenner at least.

Once again, Wilko has sold out of its 6inch desk fan for £10 but Asda has listed a 9inch version as in stock for £12.

Amazon isn't far behind by selling a desk fan for £12.99, or you can nab one at B&Q for £14, or for £14.99 at Argos.

Cheapest stand-up and tower fans

Should you have a tendency to overheat easily, you may want to splash out on a stand-up or tower fan to help you sleep at night.

They're available in the major retailers, with the cheapest once we could find up for grabs at B&Q for £18.

Second cheapest among the bigger retailers were Argos and Robert Dyas, both selling tower fans for £19.99.

While Asda and Wilko are selling standing fans for £20.

Using electric fans to keep cool during heatwaves will increase your energy bills, but by how much?

Because we're all spending so much time at home right now, energy bills are expected to rise by £32 a month.

Want to splash out on a hot tub this year but on a budget? Here are the cheapest places to buy online.

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Fans Drag 'Bachelor' Alum Amanda Stanton for Driving from CA to AZ to Get Her Hair Done

Hands up if your hair looks good in quarantine? Yeah, nope, I’m right there with you. But apparently, Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum Amanda Stanton was willing to go to some pretty extra lengths to get her hair done, because she drove all the way from California to Arizona for an appointment with her stylist.

Fans immediately started criticizing Amanda for potentially breaking stay at home rules for what is clearly not essential travel, and she posted a lengthy statement on Instagram Stories defending herself.

Amanda said that she’s been staying home since March 14, and that she got tested before her trip to make sure she was negative:

She also added, “I choose to be honest with you guys when I could choose not to be. I’ve seen so many people traveling by plane, hanging out in groups etc and doing much worse and not receiving ANY hate. I feel really good about doing my part during this pandemic. That’s all!”

Still, that hasn’t stopped fans from voicing concern and dragging her on Insta, and Amanda’s had to defend herself a bunch in the comments on this post:

Hmm, thoughts on this drama? Weigh in below:

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