Inside LeBron James’ £20million LA mansion with a cinema, cigar room with air-purifying technology, and an onyx bar – The Sun

LEBRON James joined the La Lakers in 2018, but a year before his move he was already making plans in California.

Now a bona fide movie star and producer, the basketball legend bought a stunning home in Los Angeles in 2017 for £20million.

It was his second purchase in the city – he owns another £20million home in the same affluent Brentwood area.

But this incredible mansion, that was built in 2017, has key features any Hollywood mogul would want.

There's a private movie theatre, an onyx bar, as well as a super-cool cigar room with air-purifying technology.

Join SunSport for a tour of the home that's fit for a King… King James.


The 15,836 square-foot property features eight bedrooms, four of those with their own en-suite, with the master suite having dual bathrooms, a huge walk-in closet and a private patio.

There are 11 bathrooms in total, all designed with modern fittings and marble touches.

LeBron's kitchen is a chef's dream – it features a combination of French oak and marble on the floor, and if he's tired after a hard game he can jump in a lift to take him to the rooftop terrace.

His office is the perfect spot where LeBron can negotiate his sponsorships, like he has with Pepsi and Nike.


Should LeBron invite his team-mates round, he has plenty on offer at the sprawling mansion to entertain them with.

There's the games room where he and his pals can shoot some pool.

However, it's the incredible cigar room where he will no doubt hold plenty of meetings and cut deals with Hollywood producers.

It features state-of-the-art air-purifying technology that keeps the room smelling fresh.

They can even pick out a nice bottle of red from LeBron's massive wine cellar to accompany their smoke.

And if he wants to watch one of his movies, like Trainwreck, he has his own private cinema.



Like many top class athletes, LeBron likes to take his work home with him.

He has a top-of-the-range gym – half indoors, half outdoors – that connects with a steam room, sauna, spa, and massage room.

Outside there's a grass yard, a pool, a heated dining loggia, as well as an outdoor kitchen with a grill and beer taps.

But LeBron wasn't entirely happy with the house.

In fact, he reportedly wanted to make changes, including adding a basketball court, an indoor wine tap, and an outdoor pizza oven.

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Inside Gogglebox’s Malone family with ‘secret’ hot son and daughter who don’t appear on TV – The Sun

THE MALONES are hiding two big secrets from Gogglebox viewers – two hot family members – brother and sister, Lee and Vanessa.

The Channel 4 show has been keeping us laughing for years, and the Malone family have been a hit with audiences for six glorious seasons.

But while fans of the comedy series are familiar with mum Julie, dad Tom Senior, and sons Tom Jr and Shaun, there are two other siblings that don’t feature in the show.

Bodybuilder Lee and trained nurse Vanessa are Tom Jr and Shaun’s older brother and sister but have never taken part in the long-running series with their family.

Although the Malones joined Gogglebox for the fourth series back in 2014, Lee and Vanessa have always shied away from the cameras.

Lee is a doting brother and uncle to his siblings, and little niece and nephew. The strapping muscle man lives with his fiancé Sarah and runs his own property renovations business.

Meanwhile, ‘secret’ sister Vanessa is proud to be a trained NHS nurse and mum to two children.

The NHS hero has been working tirelessly through the Covid-19 pandemic and recently shared a post to her Instagram celebrating International Nurses Day.

She wrote: “Happy international nurses day to all of my wonderful friends and colleagues! I am so proud of my team, I am proud of the NHS and I am proud of myself. Nursing through this pandemic so far has been a challenge both physically and mentally but we can do this 💪🏻 I am also proud of all the nurses who have been redeployed from other wards onto our unit, you have have been a huge asset to our team ❤️ thank you!!! 💙 Proud to be a nurse”

Lee recently revealed he and his fiancé Sarah had been forced to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic.

Sharing a photo of the two of them smooching in a hot tub, he captioned the snap: “The Malone Postponement”

Lee is an avid gym goer and regularly posts photos of his workouts and bodybuilding competitions, unlike his coach-loving family.

The Malones are known not only for their hilarious one liners and adorable moments, but their four gorgeous rottweilers – Dave, Lucy, Izzy and Joe.

And it seems a love of dogs runs in the family as Lee also has his own pooches, Old Tyme bulldogs Maddie and Bear.

Many people wonder if the cast of Gogglebox get paid, well they actually do, each family receives a monthly balance of £1,500.

The family will then have to split this amount between each other at their own discretion.

This is only the start for some cast members.

Original Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt has since appeared on I'm A Celebrity and boasts of paying off her parents' mortgage with her earnings.

Also, Sandra Martin, another star from the show, says she's earned "£100,000 every year" since appearing on the programme.

Although the opportunities seem endless after appearing on Gogglebox, the families do have to work for their money.

Despite the coronavirus, pandemic filming will still take place with rigged cameras in place to prevent crew mixing with the Gogglebox stars.

Each family has to commit to 12 hours of filming each week split across two six-hour shifts.

They then need to analyse and share opinions on the programmes they have been told to watch.

Catch The Malones (minus Lee and Vanessa) on Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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True! Psalm! Inside the Kardashian Kids' Quarantine Playdate

Backyard bash! Khloé Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner’s kids enjoyed an extravagant Tuesday, May 26, playdate.

The Strong Looks Better Naked author, 35, shared sweet footage of her 2-year-old daughter, True, playing with cousins North, 6, Stormi, 2, Chicago, 2, and Psalm, 12 months.

In the social media uploads, True rocked a green dress and buns in her hair while jumping in a bounce house and playing “Ring Around the Rosie.” She went on to hold hands with Chicago, share snacks with Stormi and jump near Psalm.

When a social media user called out the Revenge Body host for the at-home hangout after stressing the importance of social distancing on her Instagram Story, Khloé clapped back.

“They are all cousins,” the Good American co-creator wrote in an Instagram comment. “So we know how they have been quarantined and there’s less than 10 people with us. It’s literally what the governor states is perfectly OK to do in the state of CA.”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star went on to write, “Of course we want to protect ourselves. Simply for the sake of our angels, not to mention our own health.”

Khloé and True’s dad, Tristan Thompson, have been quarantining together amid the coronavirus pandemic, a source told Us Weekly exclusively in March.

“Khloé doesn’t have bad or negative feelings toward Tristan at this point,” the insider told Us. “Being quarantined has made her have a soft spot for him, and she knows he will always be part of her life in some way because he is True’s dad. Khloé has been open and receptive toward Tristan.

Earlier this month, another source told Us that the former couple, who split in February 2019, were “acting like a couple.”

The insider explained, “They are being affectionate, and Tristan has been very attentive.”

Keep scrolling to see True and more Kardashian kids having fun during their quarantine playdate.

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Inside Jaime King’s messy divorce

Spring 2020 has been a death knell for celebrity marriages — and not just the whirlwind kind that may or may not be well thought out. The seemingly strongest unions have been hit the hardest. First, it was The Hills alum Kristin Cavallari, who split from ex-NFL player Jay Cutler after seven years of marriage. May their good times forever be memorialized in Very Cavallari reruns. Then came Mary-Kate Olsen’s emergency divorce petition, alleging her middle-aged banker husband was trying to force her out of their luxury Manhattan apartment. Apparently, even emergency divorces take longer than a New York minute in these trying times. There’s also whatever’s happening with Julianne Hough, who’s spending an extended time away from her husband Brooks Laich. The tabloid’s anonymous sources say it’s fine; rumors say it’s not. Only time will tell at this point.

As of May, Black Summer actress Jaime King and director Kyle Newman (the guy who made Taylor Swift’s video for “Style”) are the Spring of Splits’ latest casualties. The actress was reportedly the one to pull the trigger after 13 years of marriage as the tabloids swirl with some of the worst kind of break up rumors. The pair share two children, Leo and James, which leads us to believe things are about to get really messy — but what actually happened. Where did they go wrong?

Jaime King and Kyle Newman moved in quickly

Did Jaime King and Kyle Newman have the odds against them from the start? Some reports allege that the couple moved extremely fast — at least when it came to sharing a home. According to InStyle, the couple first met in January 2005 on the set of Fanboys, and it was an instant connection. “We started hanging out all the time. After one week, we were so close,” King told the mag in 2010. Things got significantly closer when the pair moved in together “within three months of dating,” which King told Baby magazine only officially started after they reconnected six months after she wrapped her scenes for Fanboy. “It was as if I’d never seen him before,” she told the outlet, adding, “It was love at first sight. Our destiny.”

While King and Newman were quick to abandon their bachelor pads, they hit the next couple milestone at a fairly average pace with an April 2007 engagement. Then they hit the gas again, tying the knot around six months after King said yes, but it seems like she always knew Newman was the one.

“I don’t know why, but some part of me was instantly connected to him, and I loved him so much,” King told InStyle Wedding (via People). “It was intense. I never thought that would happen to me.”

Their wedding was shockingly laid back

Jaime King and Kyle Newman had the type of wedding right out of a fairy tale — the flower girls even rushed the dance floor during the reception and “pretended to be fairies,” according to InStyle’s wedding profile. As it turns out, it wasn’t that hard to pretend. The whole thing was pretty idyllic and surprisingly low-key.

Newman and King ended up tying the knot in November 2007 at Greystone Park in Beverly Hills. According to reports from People and InStyle, it was the same place they had their first date and the same place Newman proposed. “We always knew we wanted to get married there,” King told InStyle.

The reception was held outside, and the pair opted for a buffet-style dinner, which is a shockingly laid-back move for an A-list pair. The flower girls were dressed in “wreaths of calla lilies, roses and ribbon.” The three-tiered cake, flavored with berry and coconut, was a masterful floral creation that matched King’s bouquet. Guests got goodie bags of chocolate, and King walked down the aisle barefoot. By all accounts, it seemed like the perfect, relaxed kick-off to a long marriage.

Jaime King and Kyle Newman almost couldn't have kids

Jaime King and Kyle Newman’s marriage wasn’t necessarily smooth sailing. The pair dealt with some pretty serious stuff, including heart-wrenching fertility problems. In an interview with Galore, the Hart of Dixie star opened up about how endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome tormented the couple’s attempts to build a family. She had “countless miscarriages and almost lost [her] children.”

“I thought that because my womb didn’t work the way I was taught it should work, I was broken. We are told as women that our great value is to be able to carry life, to carry a child … But for some reason, those parts don’t function for some of us,” she told Galore. “When I was told I couldn’t carry a child, it crushed me in a way that was so much deeper than I could explain. I felt ashamed that I was suffering every day. I would wake up in pools of blood, and feel ashamed.”

The couple did manage to overcome its struggles, and King was able to get pregnant against some tough odds. Though Leo, the exes’ youngest, was born with a congenital heart condition, which was a whole different struggle.

Jaime King isolated herself while struggling with severe postpartum depression

Jaime King’s path to pregnancy wasn’t easy, and it didn’t seem to let up when she had a kid either. In her 2017 interview with Galore, the actress revealed that she struggled with “severe postpartum depression” which led her to “isolate” herself as she attempted to forge an identity as a mother.

“I was anxious all the time, I felt like I was unlovable,” she told Galore, adding, “I couldn’t even think straight. I had to live through an entire pregnancy where I didn’t know if my child was going to live or die. I couldn’t even process the trauma because I was too busy trying to keep him and myself alive.”

Though it’s just speculation, this certainly couldn’t have been easy on her marriage. Nonetheless, the couple seemed to come out on top. If anything, King’s husband may have helped kick-start the healing. Although she didn’t name him specifically, King told Galore, “When you’re able to really speak and share from the heart, that’s when you truly connect with other people, which heals everything. None of this outside stuff matters if we’re with the people we love.”

At one point, Kyle Newman was Jaime King's 'favorite human'

The problems with Jaime King’s marriage seemed to come completely out of left field. Then again, we’re just judging by whatever the pair told the press and whatever the paparazzi managed to snap, but as of December 2018, King was still legitimately gushing about her husband to Us Weekly. It seemed like the couple was really putting in the effort to keep the spark alive while raising two sons, who were both under the age of six at the time.

King revealed that the secret to her lasting marriage was personal fulfillment. The pair nurtured the things they each individually loved — be it their separate careers or the friendships. They completely removed the pressure of sharing every last thing with their spouse. “When you’re fulfilled as a human being, then you’re not just relying on your spouse to give you what it is that you need, which I think is sort of a tendency with a lot of long-term relationships,” she told Us Weekly, adding, “And so when you come from a place of fullness, then you’re sharing from a place that’s really sexy and fun and free.”

At the time, King claimed her husband was her “best friend” and “favorite human in the whole world.”

Jaime King and Kyle Newman were allegedly living on different coasts for months

Almost a year and a half after Jaime King’s glowing Us Weekly interview, rumors of marriage troubles slowly began surfacing in the press. It seems like the tabloids kind of collectively figured out, “Hey, we haven’t seen King and Newman together in a while. What happened?” It was a shockingly late realization, but in this case, it turned out to be rather astute since the marriage dissolved just days later. 

On May 13, 2020, an alleged source confirmed to Life & Style that Newman and King were “taking some time apart to focus on themselves.” The Hart of Dixie actress was reportedly hanging back in Los Angeles, while Newman spent time in Pennsylvania with their kids (we can gather as much from Newman’s outdoorsy and decidedly non-LA Instagram posts). “He’s been staying with his family for months and is leaning on them for support,” the insider said.

At the time of press, Life & Style’s source claimed the pair hadn’t “filed for divorce” and “everyone is just hoping they can sort things out before it’s too late.” Five days later, TMZ reported that King pulled the trigger.

Jaime King was quick to remove her wedding ring

Everyone’s engagement ring is special, but Jaime King’s was really special. The actress went on a wild goose chase just to find it. According to In Style Weddings (via People), the pair opted for the increasingly popular practice of picking out their engagement ring together, and it was meant to be shipped to them the day before they jet set off on a romantic holiday. Unfortunately, they somehow missed the FedEx truck.

King’s proposal wasn’t a surprise, but she still wanted it to be perfect, which meant the ring had to at least be present. Anxious to be engaged before her vacation, King jumped in her car and chased down FedEx trucks asking them if her ring was on board. Judging by the report, it doesn’t seem like she was all that successful, but it was eventually delivered, and the pair took a walk where Newman got down on one knee.

For someone who put in so much effort getting her ring, King was certainly quick to remove it before the ink on her divorce papers was even dry. According to Us Weekly, she stepped outside without her ring the day after filing for divorce. This speaks volumes. King wasn’t holding onto anything. She was done! She was, however, wearing a diamond ring on her middle finger. It’s unclear if that was her engagement ring or not, but it’s a strong public message, either way. Was she flipping the bird to her blessed union?

Jaime King requested a restraining order with her divorce filing

Though Life & Style reported that Jaime King hadn’t filed for divorce despite briefly spending time separated, it seems like there was at least some sort of incident that caused her to file so quickly. After all, most people don’t just give up a 13-year marriage in a matter of weeks, but there’s no way to know because the couple has been so hush-hush. The one thing we do know is that King requested a restraining order.

According to TMZ, there’s no information about why she wanted a restraining order, but one report claims it was a “domestic violence prevention order.” According to Page Six, it was granted on a temporary basis. Newman is forbidden from contacting his ex and must stay at least 100 yards away from her (which shouldn’t be difficult considering they appear to be on separate coasts).

It’s important to remember that there are multiple types of restraining orders. According to Forbes, some restraining orders can be used to stop a spouse from changing a beneficiary on an insurance policy, “destroying or hiding an assets,” or “changing bank accounts.” This reasoning, although speculative, could make sense when you factor in King’s reported multi-million dollar net worth, but reports are conflicting. King may have gotten a restraining order to protect her from all of the above. Abuse comes in many forms, and a hearing on the matter is still pending, as of this writing. 

Jaime King and Kyle Newman's divorce seems far from amicable

Jaime King and Kyle Newman’s split doesn’t look amicable in the least. Not only was King gallivanting around town with a diamond ring on her middle finger, it also seems like Newman was totally blindsided. The director was the sole person to go public about the divorce, and it sounds like he didn’t agree with the way his ex went about it. He also gave us a major signal that King’s restraining order might have some not-so-great allegations behind it. There’s no way of knowing now, but it will likely come up when the pair try to figure out custody.

“Kyle was deeply saddened by Jaime’s attempt to obtain court orders based solely on false claims without providing him any opportunity to respond,” a spokesperson for Newman told Page Six.

Speaking out is an unusual move for the director. The star has kept relatively quiet about his personal life in the 13 years since his marriage to King. Mostly, we’ve just seen King gushing about her husband to the tabloids, but the tables have turned. As of this writing, she’s offered nothing more than an Instagram post of actor Andrew Scott reading the spoken word poem “Everything Is Going To Be All Right,” and another asking fans, “How do you protect your energy?” Are these references to her divorce? A source did tell People that King was “distraught,” so it makes sense her energy would be a bit drained.

Agreeing on child custody may get messy

The custody battle over Jaime King and Kyle Newman’s children is already looking pretty messy. According to People, King filed for “an emergency motion related to custody and visitation,” but we don’t know her reasoning. All we know is that it came along with her “temporary restraining order” petition — but Newman seems to be flipping the script. According to his camp, King is the one who needs help. 

As of this writing, it looks like the kids are in Newman’s care. People reports that King’s emergency order request was “denied without prejudice.” Another report clarified that Newman wasn’t specifically granted custody. Rather, the judge took “no action.” In a statement to Page Six, the father-of-two threw some thinly-veiled barbs at his estranged wife. A spokesperson for the director told the tabloid that Newman “was extremely pleased that the judge nevertheless permitted their children to remain in his care. Kyle wants nothing but the best for his whole family and hopes that Jaime can find the peace and help she needs.”

In the past, King has been open about her struggles with mental health, particularly postpartum depression. It’s not like she’s had the easiest life, either. According to People, the actress revealed that she was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse in 2016. If Newman’s remark was indeed a reference to any of that, it seems like a low blow. 

Jaime King wants to handle her divorce away from the press

Things are clearly got ugly right at the beginning of Jaime King and Kyle Newman’s divorce. He says she needs help, she — through her restraining order, at least — alleges there’s some kind of problematic behavior happening behind the scenes — and Newman claims whatever she’s alleging is false. There’s only one thing the pair seem to agree on: they want what’s best for their kids. To King, this means things should be handled as far away from the press and as far away from the courts as possible.

An anonymous source told People that King was granted her “temporary domestic restraining order,” but was hoping “for a private and peaceful resolution without further court proceedings, which would be best for their children.” That may be pretty hard if both parties are ready to duke it out for custody. In addition, King is looking for Newman to stop dishing the details to the press. “Jaime strongly believes that their children’s lives should not be discussed in the press,” the source told the tab.

To be fair, Newman hasn’t really spoken out much, although both he and King publicly share a great deal about their kids’ lives. Newman’s Instagram grid consists mostly of pictures of his sons, and King’s, slightly less so, but not by much.

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Inside My Kitchen: Chef Judy Joo Shares Her Recipe for Bircher Muesli

While you might be cooped up inside, that doesn’t mean you have to eat bad food! Chef Judy Joo invited Us Weekly into her kitchen to show Us how to make Bircher Muesli. The name sounds fancy, but the Swiss-origin dish is actually quite simple, satisfying and bonus — it’s good for you! The dish is perfect as a post-workout hearty snack or for a healthy way to start your morning. Watch the “Inside My Kitchen: Quarantine Edition” video above to see how it’s done.

I got the inspiration for this when I was recently in St. Moritz in Switzerland, when I was skiing there and cooking at a food festival, back in January before [COVID-19] took over,” the TV personality explained. I was eating BircheMuesli every single day and I fell so in love with it. The pastry chef there would say, ‘Would you like a power boost?’ And he would serve us [this dish.]” 

The best part of the recipe? You can use items you already have in your pantry, which will save you a trip to the grocery store. “Anything goes with Bircher MuesliI didn’t even grocery shop for this, I just went into my freezer, took out all my dried fruits, all my nuts, I had some oats already,” Joo told Us. “It is a fantastic way to use up any loose nuts, seeds or dried fruit you may have.”

For the full recipe, scroll down to see Joo in action making the dish and watch the exclusive video above. To find more recipes like this, check out Joo’s cookbook Korean Soul Food.

Judy Joo’s Homemade Bircher Muesli 

Serves 2


  • 1 sweet apple, honey crisp or alike, coarsely grated (skin on)

  • 1 cup Greek yogurt

  • ½ cup jumbo porridge oats, quick oats work too

  • ½ cup milk or almond milk

  • ¼ cup mixed seeds such as sunflower, pumpkin and flaxseed

  • 1/3 cup mixed nuts, roughly chopped (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc.)

  • ¼ tsp ground cinnamon

  • Juice of ½ lemon

  • 1/3 cup mixed dried fruit, such as raisins, currant, sultanas

  • 2 Tbsp dried toasted coconut flakes

  • Drizzle of honey, to taste

  • Fresh fruit for garnish, such as sliced apricots, blueberries, strawberries or bananas 


Mix all of the ingredients in a large bowl. You may add more yogurt or milk to taste depending if you want your muesli thicker or looser. Allow to sit at least 45 minutes before eating to allow the oats to rehydrate. Drizzle with honey, and garnish with any fresh fruit you have.

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Inside Rihanna’s £468million fortune as she lands on Sunday Times Rich List

So Rihanna has gone and done it – she’s landed on the Sunday Times Rich List with a massive fortune estimated to be worth £468million.

Seeing as the 32-year-old is now based in London, she’s eligible to nudge out a Brit star to claim a place on the list, and has shown her might alongside some of the greats, and is now worth more than Sir Elton John.

According to the list, which took a deep dive into the finances of a bunch of stars, the Love On The Brain singer is reported to be worth nearly half a billion pounds – and over £100m more than Sir Elton – thanks to the success of her cosmetics line Fenty, her music career and fashion lines.

Not afraid of hard work, the singer has spoken about growing up without riches, as she once told the New York Times: ‘You know, when I was younger, I couldn’t afford everything, but a pair of Timberlands: That was my Dior. And I had to save my money for a whole school year to get those Timberlands that I wanted, and I did it.’

She added, in the 2019 interview: ‘I never thought I’d make this much money, so a number is not going to stop me from working. I’m not being driven by money right now. Money is happening along the way, but I’m working out of what I love to do, what I’m passionate about… My money is not for me; it’s always the thought that I can help someone else or, in the future, for if I have kids.’


Let’s take a look at what other ventures have propped up her coffers.


Let’s start with the big one, shall we?

Clearly Rihanna is acing the cosmetics game after launching brand Fenty in 2017, in collaboration with luxury goods powerhouse LWMH, run by billionaire Bernard Arnault, with it making £526.5m in the first 15 months.

Fenty – which produces everything from lipstick and eyeliner to lingerie – is now valued at $3billion ($2.8b) – yes, billion – with Rihanna’s reported stake of 15% worth a cool £351.6m.

(According to Forbes, this is a figure a spokesperson for the artist disputed but wouldn’t clarify further.)

Aside from the skincare, the singer has also released 11 fragrances, which are brilliant moneymakres – her first release, Reb’l Fleur, brought in an estimated $80m (£65m) in sales.

Her music

Even though we’ve been waiting what feels like a millennium for new solo tunes form Ri-Ri, the singer has still managed to shift more than 60 million albums and 216 million digital tracks, which has earned her a pretty penny over the years.

According to Business Insider, in 2016, she reportedly earned $22.3m (£18.2m) from music alone, with $7.6m (£6.2m) from streaming and $2.5m (£2m) from sales

That and she’s also a part-owner of Tidal, which means she earns streaming revenue from that with the company reportedly worth $600m (£491m).

In 2013 her Diamonds World Tour earned more than $140m (£114m), which helped things along.

A savvy businesswoman, Rihanna reportedly signed a $25m (£20m) contract to promote Samsung on her 2016 Anti World Tour with Travis Scott and the Weeknd.


Not just a singing face, Rihanna has appeared in films Annie, Battleship, Valerian and Ocean’s 8.

While we’re hardly across her contracts, the latter grossed $41.5m (£33m) from its box office opening in 2018.

Her clothing

We’re sure you’ve seen many a sexy snap on Rihanna’s Instagram showing off her impressive Savage x Fenty, which she co-owns with Los Angeles-based online fashion firm TechStyle Fashion Group.

Ri’s Fenty lines reportedly had a combined earning of $62m (£50m) in 2019.

In 2014, she also created a line alongside Puma as creative director.

Real estate

Owning several properties around the world, Rihanna is fast becoming a real (estate) magnate as well.

It’s been reported she owns a $5.45m (£4.4m) property in Los Angeles, bought in 2014, as well as apparently spending $925,000 (£756k) on another condo on Millionaire Mile in LA in 2016 – as well as buying a $6.8m (£5.5m) Hollywood Hills estate.

According to reports, she put it up for sale, however, and is renting it out for $35k (£28k) a month.

Now she’s living in London, and last year it was reported that she was living in a rented mansion for £16k a week.

So, feeling poor yet?

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Inside Kylie Jenner’s massive new home

Kylie Jenner likes nice things, especially nice homes. At 22 years old, the mother of Stormi Webster is worth an estimated $1 billion, per Forbes, thanks to Kylie Cosmetics and social media influencing. The reality star’s empire includes more than just makeup, though — she loves to buy real estate and Kylie’s new house is her most extravagant purchase to date.

Kylie bought her first home back in 2015 when she was just 17 years old, per E! News. She bought the house for $2.7 million in the Oaks neighborhood of Calabasas, Calif., just around the corner from sisters Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian. After completely renovating it, she sold the home for $3.1 million, per Variety. In 2016, Kylie bought a house in Hidden Hills for $6 million and reportedly sold it in 2018 for more than half a million in profit. She also bought the mansion next door for $4.5 million, planning to use it as a “home office,” according to E! News. But she ended up flipping it just five months later for a profit, according to Insider.

After that, Kylie bought a $12 million home in Hidden Hills, where she lived up until now. She also bought a plot of land next door, planning to use it as a garden and horse farm, for $5 million, but sold that land for $5.35, turning a quick profit, per Variety. This woman knows what she’s doing when it comes to real estate and her new home is no different. 

Kylie Jenner's new home is an actual 'resort'

In addition to all of the homes she’s bought and sold, Kylie Jenner also purchased a $13.5 million house with her daughter’s father, Travis Scott, and they split the cost, per People. But the home she purchased in April 2020 really is the biggest and the most expensive. According to TMZ, the home is in Holmby Hills, an exclusive neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Per E! News, the house is 15,350 square feet and billed as a resort compound. It’s a single-story, with a dedicated guardhouse and comes complete with a chef’s kitchen, an outdoor projection screen, home theatre, bars and game rooms, a gym, and a championship-level sports court with pickleball/basketball. It has seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and a garage with 20 parking spaces for all of Jenner’s cars. In late April, she posted a pic on Instagram posing on a couch in the new digs. 

All in all, it cost her $36.5 million and was apparently a steal; People reported that the compound is brand spanking new and was completed in August 2019. It was originally listed at $55 million and then for $45.95 million, according to a real estate source for the magazine, which means Jenner did, in fact, get a bargain. 

Kylie Jenner has more than enough room for her family

Since it’s not clear if Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner live in their shared home together anymore, it’s likely that this new mansion in Holmby Hills will be her primary residence. The couple called it quits in October 2019, per TMZ, but they still amicably co-parent Stormi together and spend a ton of time together. If anything, there are plenty of rooms and spare bathrooms for Scott to spend some nights there, too.

It’s actually possible that’s already happening, as a source told People that the former couple has a lot of love between them and they’re working on being the best parents they can be. The source claimed, “They are very happy. It seems too early to say that they are officially back together, though.” The source added that Kylie didn’t want the pressure of announcing anything until Scott committed a little more. “Her family knows that she will continue to do well, even if things with Travis don’t work out,” the source added. 

With her new home, which sits on .83 acres, by the way, there’s more than enough room for her whole family — and her friends, who are known to crash with her. Here’s hoping for some more housewarming Instagram pics of this gorgeous home soon. 

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Inside Alexis Sanchez new £2m Florida apartment which includes private club… and is it a hint at Inter Miami transfer? – The Sun

MANCHESTER UNITED forward Alexis Sanchez has reportedly bought a beachside apartment near Miami.

South Florida real estate website The Real Deal has claimed that the Inter Milan loanee has forked out nearly £2million for a luxury apartment in a condominium at Sunny Isles Beach.

His property is said to be just a 30-minute drive away from Miami, with records showing proof of the Chilean international's purchase at the Ritz-Carlton Residences.

It has also been stated that the 31-year-old would be given access to a private club on the 33rd floor of the 52-storey tower, which includes a beachfront restaurant, pool deck and full-service spa, as well as a fitness centre and wellness centre.

An official website for the apartment block describes it as a “sumptuous urban oasis” of 212 condominium homes including four penthouses.

The 649ft residential tower provides sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean.

According to The Real Deal, the Ritz-Carlton had declined to comment on the alleged purchase from Sanchez.

Media in Chile say he splashed the cash during a recent two-week trip back in his home country.

Sanchez put himself in lockdown outside the Chilean capital Santiago before returning to Italy the weekend before last.

Italian media have seized on the reported purchase as evidence that his future could lie in the US and David Beckham’s Inter Miami.

He was first linked to Miami in September after admitting he’d love to play in the MLS at some point, but insisted he still had “five or six years” left at a good level in Europe.

Reports at the weekend said Sanchez's career was in limbo with the player unwanted by both Manchester United and Inter Milan.

He still has over two years left on his Old Trafford contract, though it remains to be seen where he will be playing next season.

West Ham were said to have expressed an interest in signing him if the stumbling block of his high wages could be overcome, but nothing has come of it so far.

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Inside Beyonce and Jay-Z's Daughter Blue Ivy's Hollywood Life

Growing up in the limelight! With Beyoncé and Jay-Z as parents, Blue Ivy was born into music royalty when she arrived in January 2012.

“Her birth was emotional and extremely peacefully,” the couple wrote in a statement at the time. “We are in heaven.” They went on to write that the little one was “delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs and it was the best experience of” their lives.

Blue became a big sister in 2017 when the “Formation” singer gave birth to twins Sir and Rumi Carter. “They have been trying for a long time and now to be blessed with twins they are so over the moon,” a source told Us Weekly exclusively at the time. “It’s even better than they wished for. Blue is so excited!”

Nearly two years after the little ones’ arrival, Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Knowles Lawson, said in February 2019 that they already had distinct personalities. “The girl is really just going to rule the world, and the boy is kind of laid back and chills like the dad,” the fashion designer told Us exclusively, calling their older sister “the second Queen B.”

In fact, Blue has been performing “since birth.” Lawson explained in November 2018: “Whatever she wants to do, she will definitely be able to do it because she’s good at a lot of things.”

Beyoncé was the same way, the Texas native told Us of the 23-time Grammy winner. “At seven years old, she did a talent show,” she shared. “She was very shy and she went out and got a standing ovation, and she said, ‘I just want to get my trophy because I’m hungry, and go home.’ And I’m like, ‘You don’t know if you won.’ But she did.”

Keep scrolling to take a look at Blue’s best moments of the years, from her extravagant Halloween costumes to her onstage debut with her parents.

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Louis Theroux to get inside celebrities' heads in new podcast

Louis Theroux is going to dig around inside the minds of celebs in his new talkshow.

The series, called Grounded, will see Louis chat to ‘some of the biggest names in the UK and the US’, say the BBC.

Sir Lenny Henry, Boy George and Miriam Margolyes are among the guests, with the first episode kicking off with writer Jon Ronson.

The pair talk about being professional frenemies and how they are handling the lockdown. Do they work in their pants like the rest of us?

More names are set to be announced soon.

The 49-year-old said: ‘I’ve really loved doing these interviews. It’s been a chance to speak to people I admire and have in depth conversations with them, about their lives, their careers, and their most intimate feelings.

‘Making a podcast and radio series is very different to my usual way of working. And for that reason, I’ve found it very fun and refreshing.’

Grounded kicks off on 27 April on BBC Sounds.

Louis himself will front a special ‘introductory’ episode beforehand to ease you in gently.

Hopefully he will find some time in the series to talk about freestyling after he passed damning judgement on Tekashi 6ix9ine recently.

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