Mother hid in toilet as police swooped on home to arrest druggy son

Terrified mother hid in toilet as 49 police officers surrounded her home to arrest her drug-crazed son, 21, during 12-hour rooftop siege after she told him to move out

  • Curtis Green, 21, flew into a rage when Lorraine, 53, told him he had to move out
  • A court heard Green caused £1,000 of damage to the house in Newport, Gwent
  • He smashed window, mirrors, door and television before clambering on the roof
  • Mrs Green shut herself in the toilet to hide as husband Norman, 63, called police
  • Green jailed for two years, two months and handed three-year restraining order

Curtis Green, 21, flew into a rage when Lorraine, 53, told him it was time to move out of their house in Newport, Gwent, Wales

A terrified mother hid in a toilet when 49 police officers swooped on her home to arrest her drug-crazed son in a 12-hour rooftop siege.

Curtis Green, 21, flew into a rage when Lorraine, 53, told him it was time to move out of their house in Newport, Gwent, south-east Wales.

A court heard Green caused £1,000 of damage by smashing a window, mirrors, door and television before clambering on to the roof of their large detached house.

Mrs Green locked herself in the downstairs toilet to hide away as her husband Norman, 63, called police.

Prosecutor Suzanne Payne said: ‘His father begged officers to take him away as he couldn’t take any more.

‘His mother was hiding in the downstairs toilet such was her fear of her son. He had taken a cocktail of crack cocaine and alcohol. Both his parents were terrified of him.’

Cardiff Crown Court heard Green climbed on to the roof and began hurling tiles off during the incident in March.

A total of 49 police including armed officers were called to the house as Green shouted threats during the 12-hour stand off.

A total of 49 police including armed officers were called to the house as Green shouted threats during the 12-hour stand off (pictured) 

Mrs Payne said: ‘Green climbed on the roof of the porch and threw a tile which damaged the windscreen of his father’s car.

‘He then started shouting obscenities and throwing slates at the police officers who had arrived. One of the slates struck an officer in the leg, causing him pain.

‘A firearms team were deployed. The defendant headbutted a pane of glass, injuring his face and head.

‘He held pieces of glass and was threatening to self-harm and he had taken a cocktail of crack cocaine, base and alcohol. Both his parents were terrified of him.’

The court heard during the rooftop siege Mrs Green hid behind a curtain.

Green stayed on the roof all night but agreed to come down the following morning on March 31 when he was arrested.

He admitted affray, assaulting an emergency worker and two counts of criminal damage.

Gareth Williams, mitigating, said: ‘He caused a lot of damage and is very sorry and remorseful to his parents for that. It was in one way a cry for help. The real risk was to himself rather than others.’

Green was jailed for two years and two months and handed a three-year restraining order from contacting his parents.

Judge Nicola Jones told him: ‘You left your parents terrified and extremely distressed.

‘As a result of this stand-off, 49 police officers attended, including a firearms team and a negotiator.

‘This was a significant amount of police and public resources during the time of a national pandemic.’

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Mother reveals toxic giant hogweed left her baby with severe burns

Mother issues warning over toxic giant hogweed plant after her three-month-old daughter suffered severe burns on her face when her sister, 8, put the ‘pretty flower’ in her pram

  • Claire Hardwick, 29, told how three-month-old Lottie developed painful blisters
  • Mother-of-five from Lancaster thought red welts were sunburn and went to A&E
  • Lottie transferred to specialist burns unit at children’s hospital 60 miles away
  • Doctors are unable to say whether Lottie will suffer any permanent scarring
  • Giant hogweed dubbed UK’s most dangerous plant due to toxic chemicals in sap

A mother has issued a grave warning about giant hogweed after her baby daughter suffered severe burns on her face after coming into contact with the toxic plant.

Horrified Claire Hardwick, 29, from Lancaster, told how three-month-old Lottie had to be rushed to hospital after her older sister Lexi, eight, placed it in her pram thinking it was ‘pretty flowers’ on May 16.

Within 24 hours, the tot was covered in ‘red raw’ welts across her face, which her parents initially thought was sunburn.

They rushed Lottie to A&E, where she spent a night before being transferred to a specialist burns unit at a children’s hospital nearly 60 miles away. 

Three-month-old Lottie (pictured) had to be rushed to hospital with burns on her face after her older sister Lexi, eight, placed giant hogweed in her pram thinking it was ‘pretty flowers’

Horrified mother-of-five Claire Hardwick, 29, from Lancaster, pictured with her daughters Leighanne, 10, and Lexi, eight, son Logan, five, and husband Michael, had no idea about the dangers of the toxic plant

Now mother-of-five Claire is now speaking out to raise awareness of the dangers of the seemingly innocuous plant, which causes reactions when it comes into contact with human skin because its sap is full of toxic chemicals.

She said: ‘This plant looks so pretty, but it is lethal. Please, do not let your kids pick it.

‘I did not have a clue a plant could do that to your skin, and such a nice-looking plant as well – who would have thought it could be so dangerous?

‘I felt so guilty when I realised what had caused Lottie’s burns – it’s every mum’s worst nightmare.

‘Lexi is old enough to understand and feels awful too, because she knows she put the flowers there.’

Claire is now speaking out to raise awareness of the dangers of the seemingly innocuous plant, which causes reactions when it comes into contact with human skin because its sap is full of toxic chemicals. Pictured: Lottie’s burns

Giant hogweed sap contains toxic chemicals known as photosensitising furanocoumarins, which react with light when in contact with human skin, causing blistering within 48 hours

Stay-at-home mother Claire and husband Michael, 31, a cleaner, were walking down a cycle path with their children to visit the grave of their daughter Layla, who was stillborn last year, when Lexi picked the hogweed, which has distinctive white flowers, to lay next to the plaque.

The eight-year-old placed the flowers at the feet of Lottie’s car seat buggy chair – but the tot must have touched them with her hand and then rubbed her face.

By 7pm – four hours after the family got home from their walk – Lottie’s face had begun to redden and by 6.30am the next morning, large blisters had formed on her cheeks.

The concerned couple rushed their youngest child to A&E at Lancaster Infirmary, where doctors popped and wiped the blisters, initially believing them to be severe sunburn.

Lottie spent a night on a children’s ward before being sent to a burns unit at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital the next day for further treatment

Nurses then realised giant hogweed was the cause of the burns after telling Claire to Google the plant and see whether that was what Lexi had picked.

Lottie spent a night on a children’s ward before being sent to a burns unit at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital the next day for further treatment.

Claire said: ‘We lost our daughter a year ago, so we were going to visit her and Lexi picked some flowers to take to the grave.

‘She placed them at the side of Lottie in the car seat, near her legs, but we think she put her hand on it and rubbed her face.

Doctors have not yet been able to tell Claire and Michael whether Lottie will suffer any permanent scarring as a result of her injuries

‘By the time we got home her face was getting redder and redder. I thought it must be sunburn and felt so guilty, but it wasn’t sunny at all.

‘By the next morning the blisters were red raw and her eyes were so puffy she couldn’t open them – her eyelids were three times the size they normally are.

‘We were terrified – we had no idea what was wrong.’ 

Giant hogweed – the UK’s ‘most dangerous’ plant 

Giant hogweed sap contains toxic chemicals known as photosensitising furanocoumarins, which react with light when in contact with human skin, causing blistering within 48 hours.

Effectively the toxic sap prevents the skin from protecting itself from sunlight, which can lead to very bad sunburn and scarring.

If accidentally rubbed in the eyes, the sap can cause temporary or even permanent blindness.

Anyone who comes in contact with the weed is advised to cover up the affected area, to prevent the sap reacting with sunlight, and to wash it with soap and water. 

Giant hogweed causes such horrific burns because the plant’s sap contains chemicals which react with light while in contact with the skin.

Blisters usually form within 48 hours and in severe cases it can cause permanent scarring and even blindness.

Doctors have not yet been able to tell Claire and Michael whether Lottie will suffer any permanent scarring as a result of her injuries.

Claire said: ‘Hopefully Lottie won’t be scarred for life but the doctors aren’t certain yet.

‘They think the reaction was so much worse because she’s so young, so her skin is still very delicate.

‘I want to raise awareness, because no one knows how dangerous this plant can be.’ 

Natalie Brown, who runs first aid course provider Mini First Aid Warrington, shared Claire’s story to help raise awareness of the dangers giant hogweed can pose.

She said: ‘There is growing concern about the amount of giant hogweed when out and about.

‘We want to equip parents with the knowledge to prevent an accident, and help them know what to do should an accident occur. We’re delighted to hear Lottie is doing well.’   

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Mother, 31, ‘confessed she tried to strangle her kids’ because ‘she’s a bad mom who couldn’t care for them’ – The Sun

A WASHINGTON mom tried to throttle her two children as she scorned herself as a “bad mother who can’t take care of them”, cops allege.

Hina Sadia, 31, told a 911 dispatcher that her son, two, and four-year-old daughter were not going to contribute to society, so it would be better if they were dead.

Fife Police Department said that they were called at 4.40pm on May 17 "to a report of a possible homicide.

"The caller advised 911 they had just killed their daughter and that they were going to kill their baby boy.

"Officers immediately responded to the scene, finding an unconscious four year old female and an alert two year old male."

Both children were naked, in the bathtub.

Sadia's daughter was "completely limp and not moving" while the toddler was "sobbing".

The police said the kids' dad lives at home with the family, but he was away at a store when their mom allegedly tried to kill them.

Cops carried out first aid until Tacoma Fire personnel arrived on the scene.


Fife's assistant chief, Dave Woods, told reporters the four-year-old was not responsive, and so they began CPR.

The children were taken to Mary Bridge Hospital, where the little girl remains in a critical condition.

Her brother is being held for observation.

Fife Police alleged that, during an interview, the mom admitted to intentionally injuring her children.

She was booked into the Pierce County Jail on two counts of attempted murder.

Sadia – who has no previous criminal history – has since appeared in Pierce County Superior Court, reports Komo News.

Court documents said that when Sadia phoned 911, she told the emergency dispatcher, "I am a bad mother and I cannot take care of my kids."

The mom told investigators she felt like she was failing to do anything for the siblings, according to the court records.

She also assumed they would not contribute to society, so believed it was better if they were dead.

Sadia remains in custody, on a $1million bond, and will next appear in court on June 15.

Assistant chief Dave Wood told reporters: "It’s baffling to us, it’s baffling to our investigators, it’s baffling to the father at this point.

“We aren’t sure why it took place.

“In my 32 years in law enforcement we’ve never experienced anything like that in our city.”

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These Trans Moms Hate Mother's Day — Here's Why

Today, we honor moms everywhere for all the hard work they do. We shower them in love and presents. It’s all well and good. But for many trans moms, Mother’s Day carries a heavier meaning: This is their chance to be — both privately and publicly — acknowledged as women and as mothers, in a world that didn’t always see them that way, and may not still.

After all, how would you feel if your kids refused to call you “mom”?  

Jodie, who came out as trans to her 11-year-old son when he was just five, says she still doesn’t get a Mother’s Day card from him — or any acknowledgement on that day, in fact. “I don’t get Mother’s Day. I’m not allowed. His school won’t accept my existence or that of same-sex couples,” Jodie says. “I even got asked not to pick him up from school.”

Jodie’s son has even come home with Father’s Day gifts a few times over the years; she says it’s hard to know whether her invisibility as his mother is due to his transphobic school, the influence of her child’s other mother (who continues to disregard Jodie’s transition), or because her son himself doesn’t view Jodie as his mom. “He still calls me Dad,” Jodie says, “even though he refers to me as his mom. I don’t know why.”

Mother’s Day, understandably, remains a source of deep anxiety for Jodie, who finds herself dreading the day as it looms ever closer.

“I hate Mother’s Day. I get so depressed about it,” she says. “Every other day of the year, our relationship is fantastic, but this day rolls around, and I just start to get really stressed outIt makes me feel like some kind of dirty secret. Something to be ashamed of.” 

Of course, not all trans moms invest so much importance in Mother’s Day. Sarah, who is a parent to five children between the ages of 2 and 17, and who only came out last year to her family, will also not be getting any cards this Mother’s Day.

“I’m just ‘Sarah’ to my kids. They don’t regard me as any kind of maternal figure, so no, I won’t be celebrated.” This might sound concerning, but Sarah is adamant that it’s ok. “It’s fair enough,” she says. “I didn’t rear them in the way a mother does, because I wasn’t out yet.”

However, now that she is publicly identifying as a woman, Sarah has hopes to expand her family even further in the coming years. When pressed, she explains it as her chance to finally become the mother she always wanted to be. “And for any future kids, yes, Mother’s Day would mean the world to me.”  

Ashley, who came out as being trans when her children were in their late teens, says her kids still call her ‘dad’ and she’s ok with that. “I respect their mother too much to take that title from her,” Ashley says graciously. While her kids are very accepting of Ashley’s transition, the family has felt no need to change her title; Ashley describes herself as a “kind of a mom who isn’t.” They still celebrate her on Father’s Day, though as Ashley notes, card selection has become very tricky for them! 

When asked how all this makes her feel, Ashley has an unexpected reply“I have come to consider the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ non-gendered.” 

In a quick survey of rainbow family groups in my community here in Australia, its heartening to hear how many positive experiences there are around Mother’s Day. Many lesbian parents say their schools or daycare centers always send home two cards for them, and many queer dads say they have never had an issue either way. However, stories of Father’s Day cards arriving in lesbian households, and letters home addressed to “mom and dad” still abound. (A lot of this depends, of course, on how close to a major city you live, as LGBTQ people in regional and rural areas often experience more challenges and discrimination than those in diverse urban areas.)

But thankfully, in a similar vein to Ashley’s attitude to the titles “mom” and “dad,” many schools and daycare centers are now choosing to do away with Mother’s and Father’s Day activities altogether, to avoid anyone being alienated or left out. Some schools are now celebrating a non-gendered day such as “Love is Love Day or “Special Friends Day to make it inclusive for all types of families. One center told SheKnows that this attitude is “not because we want to deny the importance of moms and dads but because we want to celebrate and foster relationships that are welcoming, inclusive, and culturally competent about different family makeups.”

After all, consider how Mother’s Day or Father’s Day feels for the child who is in foster care, the child who has two moms or two dads, the child who has been raised by their grandparents, the child who has a solo parent, or the child who has a parent who is incarcerated or otherwise currently estranged. No child wants to feel different from all their peersInclusivity is an essential part of any education system, and steps to move beyond traditional Mother’s Day and Father’s Day expressions and celebrations are a positive step forward for all families. And for this reason, perhaps doing away with Mother’s and Father’s Day altogether is the best idea after all?

A version of this story was originally published in May 2019.

Here are just a few of the famous trans folks we love.

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Mother of murdered James Bulger has to cancel her son's 30th birthday

Mother of murdered toddler James Bulger reveals she’s ‘heartbroken’ at cancelling fundraisers to mark his 30th birthday due to lockdown – and says there’s still ‘not a moment’ when she doesn’t think of him

  • Denise Fergus, 52, from Liverpool, Merseyside, forced to postpone the event 
  • Annual Black Tie and Tiara Ball raises thousands for disadvantaged children 
  • The James Bulger Memorial Trust set up following son’s brutal murder in 1993
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

The mother of murdered toddler James Bulger has revealed her heartbreak at cancelling charity events to mark her son’s 30th birthday following the lockdown.     

Denise Fergus, 52, from Liverpool, Merseyside, has been forced to postpone the Black Tie and Tiara Ball to commemorate her son’s milestone birthday because of the coronavirus restrictions.

The annual ball raises thousands for disadvantaged children and was set to be held at the Crowne Plaza Liverpool starring pop girl group Atomic Kitten and former X-Factor finalist Ray Quinn. 

Mother-of-three Denise told how The James Bulger Memorial Trust, set up following her son’s brutal murder in 1993, has been hit hard by the pandemic. 

Denise Fergus, 52, from Liverpool, Merseyside, alongside her husband Stuart Fergus 

Speaking from her home, where she is self-isolating with husband Stuart and their sons Thomas, 21, and Leon, 20, Denise said: ‘The charity, like a lot of other charities, has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis.

‘The future is uncertain for everybody and for all families up and down the country, every penny counts.

‘James’s charity raises so much money for disadvantaged children. It is heartbreaking to have to cancel like this especially after we had to call off our Kid Fest event last year, due to the floods that hit the country.’ 

However trust ambassadors and reality stars Ray Quinn and Liam Halewood have organised an online concert to be streamed on the charity’s Facebook page tonight at 5pm. 

Two-year-old James (pictured) was killed in February 1993. Denise and her family have worked tirelessly to help other families in his name through the work of The James Bulger Memorial Trust

Denise said: ‘We are so thrilled that Ray and Liam have given up their time to entertain us and help keep people’s spirits up.’

Cabaret singer and Boy George tribute act, Liam Halewood, from Blackpool, was due to perform at the annual ball and has since co-organised the virtual concert. 

He said: ‘When I first met Denise, I was so inspired by her strength that she along with her partner decided to set this charity up, in honour of her son who was taken so tragically.

‘Singing from home seems to be the only way we can continue to raise money at the moment, so when the idea of a mini Facebook concert alongside Ray came about, I jumped at the chance.

Denise with former reality TV star Liam Halewood (left). X-Factor finalist Ray Quinn (right) has helped organise the event alongside Liam

‘The trust does magnificent work, and this is an opportunity to stay in touch and get some money in the pot so we can carry on giving free holidays to deserving families around the UK.’

Denise’s husband, Stuart Fergus, 44, added: ‘We had so many things planned for this year to mark what would have been James’ 30th birthday, but sadly with everything that’s happening in the world it looks like all our time and energy planning these events have been wasted.

‘We rely on funds from these events to keep going and sadly, as we’re not a frontline service, we can’t get any help.’

Former X-Factor finalist and actor Ray said: ‘It’s a pleasure to be involved with a worthy charity and I am honoured to be an ambassador. 

‘Here’s a little chance to stay positive in these uncertain times and continue to support one and all.’

Denise at James Bulger House which serves as a holiday lodge on a holiday site near Blackpool for victims of crime

Two-year-old James was killed by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, both aged 10, on February 12, 1993, after the pair snatched him from his mother in a Liverpool shopping centre. 

And since James’ death, Denise and her family have worked tirelessly to help other families in his name through the work of The James Bulger Memorial Trust.

The charity supports young people who are disadvantaged through bereavement, crime, hatred or bullying, by providing family holidays and fundraising events throughout the year.

Denise, who wrote her own account of what happened in her book ‘I Let Him Go’, said: ‘I think the word ‘celebration’ is the wrong choice of word.

The annual ball raises thousands for disadvantaged children and was set to be held at the Crowne Plaza Liverpool starring pop girl group Atomic Kitten and former X-Factor finalist Ray Quinn

‘It would have marked what would have been James’s birthday, but it wasn’t to be. The charity will bounce back next year.

‘My little boy would have been thirty years old this year and not a moment goes by without me thinking of him.’

The livestream of the concert can be watched on the charity’s Facebook page tonight at 5pm.

And to find out more about The James Bulger Memorial Trust, book tickets for an event or to donate, visit the website. 

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Beyonce and Mom Tina Lawson Offer Free Coronavirus Testing to Help Black Communities in Houston

The ‘Run the World (Girls)’ singer teams up with her mother to launch a mobile testing relief campaign that will support the daily testing facility in their hometown.

AceShowbizBeyonce Knowles and her mother Tina Lawson are paying attention to those deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic, particularly the black communities in their hometown of Houston. The mother-daughter duo is teaming up to offer free testing in the Texas city this upcoming Mother’s Day weekend, on May 8 and May 9 to be exact.

In partnership with the singer’s charitable organization BeyGOOD, they will launch an #IDIDMYPART, a mobile testing relief campaign that will support the daily testing facility at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston. The campaign will provide 1,000 testing kits, face masks, gloves, essential vitamins and household supplies to Houstonians.

“The virus is wreaking havoc on the Black community so we need a movement to prioritize our health,” Tina said in a statement about the goal of their initiative. “It is critical that we stay vigilant with social distancing, wearing a mask, and most of all getting tested.”

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee, who initiated the daily testing facility, added, “Texas has a very low COVID-19 test rate, second lowest in the nation. This is why the commitment by Ms. Tina Knowles Lawson and BeyGOOD is so significant in helping Houstonians get out and get tested.”

The testing site will be in a drive-through setting to ensure Texans keep practicing safe social distancing while getting the resources they need. More info about the test sites can be obtained on Beyonce’s official website.

Beyonce has previously given back amid the coronavirus pandemic by launching a relief fund for essential workers and people affected by the crisis through her BeyGOOD foundation. The “Best Thing I Never Had” hitmaker donated $6 million to the fund. Additionally, the R&B diva and Megan Thee Stallion have pledged to donate proceeds from the rapper’s “Savage” remix to Bread of Life Houston’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

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Mother jumps in terror when her cat 'talks' in prank by her son

Mother jumps in terror when her cat suddenly ‘talks’ in hilarious prank by her teenage son

  • Cameron Horne, 16, has been pranked several times by mum Louise Love, 35
  • The schoolboy, from Framfield, East Sussex set up hidden camera in living room
  • Hid behind sofa and pretended to be cat Bownisha ‘talking’ to his mother

A mother was left terrified when her cheeky son pranked her into believing their cat was talking to her. 

Cameron Horne, 16, set up a hidden camera to capture the hilarious moment his mum, Louise Love, 35, thought the cat called her ‘mama’.

The schoolboy, from Framfield, East Sussex explained that mum Louise, who works in the NHS, had scared him before and now it was time to get revenge.

‘Mum has pranked me a few times and I needed to get one up on her,’ said Cameron.

‘So when she left the room, and I saw the cat, I just had to do it.’

In the footage, facilities assistant Louise is relaxing on the sofa with two-year-old cat Bownisha perched on the arm furthest away from her.

Out of the blue, the cat appears to say ‘mama’, causing Louise to scream in terror and make the cat jump.

Cameron Horne, 16, from Framfield, East Sussex, set up a hidden camera to capture the hilarious moment he pulled a prank on mum Louise Love, 35

The schoolboy explained that mum Louise, who works in the NHS, had scared him before and now it was time to get revenge. He hid behind the sofa and pretended to be the cat saying ‘mama’

As Bownisha moves, Cameron is revealed sitting down the side of the sofa laughing to himself over the successful prank. 

The video has now been viewed over 3.5million times on Louise’s facebook page. 

‘Honestly, I really don’t know what went through my mind then, other than utter fear!’ said Louise.

‘Like, that cat did just call me “mama”?! I couldn’t breathe after that scream!’

Louise screams in terror, making the cat jump and revealing Cameron sat down the side of the sofa in fits of laughter

‘Honestly, I really don’t know what went through my mind then, other than utter fear!’ said Louise. Like, that cat did just call me “mama”?’ said Louise

The video’s popularity has come as a pleasant surprise to them both, with Louise saying she is glad to spread a little happiness to people in lockdown.

‘It’s amazing how much joy it has bought to people all over the world, during this strange time we are all going through,’ Louise said. 

‘We’ve been through quite an ordeal over the past three years. I suffered with terrible depression, which resulted in Cameron having to become a young carer.’

The viral video, starring two-year-old cat Bownisha, who is now pregnant, has received more than 3.5 million views

But thanks to cat Bownisha, who is now pregnant, the pair now have plenty of reason to smile.

‘I win!’ says Cameron simply. 

‘I have loads of videos of scares I’ve done on Cameron,’ says Louise in her own defence.

‘But his is the only one he has of me. And yes – he certainly wins.’ 

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10 Mother's Day Gifts for Moms Who Love Music

Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

Mother’s Day is here and while your declarations of love can come from cards and candles and bouquets of dutifully-arranged blooms, consider springing for something a little more personal this year. Whether your mom is a casual music fan, has seen more concerts than she can count, or just needs help upgrading her audio gear, we’ve found ten gifts that will let mom hear “I Love You” in a whole new way.

1. Headphone Bookends

Whether for home or the office, remind mom of her love for music with these whimsical headphone and microphone bookends. Made from a solid cold-cast resin material, the six-inch bookends are finished with a vintage-inspired lacquer for a unique, lived-in look. The bookends weigh just over 3.5 pounds, ensuring they’ll keep your books, records and magazines neatly stacked and organized without slipping off the surface.

Courtesy Amazon

Headphone Bookends, $32.27, available at Amazon

2. Vinyl Record Subscription Box

Surprise mom with new music every month by signing her up for Cratejoy’s Vinyl Records Club. The subscription box delivers three vinyl records each month that span different genres, artists and eras. Along with the records, your mom will receive handwritten notes detailing the curation of each album, with listening notes and insight into the recording process as well.

Choose the “Staff Picks” theme if your mom has more eclectic tastes (previous boxes have included everyone from Adele to The Gorillaz to Jimi Hendrix). You can also choose from an “Indie” box or “Hip-Hop” box if you want a more customized selection delivered to her door.

Cratejoy has a number of other themed boxes available online for Mother’s Day. We spotted gift boxes for bakers, gardeners, foodies and fitness buffs alike. See the full offerings here.

Courtesy Cratejoy


Vinyl Records Club, $50, available at Cratejoy

3. Crosley Cruiser Deluxe 3-Speed Suitcase Turntable

Courtesy Crosley


Need something for mom to play her new record collection on? This vinyl-wrapped, vintage-inspired record player comes in seven colors and lets mom play her favorite 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records on the classic, belt-driven turntable. A built-in Bluetooth receiver lets her stream music wirelessly from her phone or laptop to the Cruiser’s speakers too.

Set it on display in the living room or bedroom (the rubber “feet” will ensure a stable grip on any surface), or take the briefcase-styled record player to go with its built-in handles.

Crosley Cruiser Suitcase Turntable, $55, available at Amazon

4. Reclaimed Instrument Bottle Openers

Courtesy Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods

Handmade in Berkeley, California, these one-of-a-kind bottle openers are crafted from vintage piano keys and guitar frets, and are sure to spark conversation at your next dinner party or gathering. Artist Ward Wallau got his start repurposing old subway tokens into cufflinks, before turning his attention to reclaimed musical instruments.

Each bottle opener comes presented in a green flannel pouch with a certificate of authenticity. As they’re all made by hand from different instruments, no two pieces will be exactly the same, giving mom a true collector’s piece. Our suggestion: pick up one of these bottle openers and present it to mom with a bottle (or two) of her favorite wine.

Reclaimed Instruments Bottle Opener, $95 (each), available at Uncommon Goods

5. Personalized LP Record

Courtesy Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods

For a personalized gift she’ll be proud to display, order up a personalized LP from gifting site, Made from an upcycled vinyl LP and set in a floating frame, the record is customizable with a title, sub-heading and up to five songs (or five lines of messaging). Everything is produced to order and hand-assembled in the USA. The LP is available in a red and blue colorway, or a two-tone orange theme.

Personalized Vinyl Record, $150, available at Uncommon Goods

6. The Beatles Original Studio Recordings (16 CD Box Set)

Courtesy Amazon


If your mom is a music fan, there’s no better box set to get her than this 17-disc deluxe set containing all of The Beatles’ original albums. The limited-edition collection includes 16 CDs and also includes a DVD of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the band, plus two CDs of non-released tracks. The included album jackets feature a mix of original artwork, photographs and new notes that detail the recording process of each album.

Each disc has been digitally remastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, where The Beatles recorded almost their entire discography. While many re-releases seek to amplify the music to appeal to a modern audience, reviewers say every track in the collection is faithful to its original master, reproducing every note in its most earnest, accurate form. Whether your mom is a music collector or just a casual fan, this is one of the most definitive collections of music available to purchase online today.

The Beatles Original Studio Recordings 17-Disc Box Set, $188, available at Amazon

7. UrbanEars Ralis Portable Speakers 

Courtesy Urbanears


The Urbanears Ralis takes the classic portable speaker and updates it with a contemporary, modular form reminiscent of a cubist sculpture or avant-garde handbag.

Available in gray, red or slate blue, the speakers fully charge up in just two hours and get up to 20 hours of playback time. Its Bluetooth 5.0 technology picks up devices up to 30 feet away, and can connect two devices simultaneously to switch out DJ duty. Its IPX2 rating means it can handle a few splashes without worry, while the steel construction is at once lightweight and durable.

What we like: a built-in power bank lets you charge your phone while the music is playing, while the discreet side buttons and tonal carrying strap keep things clean and minimal.

Urbanears Ralis Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $149.99, available at Amazon

8. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Courtesy Amazon


Our pick for the best noise-cancelling headphones, these WH-1000XM3 headphones from Sony pack a ton of features into a sleek, travel-ready package. In addition to delivering crisp, reliable sound, Sony’s noise-cancelling technology automatically adjusts how much ambient sound is let in, depending on your environment. The headphones are also tuned to recognize subtle background noises, like voices or weather patterns, to block them out as well.

Mom will like the sophisticated, silver colorway, which is a nice step-up from the basic black headsets on the market. She can also pair the cups with Alexa to control music, calls and volume settings using just her voice. The headphones get 30 hours of battery life, even on Bluetooth. Need to power up quickly? Just ten minutes of charging (with an AC adapter) gets you up to five hours of playtime.

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Headphones, $348, available at Amazon

9. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 2.0 Earbuds

Courtesy Bang and Olufsen

Bang and Olufsen

Whether your mom needs a pair of wireless earbuds for the gym, travel or her daily commute, upgrade her to a pair of these impeccably-designed Beoplay buds from Scandinavian electronics brand, Bang & Olufsen.

The company’s powerful E8 2.0 earbuds have been upgraded with a more comfortable, ergonomic fit, up to four hours of wireless playtime, and more efficient, expertly-tuned sound. The buds are crafted from premium aluminum, while the included charging case is wrapped in leather and holds three charges, giving you a total of 16 hours of playtime on the go. This “limestone” colorway adds a soft and chic finish that mom will be proud to wear and show off.

What we like: these E8 2.0 earbuds are wireless charging-compatible, meaning you can set them on any Qi-enabled charging pad to power up alongside your tablet and phone.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Earbuds, $300, available at Bang-Olufsen

10. Original Art From Saatchi Art

Courtesy Saatchi

Saatchi Art

For something that will truly make a statement, spring for a piece of original art from renowned art dealers, Saatchi Art. Saatchi’s site features more than 40,000 pieces of music-themed artwork, including paintings, photographs, sculptures and collages. While you can order gallery-quality prints, many of these pieces are originals and limited editions.

Every piece is hand-selected by an experienced Saatchi Art curator, and includes information about the artist and his or her inspirations behind the work.

Browse artwork and see individual pricing online at

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Shereé Whitfield: My Mother is Missing! Please Pray!

Shereé Whitfield is scared and desperate.

On Wednesday night, the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum told Instagram followers that her mother, Thelma Ferguson, is missing.

And has actually been missing since March.

“Please keep my mom and my family in your prayers! We all know that prayers can move mountains!!!” Whitfield wrote as a caption to the photo down below, adding in troubling detail:

“I was hesitant to post my concerns for my mother’s safe return because, although I have been in close contact with the police for the past two weeks, I’m also pretty private when it comes to my family.”

But it’s gotten to the point where the former Bravo personality didn’t think she had any choice.

Explaining that her “mom has taken personal vacations without letting the family know and we respect that side of her,” Whitfield went on to say that this is different.

“This is the longest she have gone without reaching out to anyone from the family or her friends.

“Right now we are leaning on God and staying positive and prayerful for her safe return home.”

Whitfield was an original cast member in Atlanta, leaving prior to Season 5. She appeared as a friend of the program for various Season 8 episodes as well.

Continued Whitfield in her post:

HOME is where the HEART is and prayer in numbers work. As we all continue to navigate through these uncertain times, remember the blessings of having each other….

Family is everything!

I ask that everyone pray for my mother’s safe return home. And know that our family will be internally grateful.

The ex-Bravo star concluded the post by urging anyone with information on Ferguson’s whereabouts to contact the Sandy Springs Police Department.

According to local police, Ferguson has been missing since March. She was last seen on March 23 after leaving her home in Sandy Springs to go to the bank.

She was wearing gray pants and a black shirt and was driving a 2009 Honda Accord.

Just two weeks before that date, Whitfield shared a slideshow of photos, which included a shot of her mother posing alongside her and her daughters Tierra Fuller and Kaleigh Whitfield.

On Wednesday, meanwhile, the Sandy Springs Police Department in Georgia issued a press release, confirming Ferguson is currently a missing person.

It reads:

The Sandy Springs Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in locating a missing person.

Thelma Ferguson was last seen by her family on March 23, 2020 after leaving her Sandy Springs home.

Ms. Ferguson was last seen wearing gray pants, black shirt and driving a gray 2009 Honda Accord bearing Georgia tag: RMZ5773. Ms. Ferguson has ties in the states of Ohio and California.

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Devastated mother, 40, tells of finding her son dead during lockdown

Devastated mother, 40, tells of finding 15-year-old son dead after he was left ‘isolated’ by coronavirus – in second suspected suicide linked to lockdown in UK

  • Kian Southway, from Rhondda, South Wales, found dead at home on March 31
  • His mother said: ‘It was so unexpected, I think we are still in shock. We’re numb’
  • Rugby club paid tribute to ‘very sociable’ Kian as family urged others to talk  

A heartbroken mother today told of finding her 15-year-old son dead after he was left ‘feeling isolated from the world’ during coronavirus lockdown. 

Talented kickboxer Kian Southway, from Rhondda, South Wales, told his mother he wanted to ‘fast forward it all’ when social distancing rules were brought in. 

Kian was found dead five days later on March 31, leaving behind his devastated family and 40-year-old mother, Joelene.

His death is the second suicide linked to the coronavirus lockdown in Britain, after an extroverted man with bipolar disorder killed himself in isolation after his family said loneliness ‘pushed him over the edge’.  

Talented kickboxer Kian Southway told his mother he wanted to ‘fast forward it all’ when social distancing rules were brought in

She said: ‘It was so unexpected, I think we are still in shock. We’re numb. We need people to know Kian wasn’t suffering from mental health issues, he wasn’t depressed.

‘We need people to know how quickly this happens. I think he literally felt isolated from the world due to this Covid-19. Kian loved life. 

‘Boris Johnson announced lockdown on the Monday and he was gone by Friday. The gremlin took hold, he kept saying he couldn’t wait for it to be over and that he wanted to fast forward it all.’

Kian had a black belt in kickboxing and was ‘very sociable’, according to his mother. 

‘He thought of everybody and anybody and he loved being out and about,’ she said. ‘He was just amazing. He was an immense, incredible big brother to Darcey, he had her back all the time.

‘We didn’t expect this at all. We constantly talk and we encourage the kids to talk, we don’t hide anything. Kian knew it’s okay not to be okay and he didn’t talk. We will never know why.’

Mrs Southway and her husband Julian, 46, now want other teenagers to know there are people they can speak to. 

‘You know it’s out there but when it doesn’t affect you it doesn’t hit home,’ she said. ‘There are gremlins out there and it changes our kids. It has to stop.

‘I just need people to talk, I need them to know it’s okay not to be okay and that people really really love you and want to talk. There’s numbers if you can’t talk to loved ones.’ 

Kian was described by his mother as an ‘immense, incredible’ big brother to his sister, Darcey 

Kian’s school, Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda, said: ‘Our school is very sad to lose a very dear member of our family, Kian Southway. Our deepest sympathy goes to his immediate family and those closest to him.

‘We shall come together to remember Kian when we can. Until then we hold Kian gently in our thoughts at Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda.’

His friends and rugby club Penygraig Rugby Club U16s also recorded a video paying tribute to Kian.

A team spokesman said: ‘It’s been a hard week for many this week, hearing the sad passing of Kian Southway, a much loved young man by many.’ 

A Go Fund Me page has been started to raise money for Kian’s family.

Anyone seeking help can call Samaritans free on 116 123 or visit 

Bipolar man, 34, with diabetes killed himself after being pushed over the edge due to loneliness when he was forced to self-isolate during coronavirus, family say 

By Jack Elsom for MailOnline 

An extroverted man with bipolar disorder has killed himself in isolation after loneliness ‘pushed him over the edge’.

Daniel Furniss, 34, lived by himself in Crookhorn, near Portsmouth, and stayed indoors as his diabetes made him particularly vulnerable to coronavirus.

But the outgoing ‘big kid’ who was a ‘joy to everyone’ struggled with the lack of contact and sadly took his own life, according to his distraught family.

Daniel Furniss, 34, lived by himself in Crookhorn, near Portsmouth, and stayed indoors as his diabetes made him particularly vulnerable to coronavirus

Sister Chelsea Furniss, 28, is now calling on health authorities to urgently ratchet up support for those suffering mental health issues during the lockdown. 

Speaking to MailOnline, the heartbroken sibling said: ‘Isolation had a great impact on him.

‘When the official lockdown was announced he shared a few things on his social media page about how he felt like he was going to be in trouble getting through this, and that there was no guidance released for people with serious mental health conditions, especially if they were on their own. He found it very hard.’ 

Last week, Ms Furniss and her family, who regularly spoke to Daniel via video calls, became concerned when they couldn’t get in contact with him. 

Sister Chelsea Furniss (left), 28, is now calling on health authorities to urgently ratchet up support for those suffering mental health issues during the lockdown

On the morning of March 27 they called the police, who found Daniel dead at him home where he lived alone.

Fondly remembering her brother, who was ‘loved and adored by so many people,’ she said: ‘He would always dress very bright and colourful – you couldn’t miss him.

‘Dan brought a lot of joy to everyone’s lives. Although he was aged 34 he was just a big kid at heart.’

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