EastEnders quiz questions for your virtual pub quiz

If you and your mates know the residents of Walford better than your own neighbours and have been watching the action unfold across Albert Square for more years than you can remember, then these EastEnders virtual pub quiz questions are for you.

With a mixture of trivia, memorable moments and questions on some of the soap’s larger-than-life characters, there’s a little something for everyone in our EastEnders pub quiz – but participants will need to know their Mitchells from their Moons…

Q: What dramatic event aired this year to mark the show’s 35th anniversary on TV?
A: A fateful boat crash on the Thames

Q: Which character first said the iconic catchphrase, ‘Get outta my pub!’?
A: The legendary Peggy Mitchell

Q: What year did EastEnders start airing on BBC One?
A: 1985

Q: Who shot Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) in the famous EastEnders Whodunnit storyline?
A: Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin)

Q: How was ‘Dirty Den’ killed?
A: He was hit over the head with an iron doorstop in the Vic by Zoe first, then Chrissie


Q: Which two Walford icons were part of a band formed in 1986 on the soap called Dog Market?
A: Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) and Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt)

Q: What was the first ever line spoken in EastEnders?
A: ‘Cor, stinks in here, dunnit?’ – Den Watts (Leslie Grantham)

Q: Who did Sharon have an affair with when she cheated on her husband Grant (Ross Kemp)?
A: Phil MItchell

Q: In what year did Zoe (Michelle Ryan) and Kat (Jessie Wallace) have their legendary exchange in which Kat revealed she was Zoe’s mother?
A: 2001


Q: Which actress portrayed Little Mo?
A: Kacey Ainsworth

Q: When did Mick and Linda Carter (Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright) take ownership of the Queen Vic?
A: Boxing Day 2013

Q: Which Albert Square legends got drunk in an ice cream van?
A: Pat and Peggy

Q: Which character fell from the roof of The Queen Vic during the soap’s first ever live episode?
A: Bradley Branning

Q: In what year did Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) make her final appearance on EastEnders?
A: 2016

Q: Who killed Lucy Beale?
A: Her brother, Bobby


Q: Which beloved couple shared their first kiss in Walford park last year (2019)?
A: Callum and Ben

Q: Which character took the Queen Vic hostage in 2019?
A: Hunter Owen (Charlie Winter)

Q: Who composed the original EastEnders theme tune?
A: Simon May assisted by Leslie Osborne

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Eurovision quiz questions – top trivia for Song Contest super fans

EUROVISION might have been cancelled this year, but viewers are being treated to a spin off show called Shine A Light.

To celebrate this, we have delved into the world of the famous Song Contest to bring you some fun quiz questions for all you super fans out there.

1) Who has won the most Eurovisions?

Ireland has won the Eurovision Song Contest the most times.

They have had seven wins in all.

They are closely followed by the UK, France and Luxembourg
with five wins each.

2) Has more the one country won Eurovision at the same time?

In 1969 there were three.

The UK, Spain, France and the Netherlands tied and were all declared
equal winners.

Lulu won it for us – fun fact, after the show she got engaged to The Bee Gees star Maurice Gibb in her Eurovision dressing room.

3) When did Celine Dion compete on Eurovision?

Celine kick-started her career with a Eurovision win in 1988.

The French-Canadian performed Ne Partez Pas Sans
Moi for Switzerland.

4) Have ABBA ever won Eurovision?

The Swedish group won for their home country in 1974 with their hit song Waterloo.

However, the year before, in 1973, they didn't even make it past the qualifying round with their song Ring, Ring.

5) Who was the first UK winner for Eurovision?

The UK's first ever winner was Sandie Shaw with the track Puppet on a String in 1967, which was hosted that year in Vienna.

Sandie, was one of the most successful pop artists in the 1960s, with her Eurovision win the icing on the cake in that decade.

Sandie retired from performing in 2013

6) How long was the shortest ever song to be preformed on Eurovision?

The shortest song performed at Eurovision was the 1957 UK entry, All, sung by Patricia Bredin.

It lasted for one minute and 52 seconds.

Randomly it was followed by one of the longest – Italy’s Corde Delle Mia Chitarra, which lasted for five minutes and nine seconds and was performed by Nunzio Gallo


7) Has Cliff Richard won Eurovision?

Even Sir Cliff has represented the UK at Eurovision.

Unfortunately the Bachelor Boy didn't win.

He came second when he competed in 1968 and sang his hit song Congratulations.

8) Has any singer ever won Eurovision more than once?

The only person to have won three Eurovision
Song Contests is Ireland’s Johnny Logan.

He first won with What’s Another Year? (1980).

He then won as singer and composer of Hold Me
Now (1987) and then as composer of Why Me?, sung by Linda Martin (1992).

9) Which country has come bottom on Eurovision the most?

Finland has finished last on eight occasions.

They are followed by Belgium and Austria, who have
had come bottom seven times.

However in 2006, Finnish heavy metal band Lordi won.

10) Who won the first ever Eurovision song contest?

The Swiss singer Lys Assia was the first winner of the Eurovision song contest in 1964.

She won with the song Refrain.


11) When did the UK last win the Eurovision Song Contest?

The UK last triumphed at Eurovision in 1997 with Katrina and the Waves.

Their song was called Love Shine a Light and it received a whopping 227 points.

The band was formed of Katrina Leskanich, Kimberley Rew, Vince de la Cruz and Alex Cooper.

The band's previously big hit was in 1985 with Walking on Sunshine.

12) How long was Terry Wogan the Eurovision commentator for?

Terry was the BBC's commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest for 28 years.

He did it every year from 1980 to 2008 and its host in 1998. 

Graham Norton took over in 2009.

How can I watch Eurovision 2020?

Eurovision has been cancelled for 2020 for the first time in its 64-year history due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, replacement show – Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light – will air on May 16, 2020 honouring the 41 songs that would have been performed in the 2020 contest, but in a non-competitive version.

You can catch it on BBC One at 8pm.

The live show is two hours long with Graham Norton providing a live commentary.

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Questions are raised over who revealed Neil Ferguson's affair

Who sunk Neil Ferguson? Was it a jealous relative, scientific rival or an economic hawk keen to end lockdown despite Britain’s atrocious death figures who revealed his affair?

  • Prof Ferguson has quit from his government roles after flouting his lockdown
  • British public is questioning why the shock disclosure emerged when it did
  • Speculation varies from his neighbours to his lover’s husband’s friends or family
  • Many think a leak came from Downing Street to distract from Covid figures 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Commentators from across the political spectrum are questioning the timing of the news that forced Neil Ferguson to quit all his government roles after he met with his married lover for trysts during the lockdown he repeatedly advocated. 

The Imperial College scientist, nicknamed ‘Professor Lockdown’ for his crucial role in persuading Boris Johnson to introduce the strict measures, has come under considerable fire after details emerged of his repeated flouting of the lockdown.

Prof Ferguson, 51, asked Antonia Staats, 38, to travel through London at least twice to meet him as he reinforced the government’s ‘stay at home’ message.

The Imperial College scientist (left) has come under considerable fire after details emerged of his repeated flouting of the lockdown with Antonia Staats (right)

However, details of the scandal broke yesterday, as the UK’s Covid-associated death toll became Europe’s highest – then at 32,375.  

The timing has prompted widespread speculation over why the illicit lockdown affair became public knowledge when it did – and who blew the whistle. 

So who threw Prof Ferguson under the bus?   

Could it have been one of Prof Ferguson’s neighbours? 

Professor Ferguson (left) is understood to be estranged from his wife Kim Polgreen (right)

One theory points fingers at close friends of Ms Staats, the Left-wing activist who struck up an affair with the married Imperial College scientist.

Ms Staats has been described as being in an ‘open relationship’ with Chris Lucas, the grandson of a Battle of Britain pilot and Tory MP. 

She and her husband lived together in a £1.9million house with their two children.

According to reports, she was frank about her affair with Prof Ferguson within her social circle, and insisted that her action to visit him were not hypocritical. 

Ferguson is said to have matched with Ms Staats on the OkCupid app used by 3.5million around the world to find love.

One of her friends claimed that he and Ms Staats’ husband have even met. As well as sharing a passion for her, they also bonded over a love for data science.    

Neighbours at Prof Ferguson’s former marital home in Oxford were furious at his behaviour. He and his wife Kim, who is involved with the residents’ association, are said to be estranged

Yet few of the activist’s friends knew about the affair that made headlines around the world and left Prof Ferguson’s reputation in tatters.

Some of Professor Lockdown’s neighbours at his former marital home in Oxford have been less than charitable about his behaviour.

They told MailOnline that they were furious, as one commented: ‘I feel incredibly sorry for his wife and child. They are totally blameless and humiliated I would think.’  

Another resident sitting in the sunshine near to Prof Ferguson’s home, said: ‘My sympathies are with his wife. She has put a message on our lockdown WhatsApp group saying she does not want to talk about it’.

A man, out for a stroll with his wife, said: ‘He’s not been around for weeks. I don’t think he actually lives here anymore. 

‘I think he should have taken a leaf out of his neighbours’ books. We have been observing the lockdown like everyone else. 

‘I just think he must have thought it was no risk because he’d already had it.’ 

Could it have been one of Chris Lucas’ friends or relatives?

Antonia Staats (left) and her husband Chris Lucas (right) have been described by neighbours as a ‘lovely couple’ who have been enjoying home schooling their young children

The South London home of Antonia Staats, which she shares with her husband Chris and their two children. Prof Ferguson is thought to have met Ms Staat’s husband and they share an interest in data science, a friend told the Telegraph.

‘Laddie’ Lucas: A Battle of Britain pilot, Tory MP, and professional golfer 

Chris Lucas’ grandfather is ‘Laddie’ Lucas

Laddie Lucas, who flew Spitfires as one of The Few, and who died in 1998, was married to Jill Addison, the sister of Bader’s wife.  

Laddie Lucas was elected as a Tory MP in 1950 for the Brentford and Chiswick constituency and served in the Commons until 1959 when he retired.

While serving as an MP, he was managing director of the Greyhound Racing Association.

He also played golf in the 1947 and 1949 Great Britain and Ireland Walker Cup team, and captained the team in 1949, before later covering sport for the Sunday Express newspaper.  

Laddie died at his Chelsea home at the age of 82 after a glittering services, golfing and journalism career.

Chris Lucas’ neighbours described the talented academic to MailOnline as a bright, articulate man who enjoys taking part in community activities.

They said that he and his wife Ms Staats are popular residents of the affluent, middle class area where houses cost in excess of £1.5million. 

One said: ‘Chris is incredibly intelligent. He speaks about six or seven languages and is an academic at SOAS. Both he and Antonia are very popular around here and are a big part of our community. 

‘I always enjoy talking to them, especially Chris who is very knowledgeable about Middle Eastern affairs. Whenever we have any kind of community celebration they always take part along with their kids. They are a great family. 

‘I’ve known Chris and his family for five years. Chris is really intelligent and successful but he’s really down to earth’, another neighbour commented.

One theory which has been circulating is that the disclosure might have come from those connected to Mr Lucas’ parents, who are understood to have extensive links among senior Tories dating back several decades.

His father is Jeremy Lucas, a prominent member of the Cities of London and Westminster Conservative Association.

A former lawyer and investment banker, Mr Lucas Sr is considered a ‘Tory big wig’ and his contacts might have known about Ms Staats’ affair.

It has also emerged that Mr Lucas Jr is the grandson of Battle of Britain pilot and Tory MP Percy ‘Laddie’ Lucas, related to the family of flying ace Douglas Bader.  

Laddie Lucas flew Spitfires as one of The Few and was awarded a CBE and the Flying Cross medal. He was married to Jill Addison, the sister of Bader’s wife.

He died at his Chelsea home at the age of 82 in 1998.

Could it have been leaked from Downing Street? 

Professor Ferguson quit from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) and the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG) on the day the UK became the de facto epicentre of the pandemic.

Reports of Britain as Europe’s ‘sick man’ are devastating to the Johnson government, which has sought to project an image of stability during the crisis.

Figures released yesterday had also shown that the British government missed its 100,000 per day testing target for the fourth consecutive day.

The UK now has more confirmed COVID-19 deaths than any other country in Europe

The damning coronavirus figures prompted social media users to adopt the hashtag #DeadCat as the Johnson government was accused of using the story to distract public opinion in the face of a growing backlash to its crisis-management abilities.  

Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former spin doctor, appeared to allege that the Ferguson Affair was introduced to ‘deflect attention’. 

He claimed: ‘It is a story. But it is far less important than the story from which it is being used to deflect attention… don’t gorge on the dead cat too much.’

Sarah Wollaston, an ex-Liberal Democrat MP for Totnes, also seemed to draw a link between news of the scandal and the latest Covid figures.

Looks like the dire news of the UK having the highest #coronavirus deaths in Europe and frank analysis of why or how to learn from that for the future, is going to be entirely lost to a feeding frenzy targeting an individual scientist,’ she tweeted. 

Speaking on LBC, John Sweeney, former BBC investigative reporter said: ‘You’ve forgotten the simple statistic that appeared this evening, which is that Britain has the highest number of deaths in Europe bar none.  

‘And it’s weird, is it not, that this story about the professor’s sex life pops up today.

‘Isn’t it? Do you get the context here? Is it possible that this is a dirty tricks campaign by this government? People like Dominic Cummings who played the game so naturally that the Chancellor of the Exchequer had to resign and hand over to someone else because he didn’t like his game.’

Dr Lauren Gavaghan tweeted : ‘We are led like sheep to gaze upon Professor Neil Ferguson’s private life the day UK #covid19 deaths exceed 32,000.

‘Let’s keep the focus on the real story -> why & how the UK govt, with all the resources available to it, have allowed the UK to have highest death rate in Europe.’ 

Former Lib Dem MP Sarah Wollaston said: ‘Looks like the dire news of the UK having the highest #coronavirus deaths in Europe and frank analysis of why or how to learn from that for the future, is going to be entirely lost to a feeding frenzy targeting an individual scientist’

Dr Lauren Gavaghan told her 65,000 Twitter followers: ‘We are led like sheep to gaze upon Professor Neil Ferguson’s private life the day UK #covid19 deaths exceed 32,000’

Broadcaster Jon Snow said there ‘seems to be a lot of ”holier than thou” in the air this morning’

Alastair Campbell said: ‘It is a story. But it is far less important than the story from which it is being used to deflect attention… don’t gorge on the dead cat too much’

Palliative care doctor and author Rachel Clarke told her 120,000 followers: ‘Quite astonishing the way Neil Ferguson was thrown under a bus to ensure yesterday’s real headline news – the UK having more #COVID19 deaths than any other country in Europe – no longer dominates the front pages.’   

Toby Young, writing in the Spectator, said: ‘Truth be told, though, I’m not that bothered about the double-standards. 

‘My hope is it will be an emperor’s-new-clothes moment, breaking the spell this Rasputin figure has cast over Boris and the cabinet. 

‘God knows, there’s enough evidence that his computer model, which predicted 250,000 would die if the government didn’t place the country under house arrest, is about as reliable as Paul the Octopus.’

Social media users have been using the hashtag #DeadCat to accuse the Government of using the story as a distraction tactic

The British public is raising questions over the timing of the disclosure of the scandal

He said that in Sweden it was argued that their healthcare system would be overwhelmed 40-fold with nearly 96,000 dying of Covid-19 by the end of the year – and the model predicting a death toll of 40,000 by May 1. 

But Sweden’s death toll from coronavirus stands at 2,854 and its hospitals are nowhere near the projected collapse, Mr Young wrote.

A scientific paper published by Prof Ferguson and his colleagues on the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team had been credited for persuading Boris Johnson’s Government to ramp up their response to the virus. 

Britons have asked why the revelation of Neil Ferguson’s affair came when it did – as Britain’s coronavirus death toll figures became the highest in Europe

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