8 Emmerdale characters most likely to die in shock murder storyline

The grim reaper will seemingly frequent the not-so-sleepy little village of Emmerdale once more in the coming months, as one of the soap’s residents will meet a grisly demise.

During an appearance on Sky News, ITV’s Head of Continuing Drama John Whiston revealed how some of the serial drama’s narratives had to be altered as a result of the social distancing measures — revealing that an upcoming murder storyline was one of them.

He said: ‘In terms of all of the normal stuff that goes on in soaps people kissing each other or murdering each other, we’ll have to socially distance murders I think.

‘And we did actually have one coming up in Emmerdale quite soon.’

The question on viewers’ lips now is undoubtedly which Emmerdale mainstay will lose their life as the result of a murder? While that question will likely remain unanswered for a while, here are several villagers whose days could be numbered!

DI Malone

In order for a villager to be driven to murder, it’s inevitable that the victim will have antagonised another. Malone’s arrival brought with it conflict for many, therefore making him a likely candidate for the murder victim.

The bent copper has terrorised Will, had Cain and Billy over a barrel, and ruined Harriet’s relationship with her beau — and that’s just for starters — so if he does end up dead in the coming episodes, the real question will be: who was it who sought revenge?

Will Taylor

Will has been the victim not only of emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of Malone, but he’s also been on the receiving end of a life-endangering beating for betraying the dodgy detective, so it’s clear that he’s not the copper’s favourite person.

What’s more, Malone is now engaging in a steamy affair with Harriet, but with Will having proposed, the mechanic could once again become an obstacle for the bent policeman, so will he resort to murder in order to get Will out of the picture once and for all?

Belle Dingle

Andrea has already proven what she’s capable of when it comes to Belle, but with Jamie having ultimately chosen his colleague over her, the wedding planner could well return to the village once more and seek terrifying revenge on Belle.

It’s worth noting that Andrea is far from the person she was when she arrived in the eponymous village, and her time in the Tate household has evidently changed her, so is she capable of resorting to murder in order to win back her hubby?

With Kim as a mother-in-law, it’s certainly a possibility!

What’s more, little else has worked in winning Jamie back so far, so Andrea might do what she feels needs to be done in order to secure the future she so evidently desires.

Paul Ashdale

Paul has already proven to have a sinister nature in that he manipulated his way into Vinny’s life in spite of the fact that Mandy begged him not to — and it’s likely that this is only scratching the surface given how terrified Mandy was when he first arrived in the village.

With Paul’s identity having been exposed to Vinny — and his manipulation no doubt in full flow once more — will Mandy resort to murder in order to protect her son?

Andrea Tate

As noted earlier, Andrea has spent a lot of time in the Tate household, and such a thing is bound to have an effect on a person — especially given that she knows about Kim’s penchant for eliminating one’s enemies via murder.

As a result, one can’t help but wonder if she will return to the village and seek revenge on Belle once more — only to lose control and end up the victim of the whole scenario?

Could Jamie perhaps kills Andrea in an effort to secure his future not only with Belle, but also with Millie?

Let’s not forget that he and Andrea have gone to war over custody of their daughter before — which would give him a motive for wanting her out the picture.

The police evidently think he’s capable of murder, but could Jamie really end up removing his wife from the equation once and for all?

Cain Dingle

When we’re talking enemies of villainous Malone, there’s few he’s antagonised more than Cain Dingle — who, in spite of the dodgy detective’s claims, is the real hard-man of the village.

With Malone having had Cain over a barrel and carrying out dodgy deals — not to mention attempting to have him set up and thrown in jail — perhaps it was something of an inevitably for him to seek revenge?

Regardless of whether it comes to pass to not, Malone’s face when Cain outsmarted him during the set-up was enough to suggest that — in spite of his promise to Harriet — he’d seek revenge on Cain in the near future.

The question is: will Cain pay the ultimate price as a result?

Harriet Finch

Harriet has been having a steamy affair with Malone behind Will’s back, and while it appears as if the bent copper genuinely has feelings for the vicar, could she find herself caught in a war between he and Will?

If so, will she be the unlucky murder victim?

It’s certainly possible, as Will has proven in the past just how far he’s willing to go in order to seek revenge on Harriet following a betrayal, and should he find out about the affair — an affair with the man who terrorised him, no less — he could see red and ultimately lash out.

Or could Malone simply be using Harriet as a pawn in a much bigger game? If so, will her murder her once she’s served her purpose?

Moira Dingle

As noted earlier, Malone is hellbent on seeking revenge on Cain, and what better way to do that than by going after the one person he loves more than anything?

In spite of how things ended between he and Moira, Cain admitted during the lockdown episode that he’s still very much in love with her, which proves that there’s little he holds dearer than his wife.

Let’s not forget that Malone has threatened Cain’s family in the past — not to mention he murdered Moira’s bull in an effort to make a statement — so we know he’s more than capable.


What’s more, Moira was beginning to get suspicious of Cain’s odd behaviour, and proceeded to do some investigating into what was causing him to behave in such a fashion, so if she continues to do that in the coming weeks, she might find herself getting caught in the crossfire.

Emmerdale continues Monday 15 June at 7pm on ITV.

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