Aaron urges Summer in Coronation Street to have counselling over body issues

Summer Spellman’s (Harriet Bibby) pal, Aaron (James Craven), can see she’s continuing to struggle with her body confidence in Coronation Street, and urges her to get some help.

Summer has been honest with Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) about her relationship with food, but one thing she hasn’t told him is the fact she isn’t using her insulin correctly.

Whenever Summer struggles with her negative emotions, she fails to take her insulin – something she has to do in order to keep her diabetes in check and keep healthy.

Away from the diabulimia, Summer recently admitted to Aaron that going on a summer break in Spain would be difficult, as she doesn’t want to wear bikinis and spend time on the beach.

Coming up, Aaron pays Summer a visit and tells her that he’d still like to go on holiday, but on one condition – she gets some counselling and deals with her body image issues.

But what will Summer say?

If Summer doesn’t accept she has a problem, will she even listen to Aaron and seek help?

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