Ackley Bridge cast: Who plays Cory Wilson in Ackley Bridge?

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Ackley Bridge is a popular series which is available to watch on All4, and a total of three seasons have aired so far. The fourth season is in the making and fans are looking forward to seeing what happens to Cory Wilson, who joined the cast in season one. has all you need to know about who plays Cory Wilson in the series.

Who plays Cory Wilson in Ackley Bridge?

Cory Wilson has been one of the main characters in the series since day one, and he is the older brother of Jordan Wilson (Samuel Bottomley).

He is considered to be the more charming of the two siblings, and he is a Sixth Form student at the college.

Cory is the kind of student everyone aspires to be like, as he is also one of the school’s rugby team captains.

His character is played by Sam Retford, a 21-year-old actor who was born in Australia, and moved to England before he started school.

His family were from New South Wales before they relocated to Crewe, Cheshire. He trained at the Lowry Actors Company, but he had not always aspired to be an actor.

The star had hopes of becoming a marine biologist, but his path changed when he started acting in theatre productions in Manchester.

One of his first TV roles was in a Hollyoaks spin-off called Tom’s Life, which also aired on All 4, and he played the role of Nate.

He joined the cast of Ackley Bridge in 2017, and fans have admired his character for exploring his sexuality with his friend Naveed (Gurjeet Singh).

He has had some harrowing storylines throughout the series, involving domestic abuse, and fans have faced a rollercoaster of emotions.

He has since gone on to play roles in Casualty, Granada Reports, and he is due to take on a role in the new season of Death in Paradise.

He has continued his work in theatre, having starred in Henry V, Closets, and Kings of Idle Land to name but a few plays.

Fans have been inspired by his character in Ackley Bridge, and the star has gone on to be an advocate for anti-bullying campaigns.

In 2019 he took part in the Diana Award anti-bullying campaigns in London and Blackpool.

The actor is on Instagram and he has more than 70,000 followers, and he has been keeping them all updated during lockdown.

The star is a huge fan of nature and travel, and he has been sharing stunning photos of natural landscapes.

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In a post from August 2020 he said: “The best way to start your day, is always with an icey cave shower. Look on my face says it all.

“Incredible to revisit one of my favourite ever spots, first found by myself and @milomoses_ on an epic trek through Wales last year. This time however did not include the 30deg heat to warm up afterwards.”

In an interview from November 2020 he spoke about what he loved and hated most about playing the role of Cory.

He said: “Cory is a load of fun to play, he wasn’t anything like me so he was real fun to spend three years with, playing with and experimenting with.”

When asked what he hated about his character, he said: “I wish he’d just keep it in his pants, man. He just needs to settle down, find a nice person and go to university or something.”

His character faced a lot of controversies when he was involved in a relationship with one of his teachers.

He was also involved in a sexual relationship with his father’s girlfriend, and it resulted in him being kicked out of the house.

His temporary headteacher had offered him a place to stay, and they ended up kissing in the detention room.

He said: “I think the show tackles many socio-political issues, it tackles sexuality, friendships, I think it tackles a whole range of things which is what is show great about the show.”

Ackley Bridge is on All 4

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