Aldi Christmas advert 2020: Watch the full Aldi Christmas advert HERE

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The supermarket Aldi has just launched its 2020 Christmas advert and fans are delighted to see the adorable Kevin Carrot again. 

Two official clips have been released by the supermarket, the first showing Kevin and his friend Turkey flying through the night sky, when they come across Santa. 

Turkey comments that he is “roasting” and tries to open a window, but it all ends in disaster when he makes a huge mistake. 

Kevin’s friend accidentally pushes a button which causes Kevin to deploy from the aircraft, and he is left all alone with no way home. 

In the longer clip, which was released on November 6, Kevin crash lands in a forest and viewers were worried he would spend Christmas alone. 

But thankfully he is rescued by a kind hedgehog who helps him find his way home, and not before long, Santa joins in to help them. 

At the end of the advert Kevin is finally reunited with his family and he was able to enjoy Christmas dinner with them. 

Fans have loved seeing Kevin the Carrot on his Christmas Eve journey, and the advert has definitely offered a dose of Christmas Spirit. 


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