Alexandra Burke and Beyonce were winging their iconic X Factor duet

Alexandra Burke dropped a major bombshell over her performance with Beyonce.

The pair blessed us all with the most iconic duet in X Factor history during the final in 2008, when they belted out Listen together.

She eventually went on to win the show, beating JLS into second place.

Spilling the beans on the track, the 32-year-old confessed the pair made the whole thing up on the spot.

Yes, seriously.

Appearing on Angela Scanlon’s BBC series, The Noughties, alongside comedian Chris Ramsey, Alexandra recalled the moment Simon Cowell called her the night before the final, to let her know who she would be duetting with.

Speaking of their meeting, just hours later, she said: ‘[Beyonce] walks in and she goes, “Nice to meet you, blah blah blah”. I’m in tears, and I’m just crying the whole time.

‘She’s like “Okay”, and then she starts crying and she’s like, “We really need to practice the song, I want you to sing my new single.”

‘I was like, “Sorry, what?” She goes, “Yeah, If I Were A Boy”.’

There was just one issue – Alexandra didn’t actually know the words to the absolute bop.

To be fair, as Chris joked, she was a little busy competing on the X Factor to whip out her Spotify.

It was Alexandra’s idea for them to sing Listen instead, as she had already performed the hit in the competition.

The ITV winner continued: ‘I said, “You can take every verse you want, just give me a line, but can we sing a song that I know?”

‘We literally blagged it.

‘You see us, if you watch it back, you see us going… We hold each other’s hands and you see us just going, “Your turn, okay my turn, okay your turn.” That’s how the song went. 

‘We made it all up on the spot.’

Made up or not, the performance was still one of the most legendary moments of TV history.

Anyone up for several rewatches?

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