Andrew Spencer birthday: What star sign is the Bachelorette contestant?

ANDREW Spencer is one of over 30 men competing for Katie Thurston's love onseason 17 The Bachelorette.

Andrew may be the perfect star alignment for Katie, who is a Capricorn.

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What is Andrew's birthday?

Born January 20, 1995, Andrew is 26-years-old.

He is independent, autonomous, and has progressive ideas.

Although he is a natural leader, his character flaws include an unusual, rebellious and revolutionary spirit.

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What is his full Birth Chart breakdown?

  • Sun – Aquarius ♒
  • Moon – Virgo ♍
  • Mercury – Aquarius ♒
  • Venus – Sagittarius ♐︎
  • Mars – Virgo ♍
  • Jupiter – Sagittarius ♐︎
  • Saturn – Pisces ♓
  • Uranus – Capricorn ♑
  • Neptune – Capricorn ♑
  • Pluto – Sagittarius ♐︎
  • Lilith – Gemini ♊︎
  • N Node – Scorpio ♏

What does his Sun sign mean?

Andrew's Sun sign is Aquarius.

One of the standout characteristics of those born under the Sun Sign of Aquarius is their unwillingness to follow the beaten track. With advancement and progress on their minds, there can be an irreverence to old and outdated ways of thinking and doing things.

Many Aquarians aim to free themselves of personal and social conditioning. Although open to change in theory, Aquarians can be surprisingly stubborn. Their idealism runs strong, but they can be very fixed in their opinions.

Often a bit aloof and even standoffish, Aquarians nonetheless are usually well-liked. They are curious and observant, and tolerant in a broad sense. Prejudice and bias is offensive to the typical Aquarius.

Aquarians are generally very clever, witty, and intellectual. They value progress and frankness. It's difficult to throw Aquarians for a loop–they're generally on top of things.

There is a bit of reformer in Aquarius. They'll try to get you to see through superficiality, and encourage you to be open and forthright. "Be true to yourself" and "Don't follow the crowd" are mottos we easily associate with this sign.

Aquarians need space and value personal freedom. Any attempt to box them in will likely fail. They'll happily return the favor; and they will treat people from all walks of life as equals.

Equality and fairness are hallmarks of the sign. If you're quirky and "different", all the better.

What does his Moon sign mean?

Andrew's Moon sign is Virgo.

Lunar Virgos find security in the little things in life. They feel most content when they've straightened out all the details of everyday life. Many of them enjoy running errands, paying bills, and balancing the books. They take care of these things happily, although some won't let on.

In fact, many Lunar Virgos are quite practiced at nagging and complaining. As long as they are appreciated, however, these people will help you take care of your life, too. They are at their best when they feel useful and needed. If somebody needs help, they are generally the first to jump up and take on the task.

Some people with Virgo Moons are accused of being underachievers. While it may be true that Lunar Virgos can lack self-confidence, many are–quite simply–content with living "regular", unassuming lives.

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They appreciate simplicity, and are often most comfortable when they're not getting too much attention from the world at large. Lunar Virgos are easily overwhelmed by pressure and stress. They worry incessantly when there is too much to think about; and they know their limits.

Arguably the worst position for a Lunar Virgo is without a steady routine or a simply satisfying job. They need to feel useful, and they best express this by helping others in little ways. They need something to call their own, and the space to do what they want to do.

The unhappy Lunar Virgos are fussy and complaining sorts. They are victims of routine and freak out when their plans are not followed. They are restless and nervous, and can't seem to see the big picture.

Probably the best remedy for these people is a job or hobby in which they can express their deep need to analyze, attend to details, and micromanage.

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