Ant Middleton's SAS Who Dares Wins co-star 'Ollie' Ollerton lagging behind his pal in the earning stakes

ANT Middleton's SAS Who Dares Wins co-star Matthew 'Ollie' Ollerton is lagging behind his pal in the earning stakes.

Ant, 40, Ollie and other cast members are currently quarantining in Sydney ahead of the Australian version of the show.

Last December it was reported that Ant and his wife Emilie enjoyed a £1.1 million payday with huge profits from his TV appearances, and their company Middleton Global making nearly £2 million in profits.

However Ollie, Ant’s close friend and part of the directing staff on the show, has failed to replicate his eye-watering figures.

This week, the 49-year-old posted accounts for his company Break-Point Holdings Ltd up to March 31 2020 – which handles his TV earnings and ‘physical well-being activities’ – which showed current assets of just £9,069.

Ollie is the sole director of the company – which he formed in February 2016 – and even after costs and liabilities were taken into account, it only had equity of £46,234 – a fraction of what Ant has earned.

Meanwhile, Ant recently compared himself to Piers Morgan and vowed he would return to TV after being dumped by Channel 4 from the UK version of SAS: Who Dares Wins.

The channel said it would not be working again with the 40-year-old after clashes over his “personal conduct”.

But now the TV host has claimed he had plenty of job offers coming in after his public sacking.

He vowed to return to the telly, but only under the right condition.

"This last week so many doors have opened, production companies and channels calling me," he said on the The Diary of A CEO podcast.

“You get cancelled then that’s your career done but you’ve got Piers Morgans, Jeremy Clarksons and now you’ve got your Ant Middletons. I’m not going to be comfortable with everyone, and I’m not going to be their cup of tea.

“Well that’s fine because guess what, I don’t want to work with you."

Ant added: “If I get questioned one little bit about who I am by any brands, any sponsors, any channels, then I will not work with them. I will say listen, thank you very much. It’s obviously not the right match.”

“People have to realise that this is a work in progress it is not something I can change overnight. You need to understand that’s who I am.”

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