Antiques Roadshow expert uncovers staggering value of incredibly rare Lucky Rabbit

Antiques Roadshow: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit toy is worth £2k

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Antique lover Bunny Campione brought a smile to one toy owner’s face in a recent episode of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. Educating the stuffed rabbit owner on the origins of the animated Oswald, the guest was told the toy she had in her possession was a mascot for Disney and the “popular” rabbit had appeared in 27 films. The films were “hilarious” according to Bunny, and she left the owner speechless when she revealed just how much he was worth. 

Bunny and the Roadshow team returned to Woodhorn Museum in Northumberland for the recent episode, which saw the expert dealing with a collection of antique toys and movie memorabilia.

Delighted to be presented with the artefact, Bunny said: “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a very important rabbit because it was designed by Disney for Universal Pictures.”

When asked how the owner got hold of this “lucky” little toy, she said: “My mum was given him when I was a baby by a great aunt who worked in service.

“She was given some toys that the children had grown out of. When my mum saw it, she thought, ‘She’s not having that’ and she wrapped it up in a bag and put it in her drawer and I didn’t see it for about 20 years.”

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Oswald predates Mickey Mouse, with his animated run lasting from 1927 until 1938.

Astounded that Oswald was not as well known as the world-famous Mickey Mouse, Bunny had more facts and information she could tease the owner with.

She continued: “Disney patented this, and this is by the famous Dean’s Rag Book Company, which was started in 1903. They actually made this, and have you any idea what he is worth?”

Having “no idea at all” Bunny put the guessing owner out of her misery and said: “In that condition and he is incredibly rare…

“I am going to say he is worth £2,000.”

Eyes-bulging, the owner let out a dumbfounded “Wow”.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” she commented.

“I am so pleased I brought him. I can’t believe how much he is worth – for a little stuffed toy. I would definitely sell.”

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Admitting if she kept hold of Oswald, he would probably be stuffed away, she continued: “For me, he has been in a drawer wrapped up, and he would probably stay like that. 

“I’d love to find someone who would really appreciate him and show him off a bit.”

Despite the owner and Bunny both loving Oswald, many fans took to social media to point out that he actually looked rather scary.

@BazzFlashman tweeted: “Lucky Rabbit…more like roadkill rabbit… #antiquesroadshow.”

Stephen Mckeag said: “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a predecessor of Mickey at Disney. F*****g terrifying #antiquesroadshow.”

“I’m still traumatised by Oswald the rabbit #antiquesroadshow,” @JackTheDucky joked.

Jodie Portugal thought the amount might be a bit too low and added: “Wow, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the character Disney lost. Great condition and not too shabby for £2,000, but a Disney collector would pay more for that in a heartbeat #AntiquesRoadshow.”

Antiques Roadshow airs on Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.

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