Antiques Roadshow viewers left cringing as 'gutted' guest learns true value of Cartier watch

ANTIQUES Roadshow viewers were left cringing after a 'gutted' guest learned the true value of a Cartier watch.

Expert Richard Price met a lady who had brought in the time-piece in the hope of getting a good valuation.

He said: "Ahhhh look at that and the magic name, Cartier, so we've all heard the name Cartier, how did you get this?"

The lady explained her mother-in-law had given her the watch in a plastic pouch, and had never seen its original packaging.

Examining the piece, Richard said: "Isn't that lovely, it's superb enamelling, I love it and a massive rose cut diamond."

The guest admitted she had never worn it as she worried it was "too delicate" but Richard said: "I think I'm going to try and persuade you to wear it on a choke chain around your neck or something as an item of jewellery, wouldn't it look magnificent."

However the lady said she might have to do something else, explaining: "I have some daughters and daughters-in-law, I could only leave that to one of them, so I would possibly sell it so I can give them some money to get a piece of jewellery to remember their grandmother. "

Richard then said: "So I'm guessing all you want to know now is what kind of proceeds you can expect to give to the girls.

"Well it is a top watch, by the top jeweller, let's say at auction £2,800- £3,500, so in that little plastic pouch there was a very generous little gift wasn't there."

The lady seemed taken aback and replied: "Yes a very generous little gift."

Viewers immediately picked up on her reaction, with one commenting on Twitter: "She was gutted about the watch valuation."

Another wrote: "She was expecting a lot more for that pocket watch could tell by her face.. love when that happens."

A third added: "Not gonna go far girls!!"

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays on BBC One.

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