April and George MAFS UK: What happened to April and George?

Married at First Sight: Whitney discusses losing her mother

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Married at First Sight UK’s latest season debuted on Monday, August 29 and is back for its next round of weddings. But how will the singletons in episode two get on compared to those who walked down the aisle in the first instalment? Here’s everything Express.co.uk knows about April and George so far.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from MAFS UK.

What happened to April and George from MAFS UK?

Married at First Sight UK has made a comeback and will be bigger than ever with this series made up of 30 episodes.

The E4 reality series will follow the couple’s every moves as they try to figure out if they could fall in love with one another after getting hitched without ever meeting beforehand.

April and George are starring in tonight’s episode where fans can start to get to know them and watch how they initially get on.

Filming for the show has already wrapped up but as MAFS UK is just beginning to air, their current relationship status isn’t clear.

In the show at least, April and George are together as they embark on this unusual love story.

Following last night’s episode, a short teaser showed George telling April that he was the father of four children.

She looked taken aback by this news but will she be able to get around becoming a step-mum?

April is a 32-year-old dress designer as well as a wedding dress designer and former Miss Great Britain.

Her friends have joked that she is “always the bridal designer, never the bride” so April decided she finally wanted to do something about this.

April came second in her first two Miss GB beauty pageants but it was third time lucky as she went on to win the grand title.

Describing herself as a “bubbly sociable butterfly”, she is hoping to find someone who is happy for her to be independent and live her life to the full.

In MAFS UK, her other half will be 40-year-old George, a financial advisor from Worcester.

He is looking for someone who excites him, keeps him on his toes and who can be emotionally open.

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George is the father of four children with the two eldest living with him and his two younger daughters residing with their mum.

He describes himself as an “old-fashioned romantic” so was devastated when his marriage didn’t work.

He is a devoted father and is eager to find that special someone to share his life with.

Prior to MAFS UK, he admitted: “My only concern is that I might not be good enough for her.”

With April a very independent woman and George looking for someone to join his family, could they make the perfect match or is it just going to end in disaster?

They will be one of two couples tying the knot in the latest episode of MAFS UK, along with Thomas and Adrian.

Last night, it was Jordan and Chanita’s turn, along with Duka and Whitney’s big days.

Married at First Sight UK airs nightly at 9pm on E4.

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