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MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT UK return to screens on Monday, August 29.

As we enter wedding season again, how about we take a look at where MAFS UK's Luke and Morag are one year later.

Are Married At First Sight UK's Luke and Morag still together?

This couple has had their fair share of ups and downs, which eventually caused them to part ways once they left MAFS UK.

Morag said that Luke "hadn't called her one" since they left the show.

On the other hand, Luke admitted that he was trying to force something which simply wasn't there.

Their MAFS dinner aired on September 28, 2021.

Morag admitted that she went wrong a lot at the beginning of their relationship and was asked by the experts why the “old” Luke wasn’t good enough for her.

Morag told everyone that she did have a type, along with a checklist for everything she expected for a partner, but she admitted: “It's b***** now I think about it.


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"We were on a journey of self discovery,”

"It wasn't that Luke wasn't good enough for me, he just wasn't quite there yet and we both had lessons to learn."

And their split was confirmed during the reunion show on October 4, 2021.

Fans were left shocked when Morag revealed that Luke ghosted her after the show.



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What happened to Luke and Morag on the show?

The experts ended up matching Morag to Luke, who seemed to have everything that she wanted.

Fans could see the disappointment on her face in the teaser for episode two.

She mutters to the camera, saying: "He's not exactly what I ordered."

During the second episode, Morag opens up about losing her father and how she had been cheated on in the past.

She explained that she wants to move on from the pain and find someone who she can have a genuine connection with.

Her match Luke admitted that he was”no Brad Pitt” and the sexual chemistry might not be there straight away, yet he was hopeful.

On the wedding day, Morag explained: "The moment I saw him I was a little taken aback, I'm not going to lie.

"I wanted someone big, muscly."

Both Luke and Morag were emotional reading their vows as she paid a tribute to the passing of her father.

At the wedding reception, Morag dropped the bombshell that she did not want children in the future. 

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Luke was caught telling his best man that this would put a spanner in the works if their relationship was going to last.

He then revealed that he would drop his desire for children as he does want a long future with Morag.

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