Away Netflix cancelled: Why has Away season 2 been cancelled?

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Away landed on Netflix earlier in 2020 and fans had high hopes for the Hilary Swank space series. Sadly, Netflix has announced the series will not be renewed, so fans will never find out whether the crew made it home safely from Mars. has everything you need to know about why Away has been cancelled on Netflix.

Why has Away season 2 been cancelled?

The first season of Away arrived on Netflix on September 4, 2020, and the series followed a group of NASA astronauts on their journey from the moon to Mars.

The emotional series starred a very talented Josh Charles as Emma Green’s husband Matt, and Talitha Bateman as their teenage daughter, Lex.

Green was left heartbroken after she found out her husband, who had CCM, suffered an episode which left him paralysed from the waist down.

She was also trying to support her daughter who had met a new love interest while she was on her journey to Mars.

After many bumps in the road, the crew finally made it to Mars in one piece, and fans were excited to find out if they managed to make life on Mars before arriving back to Earth safely.

Sadly fans will never find out if the crew achieved their goal, as Netflix has announced they will not be renewing the series.

The streaming platform had to decide whether the viewership was worth the cost of production for another season, and although the series sat in the Netflix top 10 for several weeks, it was not enough to secure a season renewal.

Fans were very disappointed to hear the news, with one saying on Deadline: “Just watched the first season and was looking forward to seeing the next. Can’t believe they cancelled it.”

Another fan said: “Wow! This is shocking news! This was such a gripping series with so much more to explore! So many far worse series are renewed. What were you thinking?? Bad choice Netflix, bad choice.”

Some fans were sceptical to begin with, but said once they had watched a few episodes they were left hooked and said it was a “shame” the series has been cancelled.

The series had received plenty of praise for its diversity, and its emotional storylines which left viewers in tears.

Some viewers have called for the series to be picked up by another platform, with one saying on Twitter: “Netflix cancelling their best shows shouldn’t even surprise me at this point but once again, I am disappointed AND surprised. @PrimeVideo needs to pick this up!!!”

This may not be out of the question as other series have been scooped up by alternative networks in the past.

Sadly Netflix felt there was not enough interest in the space series to warrant a second batch of episodes, even with the first season ending on a huge cliffhanger.

Astronaut Green and her crew had finally made it to Mars, and they had hoped to start new life there before returning home from the three-year mission.

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Fans have also been left wondering whether Lex maintained her relationship with new boyfriend Isaac (Adam Irigoyen) and whether Matt had developed feelings for family friend Melissa (Monique Gabriela Curnen).

Green had also started to form an unusual relationship with her second-in-command, Ram (Ray Panthaki), and viewers were keen to find out whether they would take things further.

One fan said on Deadline: “This is so upsetting. This series was all about the best of humanity. Many of us found solace and even promise in people’s ability to imagine and produce something so hopeful. What a terrible shame. Netflix should reconsider.”

However, there were some viewers who found the series to be slow and predictable, which explains why Netflix chose to cancel it.

Another viewer said: “I got through the first five episodes before completely giving up. Loved the opening episode and it drew me in right away, but then it had nowhere to go.

“Big eye roll for all the times the daughter had to call her mother on her cell phone–while Mom is a gazillion miles up in space, hurtling towards Mars.

“I want that cell phone plan! Just not enough drama in space to hold my interest and the family stuff on Earth has been done before.”

Other viewers said they would have liked the series to have focused more on space exploration, rather than relationships.

The review site Rotten Tomatoes had posted an approval rating of 60 per cent, saying: “Away doesn’t reach the stratosphere as a spacetime adventure, but emotional earnestness and a strong cast help make this a compelling enough journey to the stars.”

The reviews could have been worse, but sadly the emotional storylines were not enough to secure the series another season.

Away season 1 is on Netflix now

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