BBC Breakfast sparks backlash as fans sick of World Cup coverage

World Cup: John Watson discusses next stage

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On Wednesday’s BBC Breakfast, Sally Nugent and Jon Kay continued with their coverage of the World Cup 2022. Sports reporter John Watson was also in Qatar, giving live updates as he discussed Wales’ loss against England last night. However, it appears fans are becoming fed up with the constant football coverage, and many took to social media to air their frustrations.

John Williams fumed: “I haven’t seen a single minute of British TV coverage, but it’s great to hear the Welsh team have actually been getting some attention for once from the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation.” (sic)

“Wales are out. We don’t need to know anything else #BBCBreakfast,” @SausageHead4 raged.

Sara K added: “Yet again let’s focus on Wales! Didn’t England win last night? Come on @BBCBreakfast @EnglandFootball #WalesvsEngland.”

“#BBCBreakfast why oh why are you still on about Wales in the world cup,” Dave asked.

“They underperformed (even for them), Bale & Ramsey didn’t turn up and yet you’re still at a school applauding a non-achievement. You’re not BBC Wales, they’ve been dumped out, get over it!” (sic)

Auld Bryan commented: “#bbcbreakfast Remind me, did Wales win a single game?”

“Am I the only person sick of the constant football coverage on Breakfast?” user @Suffolkboy5 raged.

“I want news in the morning NOT a continuous sports show. I love kids but I don’t need to see hoards of them screaming at the top of their lungs every day so early in the morning. I already get that here!” (sic)

More to follow…

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