Behind-the-Scenes Photo of Tom Holland Has Fans Relieved Spider-Man's Suit Changed

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe began, the filmmakers and producers behind it didn’t realize they’d have Spider-Man at their disposal. But within a few years, a deal was struck and the web crawler found himself smack dab in the middle of one of the hottest film franchises of all time. Marvel fans have adored Tom Holland’s take on Spider-Man, and they only hope to see more of it. They’ve also seen plenty of different Spider suits in the MCU. 

One behind the scenes picture from Spider-Man’s first foray into the MCU leaked, and it revealed the filmmakers had a much different initial idea of the suit he was going to wear in that film. Let’s just say some fans were relieved it changed.

Spider-Man’s introduction to the MCU

There’s been no shortage of Spider-Man appearances on the big screen. In the early 2000s, director Sam Raimi helmed a trilogy of classic films starring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker. That series featured villains such as the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman and Venom. After the conclusion of that series, Andrew Garfield assumed the web-shooters in the Amazing Spider-Man films. 

Only two films into Garfield’s run, Sony and Marvel struck a deal to bring Spidey into the MCU. He debuted in Captain America: Civil War played by Holland. After his appearance there, Marvel made two standalone Spider-Man films while Holland also played a big role in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Marvel also has plans to release a third Spider-Man movie with Holland again in the titular role. 

How Spider-Man’s suits have changed through the years

Each cinematic version of Spider-Man has had worn a different suit. While all adhere to the classic design in some way or another, Maguire and Garfield’s suits had subtle variations. 

With Holland’s version of the web-slinger, more suits than ever were introduced. His first suit was very DIY – a hoodie that was clearly put together by a teenager. When Parker gets on Tony Stark’s radar, however, his suits become much more advanced. The majority of Spider-Man’s suits in the MCU are products of Stark Industries – meaning they’re more technologically advanced. This culminates with his “Iron Spider” suit that Parker wears when he travels to Titan to battle Thanos alongside Stark, Dr. Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Why fans were relieved Spider-Man’s suit changed

An MCU fan posted a behind-the-scenes photo to Reddit of the suit Holland wore while filming Captain America: Civil War. The suit closely resembled the classic Spider-Man suit. While some of the fans seemed to like the suit, there were a few reasons why they were glad it changed, including: “It looks nice but definitely super similar to Toby Maguire’s suit I can see why they changed it.” Another fan wrote, “The one they went with was way better. The rubber makes it look a bit goofy.”

So there you have it: the suit certainly didn’t look bad, but instead was reminiscent of suits that fans have already seen portrayed on the big screen. Instead, they got a unique look for Spidey in this film and in the ensuing films he starred in. While some fans may prefer to have one traditional look for their Spider-Man, the MCU gives them a multitude of suits with some cool variations. It makes for a more engaging visual presence. Fans can no doubt expect even more experimentation with the suits going forward. 

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