Ben Barnes on Dating, Age Gaps and How His Role in Gold Digger Made Him 'Less Judgmental'

Personally, Barnes — who will next star in Netflix's upcoming fantasy series Shadow and Bone — says he's had both "younger and older" partners.

"I think the people that you're likely to meet and end up with for longer periods of time has so much to do with timing and where you both are in your life," he said. "And I think that's the reason that a lot of people end up with people of a similar-ish age. For me, having kids is something that I want to do with somebody. So I was thinking about that during filming, you know, 'How would you feel about somebody that's already had their children?' I think it's more a question of priority, what's the most important thing for you."

"But also, dating people that are younger or older can definitely challenge you in interesting and different ways. I wouldn't say my parameters are maybe as open as in this show, but certainly I think spending so much time on stories like this, you take a bit of it with you," he added. "Every job I do, there's a tiny piece of that character that I bring with me. And I like that idea that for this, it's just to be that little bit less judgmental and a bit more open-minded and open-hearted about everything."

The first two episodes of Gold Digger are streaming now on Acorn TV, with two new episodes dropping every Monday through May 18.

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