Ben Shephard quiz question leaves Tipping Point player embarrassed as fans fume

Ben Shephard accidentally made one Tipping Point contestant feel a little embarrassed on Thursday's episode, as he fired a number of difficult questions in her direction.

Player Eloise made it into the semi-final, but found she couldn't handle the level of difficulty of the general knowledge questions.

Given the option to pass on the difficult questions, Eloise was forced to pass time and time again to her competitor Roger.

When Ben queried her about a historic attraction in the US, Eloise crumbled, and confessed to feeling embarrassed.

He asked: "What name is given to the historic site where a small group of Texans fought for independence from Mexico in 1836."

She replied: "Ben I wish I didn’t have to pass all of these because it is quite embarrassing."

Giving in, she added: "But I'm going to have to pass."

The answer was the Alamo, named after the Battle of the Alamo in 1836, which went on to inspire the folk song "Remember the Alamo".

Over on Twitter, viewers were fuming the historical site had been forgotten, as they took to their keyboards to weigh in on the mishap.

One said: "Remember? The Alamo Eloise…"

A second added: "They can't remember the alamo."

And a third chimed: "Pass pass pass…"

Eloise passed the question to Roger, who answered it correctly and sealed his fate in the final.

Accepting her defeat graciously, Eloise said: "Thanks Ben, it's been great."

Thankfully, she didn't go home empty-handed – ITV sorted her out with a swish day-out in London as a back-up prize.

Eloise won a luxurious trip to the towering heights of the Shard, where a "champagne experience and lunch" would await her.

Tipping Point airs on weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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