Ben Shephard reeling as Tipping Point player ‘steals’ from rival with huge guess

Ben Shephard was impressed on Wednesday's installment of Tipping Point, as one player managed to successfully guess the correct answer to a tricky science question.

Eileen and Liam battled it out to make it through to the final round, both hoping to land the major jackpot prize of £10,000.

However, when a question about a science show popped up, Liam was forced to pass to Eileen, and confessed he hadn't an inkling what the answer could be.

Turning to Eileen, host Ben read: "First broadcast in 2009, BBC Radio 4 science show ‘The Infinite Monkey Cage' is presented by Robin Ince and which British physicist."

Admitting she wasn't an expert on science, Eileen said: "There's only one person I can think of."

Hazarding a guess, Eileen wondered whether "Brian Cox" could be the correct option.

Suddenly, the Tipping Point studio lit up with a green light, as Eileen's guess proved correct.

Unable to believe her luck, Ben praised Eileen for successfully "stealing" from her rival Liam, as the tensions rose in the studio.

He remarked: "Great steal at this stage!"

Unfortunately, Eileen's luck ran out soon after, as Liam managed to rack up a whopping £2,600, leaving her trailing behind.

Ben bid farewell to Eileen, congratulating her on a stellar performance, before ushering Liam through to the final round.

Liam explained he hoped to use his winnings to fund a trip to the US, visiting his friends in the city of Raleigh in North Carolina.

Referring to his wife, he said: "I'd like to treat her and do an East Coast and deep south tour of the USA."

Impressed by the exotic plans, Ben mused: "It sounds like it would be a really great trip!"

Tipping Point airs on weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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