Ben Shephard sends Tipping Point fans into meltdown over hairy gaps innuendo

Ben Shephard left Tipping Point fans in hysterics on Thursday’s show when he accidentally came out with a comment that sounded very cheeky indeed.

The Good Morning Britain presenter returned as the host of the arcade-themed show with the latest bunch of quiz heads who were battling it out to take home the hefty cash prize.

Michelle, Sam, Freda and Pete were at the podiums in a bid to push over as many counters as they could in order to collect a cash prize to take home.

But they certainly weren’t prepared for Ben to let out a cheeky comment as they waited to see if the any counters would be dropped.

As contestant Freda played her turn Ben remarked on the amount of spaces that the counter could slide into in drop zone 3.

“Be careful,” he said, “There are some hairy gaps on that row!”

Viewers at home noticed the slip and were left giggling over the naughty innuendo.

“Going back a few minutes, did Ben really say ‘Hairy Gaps’?” commented one shocked fan.

Another joked: “‘Hairy Gaps’? And I thought I might be trying a bit too hard with the filth…”

“Came for the hairy gap tweets. You didn’t disappoint team!” someone else chimed in.

Others accused Ben of making the comments on purpose for the sake of the crew or audience.

“Is Ben on a promise with the mucky comments he’s coming out with today,” asked one.

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A second said: “Ben knows we are here waiting for the innuendos, and now he’s just handing them out.”

“I wonder if the crew have a bet before the show on how many innuendos Ben can get in one episode,” quipped a third.

This isn’t the first time the presenter has let out a sly innuendo that has caught the attention of fans.

In August, Ben was caught saying "That's a well-hung shelf in there now,” sending fans into hysterics once again.

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm

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