'Better Call Saul': Tony Dalton is Ready to Accept a 'Worthy Death' for Lalo Salamanca

There’s been a tonof Emmy buzz surrounding the Breaking Bad prequel Better CallSaul, with some fans even saying it’s likely to surpassthe original in terms of quality. This is thanks to phenomenal cinemaphotography,writing, and yes, acting. Especially from some of the new additions to the BreakingBad universe.

One of the most popular new faces is cartelenforcer Lalo Salamanca, who is brilliantly played by actor Tony Dalton. Lalois such a unique character because even though he’s murderous and terrifying,he always has a smile on his face and has an extremely cheerful demeanor. Theseopposing characteristics make for an unpredictable person who’s ultimately scarierthan theother villains on the show.

Lalo survived the season 5 finale but as for how long helasts into season 6, no one knows.

Lalo Salamanca walked away from his burning hacienda readyfor revenge

The last time we see Lalo, he’s limping away from his home where he’s just been ambushed. All of his employees were murdered by assassins who were also trying to kill him. Also, Lalo realizes that Nacho Varga, who he had just promoted, double-crossed him. As Dalton told AMC during an interview, “I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but smiles are gone after that.”

We already know that Nacho and Lalo are absent from the BreakingBad series but it’s still unclear if that’s because they’re dead orelsewhere. However, after what happened in season 5, there’s little chance ofboth men making it out alive.

Dalton will accept a ‘worthy death’ for Lalo

Even if showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould alreadyhave a plan in mind for Lalo, they haven’t shared that information with Daltonyet. “They tell us nothing! I find out when I get the script,” he toldVulture.

But even if Lalo dies, Dalton trusts the creators to treatthe loss with the respect it deserves. “A worthy death would be amazing too.That’s how heroes fall,” he said during the interview. “Whatever the hellhappens to Lalo, it’s all good!”

Will Lalo die in season 6?

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Even though Lalo doesn’t show up in Breaking Badthere are reasons to believe he’s alive — and there are reasons to believe he’sdead.

First, when Walt and Jesse kidnap Saul Goodman (formerlyJimmy McGill) to convince him to work with them he believes at first that Lalosent them to kill him and is completely terrified. Fans point to this scene asproof that Lalo lives, and is at the very least proof that Saul thinks helives.

But then there’s the contradictory scene when Gus Fring confronts Hector Salamanca after killing the last of his blood relations and taunts him that the bloodline will end with him. It’s clear that Gus thinks Lalo is dead, however as we now know, Lalo did have the hired assassin lie and say he completed the job.

It’s unclear what’s going to happen in season 6. But whetherhe lives or dies, Lalo remains one of the most memorable characters from BetterCall Saul.

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