'Big Bang Theory' Star Mayim Bialik Describes How TV Was Totally Harder When She Was on 'Blossom'

Mayim Bialik was big in the ’90s as the title character on the TV comedy Blossom. Then she went to school and got a Ph.D. in neuroscience. She came back to TV on The Big Bang Theory but things have changed. 

Bialik participated in a Zoom webinar for The Groundlings called The Reality of Non-Reality TV on Sept. 22 to raise money for the nonprofit Groundlings Theater. While giving tips to prospective actors booking work on TV sitcoms, Bialik talked about how different things were when she was on Blossom.

‘Blossom’ was much more separated than ‘The Big Bang Theory’

On The Big Bang Theory, the director is with the floor crew in the studio. Bialik said on Blossom, they were in a whole separate building. 

“Oh my gosh, so a million years ago when I was a teenager it was very, very different,” Bialik said. “On Blossom, back in the day, the director would not even be on stage with you. They’d be on the stage for rehearsals, but when it came to tape night, the director was in what was called the booth.”

Before ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ all of Mayim Bialik’s mistakes were public

Fortunately, the close crew of The Big Bang Theory made it easier to direct actors like Bialik personally. Imagine how embarrassing it could be with the setup on Blossom.

“When you got notes during the scenes, they would announce them over the studio loudspeaker in front of the whole audience,” Bialik said. “So everyone would hear your notes. If it was something super private, the AD [assistant director] would come over to you and be like, ‘You’re obnoxious, stop doing it that way.’ But your notes came over a loudspeaker because the book was actually in the next building. It sounds like it was the 1920s. It wasn’t but that is how it was.”

Mayim Bialik had to get used to quick changes on ‘Blossom’

Blossom would perform two shows a night in front of live audiences. There wasn’t much time in between.

We did a dress rehearsal show and then a formal show show. The dress rehearsal show was in front of an audience. You were in full wardrobe. If it went well, they would use it. You were in full makeup, but mostly it was for you to get notes from the producers in between the shows. We had a tight hour between each show and you would sit in a room with about 70 people and get your notes from your bosses in front of everyone, while you’re shoveling food into your face. They’re like, ‘Don’t do that.’ You’re literally seated in a stage. It sounds like from another era and it was.

Fortunately for Bialik, The Big Bang Theory and her upcoming show Call Me Kat gives her time to eat.

“They’re much kinder to us now,” Bialik said.

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