Big Bang Theory: Why was Howard’s mum killed off? REAL reason revealed

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Big Bang Theory originally aired on CBS and fans can revisit the episodes on E4. The series ran for a total of 12 seasons and focused on Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) and his genius friends. Fans are wondering why Howard Wolowitz’s (Simon Helberg) mum was killed off, and has everything you need to know.

Why was Howard’s mum killed off? 

Fans never got to see Howard’s mum on screen but she still played an important role in the series and became a popular character.

However Mrs Wolowitz (voiced by Carol Ann Susi) was killed off in season eight, and fans were sad to see her leave.

She had an iconic voice and was often at the receiving end of many of the jokes.

Mrs Wolowitz was written out of the series after season eight following Susi’s death.

The actress died in November 2014 at the age of 62 – following a battle with cancer.


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The star was first introduced to the series in season one when the gang picks up Howard from his house.

Howard decides to bring his new girlfriend home and she ends up clashing with Mrs Wolowitz.

Howard lived with his mother for the majority of the series but fans only got to hear her voice.

Howard’s friends used to make fun of his mum’s iconic voice, even his wife Bernadette (Melissa Rauch).

In the season eight episode called The Comic Book Regeneration, Howard receives a call to say his mother had died.

Debbie Wolowitz had been staying with her sister Gladys in Florida when she died in her sleep.

Viewers and characters alike were shocked at the news, as she did not have any major health issues in the series.

The cast decided to let Susi’s character come to an end after the veteran actress died.

Her death came five days after her final voice appearance in the season eight episode called The Prom Equivalency.

Despite the fact she was never seen in the series, it is one of her most famous roles.

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The producers decided to write her character out of the series as a form of respect.

They also paid tribute to her by including a small photo of Susi on the side of the fridge in the main apartment in the series.

She later featured in a flashback scene in season 11, in the episode called The Bitcoin Entanglement.

Howard is seen talking to his mother and recordings from a previous episode had been used.

Mrs Wolowitz also made a cameo in Young Sheldon season two, as a young Howard (Ethan Reed Stern) is told to go to bed by his mother.


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Susi also starred in Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Coyote Ugly, Grey’s Anatomy and Death Becomes Her.

The actress was remembered by Big Bang Theory cast members through the tribute at Sheldon and Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) apartment.

Her acting career spanned across more than 40 years, with her biggest highlights being in the 1970s.

Fans fell in love with her character, with one fan saying on Twitter: “My life will not be complete until I see Howard’s mum on the Big Bang Theory.”

Big Bang Theory is available to watch on E4.

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