'Big Brother 23' Fans Call Whitney's Attempt at Revenge on Derek X 'Cute'

You have to be very careful what you say in the Big Brother house because you never know who is listening. Derek Xiao made a big mistake in the newest episode, but this is why fans are still showing him support.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the Big Brother 23 episode that aired on Aug 4!]

There is a target on Whitney Williams on ‘Big Brother 23’

Christian Birkenberger won Head of Household for the fourth week of the season. He decided to nominate Whitney Williams and Hannah Chaddha with the intention of getting Whitney evicted. 

The Aug 4 episode showed the houseguests having to play in the veto competition. Whitney, Hannah, Christian, Azah Awasum, and Derek Xiao competed in the competition. 

Whitney and Hannah hoped to win to take themselves off the block. Christian hoped to win to keep them on it. It was close there for a minute between Christian, Azah, and Derek X. But Christian won it in the end and unsurprisingly kept the nominations the same.

Derek X’s big slip up with Whitney on ‘Big Brother’

Once Christian won the veto competition, it was clear Whitney or Hannah was going home. People in the Royal Flush (Derek X, Christian, Claire Rehfuss, Tiffany Mitchell, Alyssa Lopez, Xavier Prather, Sarah Beth Steagall, and Kyland Young) knew the plan was to evict Whitney so Derek was comfortable talking about it. The problem was Whitney happened to overhear it.

Multiple houseguests were hanging out talking about eating slop. Xavier joked that he doesn’t want to be on slop, but he does want the body that a slop diet gave him. Claire joked that Team Kings will be on slop next week. “If there’s still teams and you guys can’t do it, and the Queens can’t do it because it’s Tiffany’s birthday. That means me and Chaddha have to do it,” Derek X said. “Deduction.”

“Hey! What if I’m still here?” Whitney asked. She was close by but wasn’t seen at the time. Whitney then walked away. “I’m such an a–,” Derek X said. 

Whitney said she would have never said that about another teammate. Derek X tried to make it up to her by offering her meals. “I’m not even joking. I’m actually pretty upset with you for it,” Whitney told him. 

‘Big Brother’ fans call Whitney’s attempt at revenge on Derek X “cute”

Derek X was worried about Whitney blowing up his game. Whitney said in the diary room that she now wants him out of the house.

She talked to Christian before the veto ceremony. She tried to convince him to use the veto to take her off the block and put Derek X up. Whitney mentioned that Derek X had won multiple veto competitions, so it would take out another threat. 

In the end, Derek X and Christian are in the same alliance. Christian figured it was too early to betray him, so he kept the nominations the same.

Fans reacted to Whitney’s failed attempt on getting Derek X out of the house in a Reddit thread. “Imagine if Whitney actually flipped it and made Derex & Hannah sit on the block together. Lowkey would’ve been a great move,” one fan wrote. “It’s cute Whitney thought she could save herself,” another person wrote.

Some fans did sympathize with Derek X for making a mistake. “At least Derek X got up to apologize. I feel like most people would just make sure to hide from Whitney until eviction lmao,” a fan mentioned.

One fan wrote. “derek x definitely messed up, but it makes me sad to see someone beat themselves up like that. he’s probably someone that’s way harder on themself than other people could ever be.”

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