Bless This Mess Finale Reveals Who's Having a Baby in Potential Season 3

Tuesday’s season finale of Bless This Mess dropped a lot more than just a tornado on the good people of Bucksnort.

As promised, the episode revealed which character is with child, but before we discuss that big moment, let’s talk about how we arrived there. A perfectly understandable mistake (who can tell the difference between “left” and “right,” anyway?) led to Rio, Kay and Janine’s pregnancy tests getting mixed up, with only one positive result between them. Naturally, they resorted to other scientific methods, like squeezing their “Mount Zions” to see if they felt any bigger. (As God once said, “Swollen humps bring baby bumps!”)

In the heat of the moment, Rio confessed to the group that she and Mike have been struggling to conceive, so she was understandably disappointed at the end of the episode when Janine’s second test yielded a positive result. You know, because one line means you’re pregnant with one baby… right?

Wrong! Once again, Janine’s troubling lack of reproductive knowledge was on full display, as Kay (who’s also not pregnant) explained that one line means the result is negative. By process of elimination — and because her test produced two lines — Rio realized that there must be a “little weirdo” inside of her. She and Mike were able to enjoy the news to themselves for about 30 seconds before the entire town ran out to celebrate with them.

Elsewhere in the finale, Mike and Beau put their feud to rest and decided to run the town’s new co-op, while Rudy found himself in close quarters with Constance, who had this to say about his relationship with Dolores: “Anybody who’s lucky enough to date you should be proud of you. I was.” D’aww.

Whether we’ll actually get to experience Rio and Mike’s journey to parenthood, however, is another matter. ABC has yet to renew Bless This Mess for a third season. Are you hoping for good news? Grade the finale below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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