Captain Tom Moore, 99, completes his 100 laps of his garden after raising £12m for NHS – The Sun

ARMY hero Captain Tom Moore has completed his 100 laps for the NHS.

The 99-year-old World War 2 veteran is doing 100 laps to raise millions for the National Health Service – and he's insisted he will continue for as long as people keep giving money.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today after the fund reached £12m, he said:  "I shall continue walking so as long as people are generous enough to send money to the National Health Service."

It has now been confirmed that Captain Tom has done the final four laps of his challenge.

Captain Tom, who originally set out to raise just £1,000, completed his final laps on BBC Breakfast.

With the aid of a frame, he has walked the 100 laps of his 25 metre garden in 10 lap bits each time.

He added on GMB: "It’s unbelievable that this sum of money has been raised for such super people.

"I think it shows we’re such a generous, thoughtful people.

"We’re so generous in every way that this sort of money has come along and it’s for such a super purpose. For our doctors, nurses and backup people – they deserve everything we can give them."

Captain Tom also had an inspirational message for those working for the NHS.

He said: "All you doctors, nurses and backup people. You’re all putting yourself in danger and you’re doing it for the people here, and you’re doing a marvellous job.

"Please remember that tomorrow is a good day and we will all get through it together."

And with a campaign to have Captain Tom knighted for his fundraising efforts gaining momentum, he said he would be "amazed" if it happened but spoke of his admiration for the Queen.

He said: "Our Queen is absolutely marvellous. We should all be so proud of her. She is the leader of the country and she’s always been so perfect. As far as I’m concerned we couldn’t have had a better queen."

Captain Tom's campaign is to raise funds for the "incredible" NHS in its fight against the coronavirus.

NHS Charities Together is the beneficiary of the funds raised from his campaign.

As he first hit £2million in fundraising, Captain Tom tweeted: "2 million pounds!

"When I started this journey last Monday, my target was £1,000 for our incredible NHS."

He thanked his supporters saying: "No words left…just thank you."

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