Carlton Morton Wants a 'Love Is Blind' 'Where Both Genders Get to Date [Him]'

Carlton Morton was a controversial contestant on Netflix’s first season of Love Is Blind. After an explosive fight he had with his ex-fiancé, Diamond Jack, he received a lot of backlash from some of the show’s viewers.

The argument took place after Carlton told Diamond that he’s sexually fluid. She was upset that he’d waited so long to tell her, and Carlton was disappointed in Diamond’s reaction. Some fans feel Carlton could have handled the situation better, that he was rude to Diamond once they got to Mexico.

The backlash Carlton received from ‘Love Is Blind’ fans

Carlton’s addressed the backlash he received once the season aired time and time again.

“A lot of backlash from the show. People apparently think that I’m like a horrible person who hates women and that’s just not the case. So I’ve just been trying to do everything I can to protect my mental health at this point,” he said on a recent episode of “Love In Sight.”

During his podcast interview, he said he feels his argument with Diamond completely eclipsed any message he was trying to send about sexually fluid people finding love.

“I still don’t feel like people got the message out of it. I feel like the message was overshadowed by an argument. I don’t think it’s fair but, you know, such is life. It’s disappointing. It is,” he said.

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Giannina Gibelli was also on the podcast, and she offered Carlton some advice: Focus on the positive.

“Well, I will say that no one should make you feel stupid for feeling your own feelings. They’re all valid. I do think that there is a group that is proud of you and that does support you and it’s so hard. And I know that it is because, for a big portion of my life, I felt like everyone was against me,” she said. “But I’m just kind of lending out a helping hand where it’s like, focus on what you do have rather than what you don’t. And what you do have, just like duplicate that and feel that love. Because there are a lot of people that do love you and think that you’re a really brave person for what you did.”

“Right. I appreciate that,” responded Carlton.

Carlton would ‘definitely’ be on ‘Love Is Blind’ again

Despite all the online negativity Carlton’s received, he says he’d like to be on Love Is Blind again. And he’d like to be able to date both women and men.

“I feel like I would definitely do it again because I want to find love and I love the way that [production] has protected me in that quest to find love because, ultimately, the production company and the network cannot control what trolls are saying online. So that’s the only thing that would make me be like, ‘Do I need to do it again?’ And suppose someone goes crazy on me or whatever, things spiral out of control. What am I supposed to do? Right now, that question has come up a lot,” he said.

Carlton continued: “And I would love to find love again. I would do it again. I would also like to see a situation where both genders get to date me and we figure things out. I think the world needs–the only way we can grow in the right direction is through representation. And I think that would be great representation.”

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