Casualty: All spoilers from the returning trailer revealed

It’s been off air for four months but finally, on January 2, Casualty returns.

The show returns in the new year with a special episode focusing on coronavirus through the lens of the ED and today (December 16), Casualty released an exciting trailer showing what to expect when the show returns to our screens.

It’s a packed couple of minutes, showing loads of dramatic scenes showing what trouble the ED team will find themselves in, so let’s take a detailed look at the trailer and bring you all the spoilers from it:

Coronavirus special

Just like Holby City, Casualty’s first episode back will focus solely on what happened during the pandemic in the Emergency Department at Holby City Hospital. The team will face the toughest challenge of their careers, but can they all cope? As seen in the trailer, the full PPE looks as though it’s taken it’s toll on Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing), who looks tired and drained in one of the clips. Connie is also seen in the trailer questioning ‘how could I let this happen?’ which could relate to several things of course, but given how exhausted she looks, and the trailer opening with clips from the coronavirus special, something bad has clearly happened in the ED during the height of the pandemic.

Add this to Jacob (Charles Venn) reading something to the team including the words ‘you tried’, whatever it may be, it’s impacted the team and Connie a lot already.

Faith confronts Lev

Before the show went off air, Dylan (William Beck) and Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) were growing closer, and once Dylan saw Paramedic Lev (Uriel Emil) kissing another man, he was aware telling Faith could destroy their friendship and, most importantly, her marriage to Lev.

The trailer shows Faith and Lev upset, and Faith saying ‘is there something in what he said’ to Lev, which must be the moment she confronts Lev about him secretly seeing a man. How will Lev react?

Faith and Dylan grow closer after her marriage ends?

The big question following Faith confronting Lev is – what will happen to their marriage? It appears from the trailer Faith and Dylan are growing even closer together, and there is even the offer of dinner from Dylan…but Faith and Lev have been married for years! Have things really ended so quickly for the two of them?

Later in the trailer, Lev is seen punching Dylan, could this be because Dylan has decided to try and move things forward with Faith, potentially days after Faith discovered what Lev had done?

Ethan finds out about Finesha’s baby

Finesha’s (Olivia D’Lima) baby drama is one even we’ve struggling to keep up with! It began with Will (Jack Nolan) thinking Finesha’s baby was his, but it actually turned out to be Ethan’s (George Rainsford), and up until the moment we’ve seen in the trailer, Ethan’s been under the impression Finesha did abort their unborn baby.

The trailer shows Ethan standing up for himself and telling Finesha what he really thinks of her choosing to hide the fact that she’s still pregnant. Viewers will know Ethan has the Huntington’s gene, and was somewhat relieved at the fact that Finesha terminated her pregnancy, but when he discovers the truth, he’ll have the horrific job of telling Finesha that the baby may have the same degenerative disease that he has.

Jacob in trouble

It wouldn’t be Casualty without its dramatic moments, and Jacob finding himself in front of a man wearing a bomb vest sets to be one tense and gripping episode! In the trailer, the man tells Jacob how he experienced the worst day of his life, but Jacob can’t remember the day, or the person the man lost. Could this be a patient Jacob lost during the height of the pandemic? And due to everything being so intense and losing people every single day, he can’t remember who the gentleman is talking about?

Faith and Dylan in trouble

Ah, the classic ‘put two characters in life threatening danger in order to discover their love for each other’ – another factor that makes Casualty so brilliant. An ambulance crash looks to be the cause of Dylan and Faith’s injuries, and it would seem Lev is also caught up in the event too. With the ambulance falling and landing into the river, will all three of the characters make it out alive?

Will gets angry

If there’s one thing we know about Will, it’s that he isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. During the trailer, we don’t see a lot of him, but when we do, he doesn’t exactly look a happy doctor, does he? He’s seen looking angry at Connie, and is even saying that whatever happened during the shift, Connie is to blame.

Will is known for caring deeply for his patients, so whatever has happened, he seems to feel pretty strongly about Connie being at fault, but what will that do to Connie? And how will blaming Connie impact Will?

Grace returns

It’s been ages since we last saw her, but at last Connie’s daughter Grace (Emily Carey) is making a return! There are no clues on why Grace is back, but we see her struggling with flashbacks from the helicopter crash back in 2016, an event that changed Grace’s life completely. Will it come as a surprise to Connie when Grace returns? Or has Connie asked her to live with her again? Given how much Connie is struggling in the trailer, will looking after Grace just make matters even worse?

Finesha and Ethan trapped

Finesha and Ethan falling in the woods looks nasty! One thing we don’t know is just when this will happen? The two of them are stuck in the woods, but does this come before or after Ethan finds out Finesha is still pregnant?

Furthermore, towards the end of the trailer, Jan (Di Botcher) is seen telling Finesha how excited she is to meet her baby, but this could happen moments before she is trapped in the woods – will this accident result in her losing her baby? After she spent so long hiding it from everyone?

A new paramedic

New Paramedic Leon North (Bobby Lockwood) looks set to make quite the impact on the ambulance crew! He is seen putting his foot in it with Jan, and accusing her of being a cleaner on the day before he’s set to start, and he’s also seen getting pretty friendly with Grace!

So much is going on in the trailer, it certainly looks like Casualty’s return will be well worth the wait!

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