Casualty spoilers: Ethan Hardy crushed as his tragic past ‘exposed’ in devastating twist

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Ethan (played by George Rainsford) has had quite a troubling time on Casualty since he made his first appearance back in 2014, discovering he has Huntington’s Disease and having lost his brother Cal Knight (Richard Winsor) in a horrific stabbing attack. All these events have changed the personality of the beloved character, but scenes airing last year on the BBC soap saw another layer added to the complex structure of the A&E doctor. When he finds himself reliving the ordeal with paramedic and mother of his child, Fenisha Khatri (Olivia D’Lima), in upcoming scenes, he finally finds the strength to explain his battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As the pair grow closer, however, could this lead them to reunite?

Last year, Ethan was drafted out to help at an incident whereby a lorry had driven into a crowded market and left many bystanders trapped.

The doctor was forced to make some difficult decisions on who to save but believing he could get everyone out alive, his world was turned upside down when a bomb was detonated.

One of his colleagues never made it out the wreckage and as a result, the beloved character blamed himself for the death.

Since then, the expectant father has had to treat the daughter of the paramedic team he was unable to save, as well as battling with his mental health.

Therefore, when a van is driven into a merchandise stall at a comic convention, Ethan can’t believe his luck when it seems he’s having a case of deja vu — forcing him to relive his past.


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Seeing the events unfold, Ethan suffers from a panic attack as the scenes are a trigger from the terrorist incident last year.

Putting his professional head-on, the doctor is able to help paramedic Fenisha attend to the injured patients.

The latter is impressed by how quickly the beloved character is able to jump into action and provide assistance with his first aid response training.

Currently, she is still pregnant with his child, although he believes the paramedic aborted his baby some months ago.

The doctor was willing to accept the termination out of fear the child would also have the Huntington’s Disease gene.

However, the events at the comic convention seem to spark a bond between the pair which hasn’t been seen since they slept together earlier this year.

Being frank about their struggles, Ethan could lean on the paramedic for support as he finally opens up to someone about his PTSD battle.

On the same footing, Fenisha could consider telling the doctor she is still carrying his child to give him something positive to look forward to for the future.

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Fenisha’s not going to shy away from anything

Olivia D’Lima

Could this be more of a hindrance than a help, however, as the doctor is forced to tell the mother of this child about his health condition?

Speaking exclusively with about how her character would react to the news about the Huntington’s, actress Olivia D’Lima said: “I think she would continue on as planned with probably more determination than ever.

“That’s just very much how she is, she’s not going to shy away from anything,” the Casualty star added.

But viewers will have to wait if the mother and father-to-be can finally discuss their child’s future.


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There is still the fact Fenisha was dating Ethan’s colleague Will Noble (Jack Nolan) before she discovered she was pregnant.

Of the news she was expecting a baby with someone other than him, the A&E registrar was best pleased and this led the couple to split.

Although he is still lingering in the background, will the paramedic get rid of her most recent boyfriend and pursue a romance with the father of her child?

Taking to Twitter, one viewer commented on the love triangle, writing: “I like Fenisha and Will… but Fenisha and Ethan are kinda also a good match!!! Both of them are adorable!! #Casualty.”

Casualty continues tonight at 8:25pm on BBC One.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by Ethan’s storyline, please find more information by visiting the BBC support pages.

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