Celeb Bake Off medics rush in as Joe Sugg faints after gruesome injury

If you are squeamish, you might want to turn away tonight while watching Celeb Bake Off when Joe Sugg starts making his traybake. The former Strictly Come Dancing star managed to badly injure himself during the filming of tonight’s episode of the Channel 4 show, but it still remains to be seen if he was able to carry on the competition or not.


Viewers have watched over the last few weeks as a number of celebrity contestants have put their baking skills to the test. 

Some have risen to the occasion, but some have failed miserably at the last hurdle, stunting their chances of winning. 

Tonight is the turn of Joe Sugg, This Morning presenter Alison Hammond, The One Show host Alex Jones and singer James Blunt to take to the tent. 

But one contestant, in particular, will sustain a nasty injury tonight, but will he be able to finish the competition? 


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In the trailer for tonight’s episode, Joe is seen making a traybake when he appears to chop the top of his finger off. 

Chaos will ensue in the tent when Joe faints and the crew is left panicking, calling for medical help.

However, it seems the YouTube star was still able to go up against his fellow contestants.

But viewers will have to wait and see whether the injury stopped him for winning that coveted Bake Off apron. 

Joe wasn’t the only celebrity who managed to hurt themself during this episode though.

Alex Jones recently admitted she needed stitches after cutting her hand on the glass when she put the electric mixer together incorrectly.  

At the time, she explained: “I’m saying, ‘I’m absolutely fine’ before realising there’s a massive shard of glass sticking out of my hand! 

“I had to go straight off to the paramedic for stitches.” 

Alex refused to let the paramedics use anaesthetic on her badly injured hand because she was adamant she was going to finish the task. 

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She said: “He said, ‘I’m just going to put in the anaesthetic’ and I was like, ‘No, there’s no time for that, I have a showstopper to make, just do it!'”

Unfortunately, this could be the last time we see Great British Bake Off on our screens for a while due to the ongoing coronavirus panic. 

A number of BBC and ITV shows have been suspended in the last week as the government issued new guidelines to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

But could this mean then end of Great British Bake Off on Channel 4? 


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A Great British Bake Off spokesperson recently told HELLO!: “We are monitoring the situation and Public Health England advice very carefully, and are looking at all options for producing the show safely. 

“Filming of the series will begin when it is safe to do so.” 

Viewers will have to wait and see what the future holds for their favourite soaps and in the meantime stay at home unless absolutely necessary. 

Celebrity Bake Off continues on Channel 4 tonight at 8pm. 

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