Challenge Day 1: What Did Kailah Think Of Bear (Before The Fire Extinguisher Incident)?

Bear made his feelings known for Kailah as soon as Total Madness began (calling her “gorgeous” and “so hot”), while she declared that he was “the most obnoxious guy in the house.” And while we know that the spark will escalate (the Vendettas finalist expressed that she ruined her relationship for a “f*ck boy” him in this sneak peek), the War of the Worlds and War of the Worlds 2 veteran pursued Kailah even more during this week’s episode.

“I would never date you,” Kailah told Bear, after he asked her if she fancied him. “I live across the f*cking world — I would never trust you.”

Honesty aside, Kailah admitted she liked Bear’s personality — sentiments prior to him taking a fire extinguisher and setting it off on Kailah (and a bunch of the other girls).

But before Bear started heavily flirting (and showcasing his feelings in a truly unique way with the extinguisher), what was Kailah’s first impression of the Celebrity Big Brother champ?

“I didn’t watch War of the Worlds or War of the Worlds 2, so I didn’t know anything about him,” the Real World alum told MTV News. “Bear is super charismatic, and living in a bunker [like that] — it’s very dark, depressing and dreary. So whatever room he walks into, it lightens up the situation because he’s such a goofball. My first impression was that he likes to have a good time.”

A good time sounds about right. What do you think of Bear’s infatuation with Kailah? Sound off, then keep watching Total Madness on Wednesdays at 8/7c to see more of the pair.

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