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Tenet, the next movie from Oscar-nominated director Christopher Nolan, is coming to cinemas in Australia on August 27 ahead of its release in the US on September 3 for the Labor Day weekend.

Ahead of its release, GameSpot can reveal a new poster for the film featuring one of the stars, Elizabeth Debicki. The striking poster shows Debicki ominously peering into frame, one eye covered by blonde hair. The background depicts a seaside town near a sheer rock cliff face.

The poster also contains the movie’s tagline, “Time Runs Out.” Check it out below.

In addition to the release of Tenet later this month, writer-director Christopher Nolan’s earlier film, Inception, is returning to Australian cinemas on August 13 (that’s today!) to celebrate the dream-inside-a-dream film’s 10th anniversary. The re-release of Inception includes a special featurette with Nolan that plays before the film and a new behind-the-scenes video for Tenet that includes footage from the movie and interviews with the cast, among other things.

Other posters for Tenet for other regions have also been released, showcasing the main characters from the film have also been released. You can see a roundup of these in the image below.

Tenet–which is written and directed by Nolan–stars Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Martin Donovan, Kenneth Branagh, and Elizabeth Debicki, in addition to Michael Caine who played Alfred in Nolan’s Batman movies.

The movie remains a mystery in terms of its plot and story. Pattinson recently said the movie is like the “greatest plate-spinning trick you’ve ever seen.”

Several of Nolan’s past movies–including Inception, Batman Begins, and The Prestige–streamed inside of Fortnite back in June. We watched Inception in Fortnite, and it was actually pretty cool.

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