Chloe Ferry shows off her VERY messy hotel room as she prepares for boob job in Turkey

CHLOE Ferry has managed to turn her hotel room upside down as she prepares to have a boob job in Turkey.

The star – who is due to undergo surgery today -filmed herself in the mirror with her unmade bed clearly visible in the background.

Chloe's clothes were also piled up messily in the corner of the room.

The 25-year-old Geordie Shore star told fans she is having another boob job after touching down in Istanbul on Sunday.

Chloe later explained that she'd be getting a "smaller implant" as a result of her two stone weight loss.

She said: "In lockdown I lost a lot of weight. My boobs dropped a little bit."

The star also showed off her accommodation ahead of her operation.

She said: "Guys, this is the Comfort Zone villa. I'm getting my surgery tomorrow, getting my boobs done."

Sharing footage of a sparkling swimming pool, she added: "It's so nice here, you get really well looked-after."

Chloe later posed in a tiny blue and white bikini, leaning forwards for a snap, which she captioned: "Private joke😂."

She also posed in an equally-skimpy pink bikini, silently striking a series of poses on her Instagram Story.

Chloe's cheerful posts come days after she revealed she was feeling desperately down, telling fans: "Life isn't always as perfect as it seems."

She shared a clip of herself with tears in her eyes, writing: "Today I'm having a really bad day and it's normal to feel like this."

The star also shared a snap of herself with her face hidden from the camera writing: "Can't wait for this day to be over."

Chloe is no stranger to surgery, having a second boob job back in 2018 as well as liposuction on her hips and bum.

She had fat removed from her thighs and put into her bum in a bid to look more like Kim Kardashian, The Sun revealed at the time.

The reality star will have to quarantine for 14 days once back in the UK now that Turkey has been removed from the UK's travel corridor list.

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