Chloe Ferry works out in tiny crop top as she shows fans her workouts while at home

CHLOE Ferry gave her fans quite a big glimpse of how she maintains her stunning figure by sharing a workout while at home.

The buxom blonde poured her ample chest into a tiny black crop top for the exercise session on Sunday morning, and revealed she liked to have a green tea before working out.

Despite it being the weekend, Chloe did an intense workout on Saturday and shared it on her Instagram stories.

Chloe, 24, squatted, lunged and crab-walked along her front corridor as she blasted hip hop music in the background.

Wearing her wavy hair in a high ponytail, her stunning curves were on display in short black bike shorts and a zipped up sports jacket.


Her workout consisted of 12 lunges with weights on each leg up on a step, low squat pulses on the step holding a weight below her waist and finally crab walking across her corridor with the weight in hand.

All of this was done while wearing a resistance band around her knees, which makes the exercises much tougher.

But Chloe barely broke a sweat and posed for some fun selfies afterwards to show off her toned body.

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