Coronation Street betrayal, EastEnders sick move and 23 more soap spoilers

The weekend is almost upon us, and for us soap fans, that means looking ahead to what’s coming up next week in our favourite serial dramas.

Next week is another cracking one, that much we can tell you, with shock revelations aplenty in Coronation Street, not to mention a showdown that leaves one resident fighting for their life.

If EastEnders is more your thing, then we’ve got all the gossip for you straight from Walford, as the show prepares for a week that will see Jean Slater don her wedding dress and take a trip to Southend.

The day in question, however, is anything but a happy one.

Emmerdale sees Marlon Dingle return home, but there is soon upset for him, while Hollyoaks deals with the aftermath of John Paul McQueen’s outburst at Freya’s fundraiser. is once again bringing you all the spoilers you could possibly need to finish out your week, so without further ado, here’s what you’ve got to look forward to.

Coronation Street

1. Daniel agrees to let Nicky move in, and before long, he confronts Max and accuses him of ruining Nicky’s life, suggesting it’s high time Amy that it was he who spiked her.

2. With the weight of the world on his shoulders and feeling guilty about Amy, Max falls out with David, who confiscates his phone as punishment. Max claims he hates David, who retaliates by saying that his mum would be ashamed of him if she were alive. Max, determined to run away, smashes the glass on the barber’s door and climbs in, hoping to retrieve his phone, but as he does so, he lacerates his leg on the broken glass in the door and collapses onto the street. Will he be okay?

3. At Toyah’s hen do Leanne tells her that she has her blessing if she is sure she wants to marry Imran and she’ll be by her side.  The sisters hug, each burying their concerns. 

4. George refuses to let Eileen stay at his house, blaming Ridley his over protective cat. He is shocked when he arrives home to find Eileen and Sean snooping round his garden. When Eileen tells him they were checking out his cat story George is furious. Hearing about the trip to George’s house, Todd resolves to get to the bottom of it. Will George come clean about his real reasons for not wanting Eileen to stop over?

5. Amy calls at the factory and begs Carla to give Jacob a job. Carla’s incredulous, but can’t help admiring Amy’s cheek and thus she offers Jacob a trial! Simon, as you can imagine, is far from pleased.

6. Sally tries to broach the subject of their disastrous love-making, but Tim refuses to discuss it, leaving Sally annoyed. Tim presents Sally with some flowers to say sorry for snapping at her.

7. Aggie reveals that she’s been drafted to a different ward in the hospital and her new boss, Mr Thorne, is known to be a stickler, But having met the charming Mr Thorne Aggie is surprised to receive such a warm welcome.


8. Jean dons her wedding dress, claiming that she’s getting married today. Stacey is alarmed to learn of this, and enlists Martin’s help to track her down in Southend. Jean, meanwhile, enjoys the sights of Southend as people compliment her dress. Stacey and Martin arrive and manage to track down Jean but they witness her walking towards the ocean. Stacey gives chase and carefully tries to encourage her away from the water. With reality setting in that she’s unwell, Jean resists Stacey’s help but Stacey reaches her mum just in time. Jean will finally get the help she needs.

9. Linda is back behind the bar at The Vic and Nancy asks Frankie to keep an eye on her while she pops out. Things get tough for the landlady, however, when Mick returns from his holiday with Ollie and Janine. Can she resist a drink? That remains to be seen. Janine, meanwhile, manipulates Mick, getting into his head about Linda being a potential safeguarding issue for Ollie. After Nancy receives good news, Janine tries to rattle Linda by opening some champagne.

10. Sam arrives at the Mitchell household and explains that she’s moving in. Kat, however, is not in the best of form after Ben previously riled her up by telling her she’s not up to being a Mitchell, and thus she throws Sam out, claiming that she’s head of the family now. Sam, meanwhile, is eager to find a place to stay and gets an idea after talking to Ricky in the café. Jack is later conflicted when Ricky misbehaves and threatens to move away with Sam.

11. Chelsea tells Whitney about Patrick’s offer to house swap and contemplates the decision. Kim is delighted by the news but she is disappointed when Chelsea has a boost of confidence and decides to stay. However her happiness is short lived when Whitney finds a letter revealing that Gray hasn’t paid the mortgage for months so they may lose the house.

12. Harvey confides in Rocky about Jean and the penny finally drops for him, she’s been unwell this whole time. After a massive wedding cake arrives, Harvey breaks down and questions if Jean ever really loved him. 

13. A stressed out Rainie asks Bernie if she would look after Roland, as Stuart keeps avoiding the baby. 

14. Kat is stunned when Callum escorts Lily home after she was caught shoplifting. Kat questions what’s going on and is taken back by Lily’s response


15. Marlon prepares to return home, and when he does so, everyone is thrilled. Rhona, April and Mary start to work out a way of moving forward, and soon there are challenges, as emotions runs high. April is pleased to spend time with her dad, but when she helps him to a drink of water, Marlon starts choking. April is terrified believing he’s having another stroke and calls desperately for Rhona. Upset, April arranges to spend time at a friend’s house, leaving Marlon despairing, as he thinks he should return to hospital to spare his family the stress.

16. Kim is left in shock with when she sees her staff on the picket line outside the HOP! Frustrated, she demotes Jai, telling him he will remain demoted until he resolves the situation. With the picket line deterring customers, she then demands Jai gets her staff back inside.

17. Jai realises his wallet is missing he and Laurel return to Take A Vow to search but when they find it down the back of a chair, they’re shocked to discover a tiny bag of drugs. Both Priya and Laurel accuse him of owning the drugs, a confused Jai struggles to find an explanation. Assuming this is an admittance of guilt, Laurel explodes with rage. While Jai’s convinced Kim planted them.

18. Ethan meets with potential client Jordan who’s been arrested on suspicion of assault. He takes the case, but after having interviewed Jordan, Ethan is startled to see the CCTV image of the victim: it’s Billy! Billy, meanwhile, tells Dawn that the attack was racially aggravated. Harriet encourages Ethan to withdraw from the case – but will he do so?

19. Noah seizes his opportunity to steal Chloe’s phone, but just what is he up to?

20. Amelia is not too pleased when Kerry jokes about the amount of filters she uses on her photos.


21. John Paul faces the music as a shocking confrontation forces him to admit just how severe his drinking addiction has become. He finally confides in Sally, who is ultimately forced to make a difficult decision.

22. A shocking voicemail from John Paul leaves Olivia on edge as she is forced to cover the tracks of her blackmail as a result. John Paul is too hungover to remember what he found out, but a comment from Prince soon jogs his memory, and thus he exposes what he knows to Sally.

23. When the nude model for Zoe’s art fundraiser cancels at the last minute, Martine seizes the opportunity to show everyone that she is not ashamed of her body.

24. Ste and Sienna struggle to keep their earnings under the radar, and thus they turn to Ethan’s very own accountant Asher for help. The trio work together on a tight deadline, keen to avoid consequences from Ethan’s boss, who goes by the moniker of The Undertaker. Sienna and Ste are forced to come up with a plan, and they ultimately set out to make a risky move. Someone, however, beats them to it!

25. Darren critiqued by Nancy, who reckons that he’s not showing enough concern for what she is going through.  But after receiving some exciting news, Darren steps things up a gear, as he decides on a romantic gesture to make things official. Being spontaneous, he leaves Nancy with little information about what he’s up to – except for a time, place and some rather interesting attire, that is!

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV. EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One. Emmerdale airs Mondays to Fridays at 7:30pm on ITV. Hollyoaks airs Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4. 

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