Coronation Street fans threaten to switch off as Max ransacks Daniels apartment

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Coronation Street viewers were left fuming on Wednesday evening after Max Turner broke into Daniel Barlow's apartment and smashed it to pieces.

The deviant schoolboy was shaken and sympathetic when he found out about David Platt's previous abuse, but he was clearly annoyed that Daniel was the one to break the awful news to him.

Feeling angered by the revelation, Max decided to do damage to Daniel's property, but Max's approach to the situation only appeared to aggravate viewers even more.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared their thoughts on the scenes.

One viewer penned: "Oh for goodness sake pass me the remote."

Another said: "Please get rid of Max. Can't stand him and he's putting me off watching."

A third upset viewer added: "Fair enough there is a different actor playing the role, but to totally change their character and personality, turning them into someone a million miles away how they were before is such a strange thing to do…"

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "Max is being so petty, childish & very stupid. Has the kid never heard of fingerprints? Little creep deserves to be caught."

But to viewers' surprise, Max was later caught red-handed by Daniel after he saw him in his flat.

Angered by the damage that the teen caused, Daniel thought they had put their grievances behind them.

Frustrated that Daniel knew about David's attack, Max appeared unremorseful of his crime.

But when the teacher discovered that Max had broken a sentimental ornament of his, he saw red.

The pair ended up having an argument near the stairs and Max accidentally fell down.

However, fans felt no sympathy towards the schoolboy and felt he deserved to fall.

Rushing back to Twitter, spectators shared their thoughts.

"Not one person watching didn’t enjoy Max falling down the stairs, Daniel. Bravo!" One Corrie viewer exclaimed.

Another penned: "Max is the most unlikeable young man, I would have left him at the bottom of the stairs."

While a third echoed: "Daniel pushed Max down the stairs ……. Good job done. End of. What’s for dinner."

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