Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley horrified as he finds Leanne Battersby hidden in her flat

NICK Tilsley is horrified when he finds Leanne Battersby hidden away in her flat next week in Coronation Street. 

The grieving mother pretended she’d moved to France after her son Oliver passed away from mitochondrial disease in tragic scenes. 

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But Simon realised she’d never actually left when he found his mum unconscious on the sofa next to a bottle of pills.

When Leanne begged Simon to cover for her, he agreed to look after her on his own, cancelling all his plans.

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Simon try to win Kelly over after standing her up. 

But when he starts making excuses not to see her again, Kelly storms off. 

Simon heads back to the flat and tries to persuade Leanne to eat something, but she runs off to her room in tears leaving Simon at wits end. 

Meanwhile, Nick grows worried about Simon and lets himself into the flat, where he’s stunned to see Leanne too. 

Leanne pretends she’s just got back from France and gets rid of Nick, telling Simon he doesn’t have the right to be upset given that Oliver wasn’t his son. 

Simon later allows Leanne to take one sleeping pill but hides the packet just in case. 

Later in the week, things seem to be looking up as Simon realises that Leanne is up and dressed.

Has she turned a corner?

If so, will Simon be able to put things right with Kelly before it’s too late?

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