Coronation Street spoilers: Summer Spellman goes missing after making a shock confession over Nina and Seb's attack

SUMMER Spellman struggles to cope with her involvement in Seb and Nina’s attack and goes missing after confessing to foster parents Billy Mayhew and Todd Grimshaw.

The troubled 16-year-old cannot cope with her guilt and Corey’s threats following the brutal attack on Nina and Seb.

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In upcoming episodes, Summer finally confesses to Todd about how she was there at the canal the night Seb and Nina were attacked but left before anything happened.

Billy is horrified to hear how Summer went joyriding in a stolen car with Corey and his mates and insists she must tell the police all she knows.

Meanwhile, the police call at the builder’s yard flat and to arrest someone on the cobbles.

But who is driven away in the police car?

Later in the week, a worried Amy reveals that someone in their class has been nasty towards Summer causing her to run away.

However, Paul promises to look for her and he soon finds her in Victoria Garden.

Summer confides in him about her guilt as she feels partly to blame for the attack.

She explains how she should have made Kelly leave when she did.

Billy grows concerned after he discovers Summer hasn’t been going to school.

Elsewhere, a frustrated Abi tells Kevin that she’s going to have to find Seb’s attacker herself.

Mechanic Abi quizzes Nina about the attack on Seb but Nina gets upset and admits it’s all a blur.

In the hospital, Roy finds Nina packing her bag.  Nina explains that she’s discharging herself as she needs to revisit the scene of the attack to try and jog her memory.

Meanwhile, thug Corey instructs Asha to tell the police they were together in the flat when the attack took place and ensure Amy doesn’t blab.

Dev also begs Asha to come home, worried that she’s living with Corey, a prime suspect in the attack.

Asha’s best friend Amy also tells her to stop covering for Corey, what will she do? 

Coronation Street continues Wednesday at 7:30pm on ITV.

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