Coronation Street's Jayne Tunnicliffe appears on Keith Lemon's Curious Craft

Former Coronation Street star Jayne Tunnicliffe made an appearance on the Fantastical Factory of Curious Crafts and what a kick of nostalgia.

The actress played as Yana Lumb, Cilla Battersby-Brown’s bestie, between 2004 and 2007 and who knew she was so crafty?

She told host Keith Lemon: ‘I played Cilla Battersby-Brown’s best friend. She was called Yana. I had an affair with Les Battersby, well she did I didn’t.’

Way to walk down memory lane on a Sunday evening.

The first task had the UK’s most creative make some form of a puppet, and Jayne chose an adorable Wolpertinger (a German folklore creature).

However, the star was sent home after just the first round of the Channel 4 series that is co-hosted by Anna Richardson.

The brand new series is a huge change from normal night time TV and it’s exactly what host Keith wanted.

Speaking to, he explained: ‘It’s the polar opposite to what I’ve ever done before, so anyone watching going, “oh yeah let’s watch Keith Lemon get his d**k out and stuff”, it is not that.’

He continued: ‘It’s just a joyful, calming, lovely show. And I guess people will go, “I’m surprised by Keith Lemon there, he didn’t eff and jeff once did he?”

‘It’s a total different avenue for me, which I’ve really enjoyed.

‘I feel really lucky that I can do naughty late-night telly and do this at the same time. It’s a really nice feeling.’

He’s not wrong, it is a calming and lovely show. Plus, who doesn’t love arts and crafts?

The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft airs Sunday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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