Coronation Street's Tina O'Brien left 'nervous and concerned' as Gary and Sarah showdown rocked by social distancing

CORRIE star Tina O’Brien has revealed she was left “really nervous and concerned” as Gary and Sarah’s showdown has been rocked by social distancing. 

The actress spoke about how she struggled filming an emotionally charged scene between the two characters. 

Corrie viewers recently saw Sarah Barlow’s ex-partner Gary Windass, played by Mikey North, confess to her he was responsible for evil Rick Neelan's death.

The two have now become entangled in a secretive web of lies as Gary tries to ensure Sarah doesn’t spill the beans. 

Tina, who plays Sarah in the long-running ITV soap, has revealed what it’s like for the cast to adjust to the new social distancing guidelines on set.

She said: “It was fine actually.

“I was really nervous about it and concerned it would make it difficult. As a job we have to get close to people and be tactile, and I'm so used to doing that the idea of doing it from a distance was bizarre for me. But it was fine, and Mikey is so great to work with it was just normal.

“We got to film it all in order, so it allowed us to get into a great flow, whereas before COVID we wouldn't have been able to film it in order, so it was a blessing in a way.”

In an episode next week Sarah defends Gary to her husband Adam, played by Sam Robertson, and it’s all building towards an emotionally-charged moment between the two former lovers.

Speaking about the tense exchange, Tina added: “I think it's that feeling of, 'I could love you and hate you in equal measure'.

“He gets her and presses her buttons, but she knows he cares about her and she's a sucker for the fact she knows how much he loved her.

“She thinks something could happen but is relieved it doesn't. There's a fine line between love and hate!”

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