Corrie star teases wedding for favourite couple – but with disastrous twist

A huge Coronation Street star has hinted at a wedding on the cobbles for their on-screen character and their partner.

Tony Maudsley, who plays resident funeral director George Shuttleworth on the ITV soap, has revealed that he would love to see his character marry Eileen Grimshaw.

George arrived on the famous street in 2020 and he has been seeing Eileen since 2021.

Things haven't always been easy for the couple, but they seem to be one of the strongest on the show.

Now Tony has spoken to TV Times magazine about George and Eileen's future, and he wants it to be positive.

The 55 year old said: "I'd love George and Eileen to marry, Sue [Cleaver] and I have lots of ideas about their wedding – it would have to be a big thing.

"I want Eileen to arrive in a horse-drawn hearse, and for George to have messed up the arrangements so they end up tying the knot in a crematorium chapel."

Tony didn't miss out on the wedding party as he said: "And Mary and George's sister Glenda as bridesmaids of course."

George runs Shuttleworth's Independent Funeral Services, which is located on Victoria Street, and as part of that, George decided to take Eileen's troubled son Todd Grimshaw under his wing.

Todd and George have unexpectedly become one of the programme's best duos as they bonded both in and out of work.

With Todd not having a father figure to look up to, George has taken on that role.

Keeping that in mind, Todd's actor 42 year old Gareth Pierce, has revealed his thoughts on a potential marriage for his mum.

Gareth said that he can see George becoming even more of a father figure for Todd in the future.

He continued that the lack of a father figure is the reason for some of Todd's behaviour throughout the years.

Gareth said that he thinks it would be "interesting" to explore how Todd and George would be if George became his stepdad, adding that we had never met Todd's biological father.

Despite being part of the street since 2001, viewers don't know a lot about Todd's father except that his name is Duncan.

If George and Todd are to become stepfather and son, they need to sort out their differences, as the duo are currently in the middle of a feud over work.

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