Corrie’s Anthony Cotton spills details as Sean Tully gets full-time care of son

Coronation Street star Anthony Cotton has opened up his upcoming storyline – admitting it's great to have a meatier storyline for Sean.

Viewers are currently watching Sean and Dylan struggle to to gel with his teenage son Dylan.

Speaking on Friday's edition of Lorraine, Anthony, 45, told host Christine Bleakley: "It has been really lovely.

"Towards the end of this little stint, they have found their feet and got the measure of each other.

"Then he comes back for another short stint and then he's back full time."

Anthony, who has been on Coronation Street for 17 years, continued: "I think it's a really interesting story in that he is a single father that is going to end up in the full-time care of his son.

"That doesn't happen a lot.

"With the military work I do I do speak to a lot of young men who are separated from their parents and they have the difficulties that brings to having access to a child let alone having full time care."

Despite racing towards two decades on the cobbles, Antony insists he only thought he was going to be on the show for a matter of months when he first bagged the job.

The actor added via live stream home his home: "I thought I would do three months and that would be it.

"Three months old work for any actor is mega but then three month turned into now – in my 18th year,

"It has flown by… well apart from this year with Covid."

Previously speaking about Sean having had fatherhood thrust upon him upon the arrival of Todd Grimshaw, Anthony told "Sean isn’t very good at picking one thing to concentrate on, he picks everything! ‘But the one thing he wants is to be Dylan’s mate.

"He wants Dylan to think he’s cool enough to hang out with, that’s what he wants.

"he wants to impress Dylan, of course he does. He wants to play football with him, he wants to hang out with him and all of that. ‘And that’s why he gets a bit heartbroken, as he thinks Dylan doesn’t want to be his mate."

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV at 9am

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