Corrie's Eileen Grimshaw's best brawls – from Gail Platt to Pat Phelan

Eileen Grimshaw, aka actress Sue Cleaver, is celebrating her 20th anniversary on the Coronation Street cobbles this week – so it’s a cause for celebration.

And what better way to celebrate than to take a look back at the number of scraps she’s become iconically known for?!

Eileen’s temper has definitely got the better of her at the best of times, with her willing to send fists flying if the occasion calls for it.

Or if Gail’s involved somehow, because they’re sworn enemies the likes of Greater Manchester has ever seen.

But when she gives a good punch, we’ve got to admire her for it – especially in the cases of clocking some of the most hated people in the street.

Here’s just some of her best moments. Happy anniversary, Eileen!

Eileen Vs. Janice Battersby

Eileen Grimshaw is not one to be made to feel like a fool, and getting her heart broken by one of her best mates at the time was a devastating blow to her.

After being set up by Janice Battersby with mechanic Dennis Stringer, Eileen thought she was finally settling into a happy new life – and then he left her. For Janice.

Furious, she later confronted Janice in knicker factory Underworld to give her a piece of her mind.

Initially apologising for falling for Dennis, Janice sealed her fate when she started getting sarcastic back.

Fuming, Eileen whacked her.

Eileen Vs Gail – Round One

It’s the moment that solidified one of the longest lasting wars of the street – with Gail and Eileen getting into their first fist fight for all to see in 2003.

After Eileen’s son Todd came out as gay, ditching Gail’s pregnant daughter Sarah after getting engaged to her to hide it, Gail stormed over in her dressing gown to give him a talking to.

Instead, Eileen went all Mama Bear, and after trying to stop the argument in the middle of the street, she waded in and became centre of it when Gail started attacking Todd’s sexuality.

Not having her son being called a pervert, she delivered a swift smack to the face, causing Gail to pull her down by her hair and straight into a scrap on the street.

It was iconic and it started a rivalry we will forever love.

Eileen Vs Gail – Terror in the Salon

On Coronation Street, Les Dennis for one hot minute because the stud of the cobbles after marrying Gail and then nearly getting off with Eileen too.

…. And then his character, Michael Rodwell, went and nearly had a heart attack, putting a stop to his supposed tryst with the cab dispatcher.

When she found out the truth, Gail had a few words to say to Eileen, and cornered her in the hair salon, literally, to accuse her of being a home wrecker.

Lobbing shampoo bottles at her, the pair’s fight then spilled out onto the street as everyone looked on.

Eileen Vs Lesley

This was one of the few times someone managed to get a punch in on Eileen without her suspecting it – but the storyline was actually, pretty heartbreaking.

In the scene that aired back in 2012, Eileen was looking after Lesley Kershaw (Judy Holt) – the wife of Eileen’s new boyfriend Paul (Tony Hirst) – who suffers from Alzheimers.  

Taking a turn for the worse, while in her care, Lesley got confused with where she was, what she wanted to do, and lashed out at Eileen with a punch

Unfortunately for actress Sue, co-star Judy mistimed the punch- and lamped her one for real.

‘She punched me, misjudged it and I got knocked out cold on the floor,’ Sue told The Mirror. 

‘I had to visit the hospital to get checked out – she was mortified,’ she added.

Eileen Vs The Trafficking Ring

In 2019, Eileen took matters into her own hands when she went to Rachel Healy’s nail salon to expose it for the sex trafficking ring that it was, and immediately got locked in.

With her partner Jan by her side, Eileen later tried to make her escape – but not before confronting Rachel and smacking her one in a brawl to get out.

Thankfully, the police were hot on their heels and raided the nail bar just as things were about to get tricky.

Eileen Vs Phelan – Get In The Sea

Eileen has been dealt her fair share of heartbreak over the years, but we think accidentally falling in love with a serial killer might be top of that list.

But after discovering his wicked deeds, the pair faced off on the edge of a pier – with Phelan threatening to kill her before falling over the edge himself.

Trying to climb back up on a rope, Phelan called out to her for help, and at breaking point, she ended up pelting him into the water below.

He miraculously survived the fall – but for one glorious moment, the nation cheered our girl on as she finally cut ties with the psychopath that had been tormenting the street she calls home.

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