'Counting On' Fans are Obsessed With Jana Duggar's New Hair In Recent Photo

Growing up, the Duggar women weren’t allowed to experiment too much with their appearance or style. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar dressed their daughters in long skirts and dresses, and the girls’ hair typically frizzed without much control from styling tools or products.

Over time, the daughters have grown to be able to change up their appearances — and fans are loving Jana’s new full head of curls.

The Duggar daughters have branched out from their parents’ strict rules

Growing up, the Duggar kids had to follow their parents’ rules for dressing, dating, and more, but the girls in the family arguably had a more strict upbringing than their brothers. Michelle and Jim Bob did not allow their daughters to wear pants. They could only wear long dresses or skirts to remain as modest as possible.

Plus, the sisters had to keep their hair long and couldn’t do much to style it. Michelle and Jim Bob believe that God desired women to have long hair; it makes them more feminine. By the time the daughters reached their teenage years, they were able to start experimenting with different styling techniques, such as hot tools and gel. And nowadays, many of the daughters also dye their hair.

Fans loved Jana’s recent photo of her full curls

Jana Duggar is unmarried, and since she still lives at home, she’s required to continue following her parents’ rules. Though she can’t cut her hair short, she does occasionally dye it to put some natural-looking highlights in. For the most part, Jana wears her hair straight, but she has been known to add some waves to the ends.

Jana recently posted a photo having lunch with her younger brother, and she was wearing a hat on top of the full curls in her hair. Fans loved the bigger, loose curls and felt it was her best look yet. “You’re so pretty! Love your hair like this!” Alyssa Webster wrote. “What a stunning picture of you Jana!” one fan added. “This look on you is a wowwwwweeee,” another fan gushed. One user also compared Jana’s appearance to a cross between her sister Joy and actress Candace Cameron Bure (we could totally see it).

The Duggar daughters are slowly stepping out of their parents’ shadow 

Though some curls might not seem a big deal for the Duggars, experimenting with style is something that wasn’t always welcome within the family. The daughters only recently started making significant changes to their appearance, with Jill cutting most of her hair off and Jinger becoming a blonde.

Some of Michelle and Jim Bob’s girls have also started wearing pants. Jill now wears ripped jeans; she and Jinger have also been spotted in shorts. Plus, Jessa and Jana have been photographed in pants as well. It’s unclear if the daughters have simply abandoned their parents’ rules or if their parents have given them permission. Michelle did once say that she was fine with Jinger wearing pants, though it’s unclear how she feels about the blonde hair.

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