'Counting On' Star Jinger Duggar Is Slammed By Instagram Fan, Takes Social Media Break

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been adjusting to a new normal after welcoming their second daughter, Evangeline Jo Vuolo, on Nov. 22. The couple also recently launched a new business venture, Hope & Stead, which is an accessories line that donates a portion of its proceeds to charity.

Duggar and Vuolo are also juggling the couple’s podcast, Hope We Hold. But when a fan called Duggar out on her latest Instagram post, she went dark.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been keeping themselves busy

Duggar and Vuolo announced back in May that they were expecting their second child. Duggar also revealed around the same time that she had gone through a miscarriage in fall 2019. The two were elated to learn they were having another child, but it didn’t stop them from continuing all of their business ventures.

In the spring, Duggar and Vuolo launched their “Hope We Hold” podcast, a religious podcast about daily life. Duggar had a seemingly smooth pregnancy, and the two welcomed their second child a few days shy of Thanksgiving. Shortly after, the couple announced another new business venture, their accessories and candle line called Hope and Stead.

Evangeline Jo Vuolo has arrived! So thankful for this precious new little one!! @jingervuolo @jeremy_vuolo

Jinger Duggar hasn’t posted to Instagram in more than a week

Duggar had remained active on Instagram after giving birth to her daughter; she even posted the couple’s first family photo on Thanksgiving. Duggar has also modeled the couple’s Hope & Stead collection. But after she posted a video about a new charity initiative, one fan had a lot to say.

Duggar and Vuolo advocated for their fans to sponsor a child for $38 per month, which would connect the child with a church-based sponsorship program. But the video on Duggar’s Instagram, which was posted on Dec. 8, didn’t bode well with everyone. “Forgive me for sounding brazen but don’t you think for once, instead of asking us to open our wallets it would be honorable to make whatever monetary contributions you need from your own pockets?” someone asked, as part of a lengthy response to Duggar’s post.

Duggar didn’t respond to the comment, but it was the most-liked comment on the post. And as of Dec. 16, Duggar had not posted anything else to her Instagram account besides stories. It’s unclear if there is a connection, but it’s possible that with juggling so many business opportunities, plus being a new mom, she wasn’t in a place to handle the criticism.

Fans recently said Jinger Duggar looked ‘tired’ in a photo Vuolo posted

Duggar is balancing plenty of responsibilities, and the negativity might have caused her to take a brief social media break. Vuolo recently posted a photo of him and his wife with their daughter, and fans commented on how exhausted Duggar looked.

“Jinger looks very exhausted,” someone commented.

“You look so tired, Jinger,” another user wrote.

Duggar’s husband hasn’t posted an Instagram photo in five days. It’s possible the two are taking a joint break.

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