Dan and Tamara Married At First Sight Australia: Where are Dan and Tamara now?

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Dan and Tamara were the twelfth couple to tie the knot on Married At First Sight Australia, as part of the sixth season. The reality TV series, which originally aired back in 2019, saw all the couples marry within the same week in a series first. Fans are keen to know if Dan and Tamara are still together, and Express.co.uk has all the details.

Where are Dan and Tamara now?

Dan Webb, 35, was paired with Tamara Joy, 29, and they were one of the last couples to get married on the dating series.

Dan was a car broker from Gold Coast in Queensland, and Tamara was an administrator from Melbourne.

They spent their honeymoon in Hunter Valley, New South Wales, but sadly things did not seem to work out for them.

The couple were caught up in a scandal and they left the show early after it was revealed Dan had been having a secret relationship with another contestant.

They broke up before the experiment finished and fans have been keen to find out what happened to them.

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During the commitment ceremony, Dan admitted he had been in a relationship with Jessika Power behind Tamara’s back.

Jessika had initially been paired with Mick Gould, but she realised she had feelings for Dan instead.

In a controversial twist, the panel of experts let Dan and Jessika carry on as a couple, but they broke up after the show had aired.

As expected, Tamara took the news of the betrayal badly as she considered Dan to be a good friend.

She did admit she had not been attracted to him in a romantic sense, but they had shown signs of closeness in the beginning.

Luckily both Dan and Tamara have since moved on and things seem to have worked out for the best for them.

Dan appears to be in a new relationship with model Amira Marotous, and they spent some time in Queensland together.

While Tamara does not seem to be in a relationship right now, she has become a social media sensation.

She was known to have dated Ashley Ienco, who featured on the UK version of Love Island, for a short time back in 2019.

In July 2019 she shared a photo of her MAFS wedding on Instagram, saying: “I’m just throwing it back to my TV wedding day because I love this picture.

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“It is a true representation of me, a lot of you don’t know but I was genuinely laughing and joking around with a smile on my face the entire time I was in the experiment. It’s just who I am.”

In the photo she can be seen at the altar in her wedding dress, laughing and smiling with her family watching on.

Fans showed support for the reality star, with one saying: “Just finished watching the show in the UK, you were amazing! You are so beautiful… Dan was a fool you deserve better!

“Karma as he picked the wrong girl, good luck hope you find love soon [sic].”

Dan is also on Instagram and the MAFS star is a father to son Kash. He shared a photo of himself from one of the dinner parties held during his time on the show.

He said: “From all the dinner parties I’ve learned that my positive outlook did absolutely nothing. So I’m just going to sit here and watch the rubbish unfold.”

The star shared another photo of himself giving a dinner party speech, saying: “Once again probably another foot in the mouth moment – but at least the red wine is filled to the brim.”

He went on to call the experience a “drama fest” and there is no doubt his relationship with Jessika was one of the highlights of the series.

Dan did say he had some regrets following the show, including his argument with Jessika after their ‘affair’.

Thankfully the scandal now seems to be water under the bridge for both Dan and Tamara.

Married At First Sight Australia airs on E4

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